Monday, July 14, 2014

New Release ~ Bittersweet Fantasies

We all have fantasies, some a little more than others. But what happens when fantasy and reality clash? Bittersweet Fantasies is a compilation of seven short erotica tales written to wet your sexual appetite. These stories range from contemporary to paranormal and will leave you panting for more. 

*Warning, some titles are purely erotica consisting of a ménage, infidelity, bondage 
with a dragon and a demonic werewolf. If you are easily offended, Dark Lord and 
Master and The Carpenter are not for you to read. *

Silver Bracelets

A few years ago Officer Tyler Lambert was stood up at the altar by the woman he loved and now he decides to pursue the woman he loves and hopes she’ll take him back. Even if she doesn’t, Tyler refuses to give up so easily this time. 

Bondage and Darkness

At the hands of fellow villagers, Alice is delivered to the cruel Dragon Lord to stop the deadly dragon attacks on their village. She soon accepts her fate willingly after experiencing pleasure at the hands of the tall, dark, and cruel beast.

Cheri Red

Office politics are tricky enough, but when you throw in a ménage, there’s all kinds of leg room for trouble. But what's a girl to do when her body's needs far surpass the risks of spending her off time in the arms of two sexy bosses? Cheri has much to lose if anyone suspects that Tom and Dan are sharing her bed. The issue is, that the wetness between her thighs when they're near and the lust in both their gazes have a direct correlation with making her forget everything aside from how she feels when they touch her.

Her Personal Trainer

Cynthia and Josh have had a chaotic relationship in the past, to say the least, and now they’re strictly friends. The last thing Cynthia wants to do is to rekindle all those sexual feelings that snagged her heart before ending in an epic fail the last time. Only Josh isn't giving up on them yet. And he's determined not to let the past intrude on their future...

Five Black Roses

Exactly at midnight on May 5th, 2006 Mahogany Messeroux cast a spell to obtain the perfect man. She never dreamed the spell would deliver Acacius Montoya, a warrior straight from the Battle of Puebla, Mexico in 1862. For Mahogany, it was love at first sight. But-there is just one problem. The handsome Latino must return to his own time after every Cinco de Mayo and can only be summoned once a year. Five years later she discovers she has the opportunity of saving the man she loves and keeping him in her world on a regular basis, or so she thought. Acacius Montoya is doomed to repeat the same day at the Battle of Puebla for all eternity thanks to an evil warlock, Maximilian. The ebony bruja intervened just in time to save his soul from The Harvester. But who will save Mahogany from making a mistake that may cause her to miss the spiritual evolvement necessary in shaping her future as a person and a witch?

The Carpenter

Neglected and cheated on by a husband she no longer has feelings for, Ruby fantasizes often about Nathan McAllister. Her husband hired the sexy tattooed bald-headed man with the work- roughened hands months ago, and for the longest time she’s been in denial about the burning sensation the carpenter ignites deep inside of her. Will Ruby act on her desires for Nathan, or will she continue to indulge in her secret fantasies. 

Dark Lord and Master

Ever wonder what dreams and fantasies are made of? Some believe one mirrors the other. Perhaps a fantasy is based upon a dream you had one restless night and has presented itself to you in the form of a half man, half beast, conjured by the darkest depths of your imagination. Once this being has come into manifestation, will you have the power to deny him?

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