Monday, November 30, 2009

An Overwhelming Feeling

I sure hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! Mine was terrific, and it was nice to be around family for a short period of time and have a few days of downtime.

I took a walk in the forbidden valley of carbohydrates; mac and cheese and mashed potatos!! I made a small portion, my aunt made enough to feed a battleship, and my father made a hefty portion as well. Thanksgiving was held at my aunt's, so my father didn't get a chance to fix his mac & cheese. He cooked his Sunday, and naturally wanted me to try some, which I did shamelessly yesterday. ; )

This morning, I've committed myself to yes, oh yes, exercise!!! I'm way overdue for that, and paying the price dearly, since I have goofed off for quite some time! I started some light weights this morning, and when I return home, I will do some cardio and yoga. I need to stop at GNC and pick up a thing of protein powder for my shakes. I've made a commitment and I'm going all the way, because I swear, if I gain any more weight, I'll be forced to buy new jeans, and that's just not an option!! I'll wait until I drop the weight, then I'll go shopping!

Now, I'm starting to worry about my writing. There are several stories I'm working on, plus a few story ideas I have yet to put into motion, so I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I have to plan, plan, and plan some more. We all know how time passes quickly when we write!

Take care and stay safe.


Monday, November 23, 2009

* My interview at Sugar & Spice Press Radio *

Come join me Friday 11/27 at 1 pm EST at Sugar & Spice Press Radio. I'll be chatting it up with Sabrina Luna about my new release, Her Dark Desires. Hope you can make it!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Her Dark Desires" * Now Available *

I'm so excited to announce the release of my first published novella, "Her Dark Desires." Feel free to check it out at Sugar and Spice Press! Let your guard down and take a wild romp on the dark side with Anais and Dremon...

ISBN# 978-1-936110- 46-9


Dremon, a five hundred year old tall, dark, and brooding vampire has been alone far too long. From the moment he laid eyes upon Anais, he read her like an open book. Swearing an oath to claim the sensual goddess, Dremon suddenly realizes she is what he has searched for his entire existence. Her exquisite looks, strong will, and fiery passion intrigues and seduces him all in one breath.

Two different beings from two entirely different worlds quickly discover they have an insatiable thirst of forbidden carnal desires. Together, they delve into the depths of the darkest parts of their souls, discovering they can never truly sate the untamed fire down below.


“I love your fiery spirit,” Dremon mused, knowing he would piss her off further.

“Stop toying with me, and tell me where the fuck I am, you bastard!”

Dremon was becoming highly aroused as he fed off her emotions. “Hmmm,” he replied. “I will need to chastise that tongue of yours. You naughty little wench, are you trying to get me going?” The bulge in his pants grew along with his need for her. “You’re in my homeland of East Ayrshire, Scotland, my dark jewel.”

“Scotland?” Anais belted out in disbelief. “What the fuck!”

“You have such a delicious vocabulary, wench. Why worry all of a sudden? You have wanted to go to a place far from home, have you not? Dremon asked, his jaw tightening.

“Obviously, you can read thoughts,” Anais snapped. “Naturally, everyone desires to take a vacation, do things they’ve never done—”

“Be something they’ve never been,” Dremon rudely interrupted. “Do things they would never acknowledge, give in to their darkest desires.” His face twisted into a dark, mischievous grin. “Why is it that you humans fight desires that dwell within the deepest parts of your psyche? You know they exist, however, it is forbidden to act upon them.”

“I wish you’d stay the hell out of my mind, Dremon! Anais sneered, walking from within his reach, making her way back to the entrance of the house.

“Don’t even think of escaping, Anais.” Dremon’s eyes burned with warning. “There is nowhere for you to run, nowhere you can hide, beautiful.”

His words struck a chord deep within her. She wanted to challenge this awesome creature. Placing her hands on her hips, and cocking her head, Anais asked, “And what if I were to run, Dremon? What are you going to do to me? You can’t hold me here.”

“You would dare run from me?” he asked, licking his lips. “I’d hunt you like an animal.” His breathing intensified as he approached her once again, backing her into a corner of

the wall. “Once I caught you, I’d fuck you like an animal, without mercy, wench!” Dremon’s nostrils flared, his eyes filling with lust. “Don’t you want to fuck a vampire?” he mused, pressing his hard body against her. “Mmmm, you feel so good.” Dremon fought hard to restrain himself.

A moan escaped Anais’ lips as he cupped her face in both of his large hands, forcing her to look up at him. Her heart thudded hard against her ribcage, and sweat formed upon her brow, her slit becoming increasingly wetter with each passing moment. A vampire, no wonder I’m so deeply attracted to him. “Are you controlling me?” she inquired.

“My sweet, whatever it is you are feeling, it’s all you. I have no desire to make you want me. What would the point be to that?” Dremon pointed out, putting his hands on either side of her body, showing his dominance.

“What now?” she asked huskily, pushing her hips forward, enjoying the hardness of his body. She looked him in the eye briefly before averting her glance to the sitting room. The air around them appeared to crackle with electricity...

Also available at:

Insatiably Yours,


Friday, November 20, 2009

"Her Dark Desires" Release Date 11/21!!

Okay, tomorrow my first contracted piece will be released. I'm excited, very excited. Friends, family, and a few co-workers I have shared my alter-ego with are happy and can't seem to wait for the book to come out.

In the meantime, I'm still writing, editing, and waiting to hear about two other story submissions. My work has just begun. I write because I have much to share with readers. I also write because it cleanses the soul and allows me to breathe life into my characters. I'm enjoying this learning experience of mine, because writing is just that, a learning experience. Edits on "Soul Seduction" have forced me to dig deeper into my characters' heads. Isn't it funny when you write something, then six months later realize you could have done better?


Monday, November 16, 2009

Wolf's Obsession Part 2

Melanie discovers life isn't all peaches and cream when they journey back to her parents' home, a place she's avoided for a few years while denying her strong ancestral heritage. Reality bites Melanie in the ass when she suddenly realizes she must share her true identity with Thorne, if they are ever to live out their lives together as mates.

Thorne Cloudfeather is so obsessed with his new lifemate, he momentarily ignores the duties of The Black Claws. The more time he spends with Melanie, the more he realizes there are a few minor details she missed out on when they first met. Their love is ultimately put to the test when Thorne learns of Melanie's true origins...

Part 2 of Wolf's Obsession is now available as a free read at Night Owl Romance.

Part 3 coming soon in mid December.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Goofing Off a Bit


This is the first time in a long while since I haven't written anything. I've been online since 3 p.m. today, and in between networking and promos I have been reading a wonderful paperback novel. I have also had a few story ideas come to me that I haven't even bothered writing down. I think before the night is through, I'll add these ideas to my "new story" list. I'm going to write a short and sweet Christmas story about a mysterious dark and brooding stranger who gives a single mom and her children a special Christmas wish. I know there are many single moms out there who may or may not be struggling to make ends meet. Either way, this story is going to be a real heart warmer and something that every single mom can identify with.

Alright, now back to my reading.  ; )

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New WIPs and NOR Free Read

Well, I'm currently awaiting word from my publisher about my story "Daywalker." This was submitted on 10/29. I recently submitted another WIP "The Beast Within" a few nights ago.

In the meantime, I have started focusing my attention on two pieces I started weeks ago, "The Ache," and "Just an Ordinary Vampire." I'm also adding a few pages here and there to the prequel of "Soul Seduction."

Within the next week, I will post excerpts of my WIPs.

 Also, I'm submitting Part 2 of Wolf's Obsession this evening to Tammie King of NOR, so keep your eyes peeled for that one. If you read Part 1, you know how Starr and Thorne met and the scorching time they shared together at Club Ravenous. ; )

Part 2 focuses on my heroine's heritage. The further along you read, you will discover there is much more to her than you thought, something that will definitely knock your socks off!  ; ) I have added several more characters to this story, expanding on each of their backgrounds. There is also some heavy danger and action mixed in and shaken up with sizzling animalistic romantic interludes between Thorne and his mate.

Part 3, the conclusion of Wolf's Obsession will be submitted in mid December with such an awesome ending, it will rock your world, and your soul.

Ciao for now.

The Holidays!

I can't believe we are approaching the end of another year. I have actually started my Christmas shopping early this year. I'm starting to get the warm and fuzzies and not feeling melancholy about the holiday seasons approaching. Usually this time of year puts me in a dull gray mood, especially considering when I leave work its dark outside.

I'm already craving egg nogg and sugar cookies. We're just trying to decide if we want an artifical tree or the real thing this year. I've already purchased some red candles and wreaths to decorate my house. See, I'm on the ball this year. I know what your thinking! Thanksgiving hasn't even approached and here I am speaking of Christmas. I enjoy Thanksgiving too! My company gives us the day after off, so that's plenty of time to work off the macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, turkey, greens, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and um ummm ummm, sweet potato pie with French vanilla ice cream and Cool Whip topping! Oh Yeah, I'll be wearing my stretch pants Thanksgiving Day!  ; )

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Copyright Alliance - Please Read

Hey Everyone,

I've received this email this morning. If you have not signed this letter, please do so before November 16th. It's imperative that our rights aren't trampled upon by those who pirate ebooks and others who steal our work, claiming it for their own.

Dear Artists and Supporters,

On behalf of the Copyright Alliance, I would like to thank you for signing the letter asking President Obama and Vice President Biden to pursue policies that respect the rights of artists.

On November 16, the Copyright Alliance will deliver the letter with each artist's signature to the White House. To date, more than 9,600 artists have already spoken up for their rights by signing the letter.

But, we know that there are more artists in this country who are looking for an opportunity to voice their concern.

Tell your friends that if they want to speak up about the importance of artists' rights, they should sign the letter before November 16th!

Tell all artists to sign the letter at


Lucinda Dugger

Director of Outreach, The Copyright Alliance