Monday, November 16, 2009

Wolf's Obsession Part 2

Melanie discovers life isn't all peaches and cream when they journey back to her parents' home, a place she's avoided for a few years while denying her strong ancestral heritage. Reality bites Melanie in the ass when she suddenly realizes she must share her true identity with Thorne, if they are ever to live out their lives together as mates.

Thorne Cloudfeather is so obsessed with his new lifemate, he momentarily ignores the duties of The Black Claws. The more time he spends with Melanie, the more he realizes there are a few minor details she missed out on when they first met. Their love is ultimately put to the test when Thorne learns of Melanie's true origins...

Part 2 of Wolf's Obsession is now available as a free read at Night Owl Romance.

Part 3 coming soon in mid December.

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