Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Release ~ Spice

When plans for a romantic holiday getaway fall through the cracks, Jaime and Wyla Richardson are forced to take a long hard look at their relationship. After ten years of marriage they discover their love life is non-existent. 

Jaime accepted the fact long ago that his beloved Wyla lost interest in him sexually, but thank God their relationship was never based completely on sex. He’s all but given up on that aspect of their marriage. Disappointed because of their failed plans, he buries himself into his work, completely alienating his wife. 

Wyla concocts a plan to add the Spice back into their marriage once and for all, even if they are homebound for the holidays. With a few barely-there pieces of lingerie, she’s determined to make things work. When her plan backfires, Jaime comes to the rescue, helping her regain the confidence she’d lost a long time ago. 

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