Monday, November 30, 2009

An Overwhelming Feeling

I sure hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! Mine was terrific, and it was nice to be around family for a short period of time and have a few days of downtime.

I took a walk in the forbidden valley of carbohydrates; mac and cheese and mashed potatos!! I made a small portion, my aunt made enough to feed a battleship, and my father made a hefty portion as well. Thanksgiving was held at my aunt's, so my father didn't get a chance to fix his mac & cheese. He cooked his Sunday, and naturally wanted me to try some, which I did shamelessly yesterday. ; )

This morning, I've committed myself to yes, oh yes, exercise!!! I'm way overdue for that, and paying the price dearly, since I have goofed off for quite some time! I started some light weights this morning, and when I return home, I will do some cardio and yoga. I need to stop at GNC and pick up a thing of protein powder for my shakes. I've made a commitment and I'm going all the way, because I swear, if I gain any more weight, I'll be forced to buy new jeans, and that's just not an option!! I'll wait until I drop the weight, then I'll go shopping!

Now, I'm starting to worry about my writing. There are several stories I'm working on, plus a few story ideas I have yet to put into motion, so I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I have to plan, plan, and plan some more. We all know how time passes quickly when we write!

Take care and stay safe.



bitterthingsthebook said...

Hi Charisma--
I just saw you posting on the Amazon thread about Paranormal Romance Writers and shameless self promotion. I love the whole interracial paranormal erotic romance you described. I wrote an interracial erotic vampire novel and was wondering if you might be interested in a joint signing sometime...? My novel is called Bitter Things, and you can check out my website at Let me know!

Andrew Valentine

Charisma Knight said...

Hi Andrew,

Wow, it is kind of you to even ask me if I would be interested in a joint signing one day. Thank you so much, I'm flattered. Most definitely, especially after Soul Seduction is released, with the prequel following close behind.