Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Release ~ Helena's Demon

Helena never considered the consequences of striking a bargain with her personal demon, Cyn. The entire Pearsall line was cursed, so what did she have to lose? She would have done damn near anything to stave off bill collectors and ensure her aunt received the best medical treatment possible. When her luck turned around and it was time to make good on that bargain, Helena discovers she's giving up more than her soul. Is it possible to fall in love with a demon? 

After sealing the deal with Helena's blood, Cyn is determined to keep the mocha-skinned beauty by his side. The curse had claimed the majority of her family and now he must work extra hard to ensure her safety. However, there's more to Helena than meets the eye. He soon discovers she is the key to ending the Pearsall curse and an instrument for unleashing Hell on earth.

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New Release ~ Claiming Julia ~ Pyreer Series

Hey there. Claiming Julia is a previously published book that has been expanded into a series and contains an extra 3,000 words. Denying Bjorn is in the making.  ; )

Dragon shifter, Angus McNamara craves Julia with everything he has and seeks to consume the ebony beauty in more ways than one. His biggest challenge is bringing her to terms with what she is while claiming her as his Fire Mate, the way a true Connricualen Dragon should. However, Julia Jones has other plans. Or so she thinks…

Can they put their differences aside long enough to seize a chance at love, or will they forfeit their opportunity and continue their heated dance of dominance? 

Chapter One

Blue Forest of Pyreer

“Why must you make life so difficult?” King Graeygar asked his son, Angus as they rode on horseback through the Blue Forest of the First Realm of Pyreer. “You were next in line to my throne and you must have a suitable dragon queen to rule by your side.”

Angus smirked and tightened his hands around the reins before answering his father’s question. He didn’t wish to rule, only to live out his existence as a Dragon Lord should, with his true Fire Mate by his side. “Must you bring this up every time I visit? I was supposed to be betrothed to someone I do not love, so where was the happiness for me?” he challenged as he quickly glanced into the steely gray eyes of his father. 

“You’ve caused wars, Angus,” Graeygar muttered beneath his breath. “Duty of a king calls to you still! Arrghh, I will never understand you! Pyreer rests in the palm of the hand, yet you refuse to utilize the power you inherit! Why do you wish to exist in the human realm anyway?”

“I prefer it,” Angus said. “I would not mind being a king, however, being forced to marry someone I have no common interest in puts me off, that’s all.” 

“You’ve even corrupted Bjorn, your Protector. Tis a shame, his father asks me about him every so often. I could never tell him Bjorn doesn’t even use his magic. ” 

“Bjorn wishes he were a mortal, and seeks out his mate too.” He thought of the immortal man sworn to Protect Angus with his life. “It can be lonely living forever.”

“But, he’s a Protector, Dragon Magic was bestowed upon his ancestors by Breannan as a reward for saving our line. We wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for his great, great grandfather.”

“Bjorn’s just as miserable. Father, he needs to be more than a Protector to me, just as I need to be more than a Dragon Lord. We brainstormed and started McNamara Enterprises together.”

“And now it is your life. Such a pity, Rowena of the South is a submissive red haired beauty who would have warmed your bed and given you strong children. She holds many common interests with you. Don’t you remember how you both explored this very forest against our wishes as younglings? When that bored you to tears, you both entered the human realm, damn near getting yourselves killed.” 

“Ah, and so I was to pay the price for her father saving us from the dreaded swords of the humans.” Angus said with disappointment. “I still have no interest. Why not give the throne to Hegyeon?”

“Have you gone mad? Your brother has one arm, therefore making him weak. When he shifts into dragon form, he has only one wing. A fit king must have no flaws!” Graeygar bellowed, his voice echoing through the fog of the forest. “You’ve had me go to war because you find Rowena unsuitable? You simply could have wed her, impregnated her, and bed your whores on the side.”

Angus rolled his eyes and sighed. “I have no whores. Father, I don’t love her and the very thought of bedding her makes my cock lifeless.”

“So, you’d rather spend your existence flying around Pyreer when you aren’t in the human realm. How long has it been since you’ve bedded a woman?” 

Angus wrinkled his forehead. “What business of it is yours?”

“I’m not asking you as a father, but as a king. And it’s every bit of my business!” Graeygar scoffed. 

“It’s been a few months.”

His father shuddered. “With those—human women at your company?”

“I’ve lain with many women in my long years and found it to be mentally challenging. I’ve realized my Fire Mate does not exist here in Pyreer, but in the human realm. As a matter of fact, she’s one of my employees.”

Graeygar’s eyes narrowed. “So…do you think this mysterious Fire Mate will pleasure you, and be a true submissive? If she’s existed in the human realm her entire life, you’ll never tame her. Make it easy on yourself and pursue Rowena.” 

“I will not stop until Julia’s within my arms.”

“You’re reaching for short sticks, what if this Fire Mate Julia doesn’t want you? Have you ever thought of that? Forget it and marry your betrothed. She’ll still have you--hopefully.”

“I have the best of both worlds, father,” Angus assured him. “Whenever it pleases me, I shift into dragon form, fly to my favorite cavern in the West overlooking the Tangorien Ocean while pondering my future. I am happier for it. Tis much better than rotting away in a stone confinement you call a castle.”

“Watch your tongue, lad.” Graeygar warned. “Although the eldest, you are still a son of mine and you must give me your respect.”

“One Wing should take the throne. He is the youngest and I think he’ll do well as ruler.”

“I’ll never understand you, Angus,” the king whispered. “You have such promise, but you let it all slip through your fingers. What are your plans for the rest of your existence?”

“To be happy.”

“Are you insinuating I’m not happy?” 

“If you were happy you would never seek peace in the arms of another woman,” Angus snapped.

Graeygar sighed as they trotted through the blue forest. “As you wish, my son. Lucky for you we’ve managed to smooth everything over with Rowena’s family. Wars have been fought, but we’ve all come to a peaceful conclusion. I hope this woman makes you happy.”

“Aye, father. I know she will.” Angus responded.  

Neither father nor son spoke as they continued the journey to the castle. 

Chapter Two

Diamond City

The doorbell rang just as Julia added the finishing touches to her updo. Excited, she took one last look in the mirror before walking into the living room to answer the door. She smiled as she opened it.
“Good evening.” Angus stood there, holding a perfect bouquet of roses along with a box of her favorite chocolates. “For you, my dear.” He was a sight to behold, and the expensive Armani suit he sported looked so good on him.
Her heart fluttered in anticipation as she observed the flawless masculine face that could have graced the cover of GQ magazine. Tonight he’d tied his armpit-length hair in a leather band, which gave him a different look.
She motioned for him to enter and accepted the gifts most graciously. “You shouldn’t have,” she said with a spark of excitement in her voice as the man leaned down and gently kissed her for what seemed like an eternity. Julia’s knees knocked as a large hand brushed a cheekbone with tenderness, as though she were a delicate piece of artwork.
He tore himself away from her to admire the beautiful red chiffon dress that hugged her generous curves. “Absolutely exquisite,” he said breathlessly as his eyes slowly took in every inch of her body. “And yes—I should have. “You deserve that and so much more,” he assured her.
Julia smiled before sauntering out to the kitchen in search of a vase. “I’ll simply die if these were to wilt, you know. Please, make yourself comfortable, baby.” Although he’d told her not to, she quickly found an old crystal vase, filled it with water, and plopped the roses in.
Angus sat on the couch and glanced at his watch. “Take your time, Julia. We have reservations and more than enough time to get to Chez Joey.”
She smiled and returned to the living room and placed the roses in the middle of the coffee table. “There.” After a few minutes of fussing over them, she beamed proudly. “These make for a lovely centerpiece.”
“Aye.” Angus nodded in agreement before extending his hand. “Come, lass,” he said while patting his lap in invitation. “There’s something I must tell you.”
She wanted to come, she thought to herself, but preferred Angus to make the first move. “What is it, Angus?”
Julia swallowed hard before sitting her plush derriere on his large lap. She sighed as he

drew her in for another kiss. Angus’s grasp tightened around her body before his hands began to explore her, as though it was the first time he’d touched her.
She felt his large hands slide from her lower back to the nape of her neck and rest there before playing with the thick, kinky coils of her hair.
Closing his eyes, he inhaled her fragrance. “Intoxicating,” he moaned. “You always smell so damned good.” He opened his eyes and smiled seductively. “You smell good enough to eat.” Playfully he bit her lips before slipping his tongue inside her mouth to meet with hers.
Julia melted when he released a husky growl before delivering soft, moist kisses along the column of her neck. “Oh, please, don’t you ever stop kissing me like that,” she begged. “But, what did you want to say to me?” 
“There’s more kisses where that comes from,” he assured her before kissing her on both cheeks and resting his forehead against hers. “I’ll gladly spend forever kissing you wherever you’d like.” His eyes were filled with promise and passion. “Are you sure you want to go out tonight, my love?”
Soon, she became leery of him. Something was wrong. “I was looking forward to going out.” Angus’s fingers crept down to her ankles, and back up the inner side of her leg until his hand rested just beneath her garter, not far from her pussy. The man couldn’t seem to keep his hands off her, and she loved every minute of it. “However, the thought of spending the evening here with you is more enticing.”
Deciding she was overreacting, she ignored her gut instinct. “I must admit, I am hungry as well, although not for food.” He squeezed her thigh and continued speaking in that seductive baritone voice just before turning her around so that she was facing away from him. “I’m not sure as to how long I would be able to maintain my composure at the dinner table, so perhaps it is best we stay in?”
Julia was quite sure she’d just creamed her panties as his cock pressed hard against her ass. In response she pressed herself against his steel as fingers entwined themselves in her thick hair.
He kissed her cheek and nibbled her earlobes while playing with the bouncy curls of her hair. “I’ll leave the decision up to you. We’ll do whatever it is you want,” he admitted. “Your happiness is mine.”
Julia closed her eyes, relishing in Angus’s passionate kisses. She moaned as he ravished her mouth, invading hers with his tongue. She sighed heavily as a strong vibration developed in his chest and his tongue developed a different texture to it. Then he growled. Quickly she opened her eyes and was greeted by a sight that almost stopped her heart.

Although she screamed, no sound came out of her mouth. The creature grinned an evil grin as she tried releasing herself from its grasp.
“What’s the matter, Julia,” the beast asked in a raspy voice. “You taste good, so good.
As a matter of fact, you taste good enough to eat!”

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Release ~ When Worlds Collide

Thrust into financial hardship years ago as a result of poor financial choices, married couple Annette and Anthony are forced to live with his mother, Miriam until they can make a way for themselves.

Fed up with Lady Barracuda’s nitpicking, Annette is finally triumphant in talking hubby into moving into Lassiter Towers. It's on the wrong side of the tracks and harbors deadly secrets.

After spending just a few nights in their home, Annette draws the attention of a ghost and she soon learns the mysterious secret that dwells within the hole in the wall down in the boiler room.

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