Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Holidays!

I can't believe we are approaching the end of another year. I have actually started my Christmas shopping early this year. I'm starting to get the warm and fuzzies and not feeling melancholy about the holiday seasons approaching. Usually this time of year puts me in a dull gray mood, especially considering when I leave work its dark outside.

I'm already craving egg nogg and sugar cookies. We're just trying to decide if we want an artifical tree or the real thing this year. I've already purchased some red candles and wreaths to decorate my house. See, I'm on the ball this year. I know what your thinking! Thanksgiving hasn't even approached and here I am speaking of Christmas. I enjoy Thanksgiving too! My company gives us the day after off, so that's plenty of time to work off the macaroni and cheese, cranberry sauce, turkey, greens, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and um ummm ummm, sweet potato pie with French vanilla ice cream and Cool Whip topping! Oh Yeah, I'll be wearing my stretch pants Thanksgiving Day!  ; )

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