Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Her Dark Desires" * Now Available *

I'm so excited to announce the release of my first published novella, "Her Dark Desires." Feel free to check it out at Sugar and Spice Press! Let your guard down and take a wild romp on the dark side with Anais and Dremon...

ISBN# 978-1-936110- 46-9


Dremon, a five hundred year old tall, dark, and brooding vampire has been alone far too long. From the moment he laid eyes upon Anais, he read her like an open book. Swearing an oath to claim the sensual goddess, Dremon suddenly realizes she is what he has searched for his entire existence. Her exquisite looks, strong will, and fiery passion intrigues and seduces him all in one breath.

Two different beings from two entirely different worlds quickly discover they have an insatiable thirst of forbidden carnal desires. Together, they delve into the depths of the darkest parts of their souls, discovering they can never truly sate the untamed fire down below.


“I love your fiery spirit,” Dremon mused, knowing he would piss her off further.

“Stop toying with me, and tell me where the fuck I am, you bastard!”

Dremon was becoming highly aroused as he fed off her emotions. “Hmmm,” he replied. “I will need to chastise that tongue of yours. You naughty little wench, are you trying to get me going?” The bulge in his pants grew along with his need for her. “You’re in my homeland of East Ayrshire, Scotland, my dark jewel.”

“Scotland?” Anais belted out in disbelief. “What the fuck!”

“You have such a delicious vocabulary, wench. Why worry all of a sudden? You have wanted to go to a place far from home, have you not? Dremon asked, his jaw tightening.

“Obviously, you can read thoughts,” Anais snapped. “Naturally, everyone desires to take a vacation, do things they’ve never done—”

“Be something they’ve never been,” Dremon rudely interrupted. “Do things they would never acknowledge, give in to their darkest desires.” His face twisted into a dark, mischievous grin. “Why is it that you humans fight desires that dwell within the deepest parts of your psyche? You know they exist, however, it is forbidden to act upon them.”

“I wish you’d stay the hell out of my mind, Dremon! Anais sneered, walking from within his reach, making her way back to the entrance of the house.

“Don’t even think of escaping, Anais.” Dremon’s eyes burned with warning. “There is nowhere for you to run, nowhere you can hide, beautiful.”

His words struck a chord deep within her. She wanted to challenge this awesome creature. Placing her hands on her hips, and cocking her head, Anais asked, “And what if I were to run, Dremon? What are you going to do to me? You can’t hold me here.”

“You would dare run from me?” he asked, licking his lips. “I’d hunt you like an animal.” His breathing intensified as he approached her once again, backing her into a corner of

the wall. “Once I caught you, I’d fuck you like an animal, without mercy, wench!” Dremon’s nostrils flared, his eyes filling with lust. “Don’t you want to fuck a vampire?” he mused, pressing his hard body against her. “Mmmm, you feel so good.” Dremon fought hard to restrain himself.

A moan escaped Anais’ lips as he cupped her face in both of his large hands, forcing her to look up at him. Her heart thudded hard against her ribcage, and sweat formed upon her brow, her slit becoming increasingly wetter with each passing moment. A vampire, no wonder I’m so deeply attracted to him. “Are you controlling me?” she inquired.

“My sweet, whatever it is you are feeling, it’s all you. I have no desire to make you want me. What would the point be to that?” Dremon pointed out, putting his hands on either side of her body, showing his dominance.

“What now?” she asked huskily, pushing her hips forward, enjoying the hardness of his body. She looked him in the eye briefly before averting her glance to the sitting room. The air around them appeared to crackle with electricity...

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