Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Copyright Alliance - Please Read

Hey Everyone,

I've received this email this morning. If you have not signed this letter, please do so before November 16th. It's imperative that our rights aren't trampled upon by those who pirate ebooks and others who steal our work, claiming it for their own.

Dear Artists and Supporters,

On behalf of the Copyright Alliance, I would like to thank you for signing the letter asking President Obama and Vice President Biden to pursue policies that respect the rights of artists.

On November 16, the Copyright Alliance will deliver the letter with each artist's signature to the White House. To date, more than 9,600 artists have already spoken up for their rights by signing the letter.

But, we know that there are more artists in this country who are looking for an opportunity to voice their concern.

Tell your friends that if they want to speak up about the importance of artists' rights, they should sign the letter before November 16th!

Tell all artists to sign the letter at


Lucinda Dugger

Director of Outreach, The Copyright Alliance

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