Friday, June 11, 2010

Author In The Spotlight ~ Nichelle Gregory

CK:  Hello Folks! Please give a warm welcome to Nichelle Gregory.  

NG:  Hey, Charisma!

CK:  Hey Nichelle! I’ve had the pleasure of conversing with you via email, and I find you very interesting, as a person and a author. Please tell us when you launched your writing career.

NG: Well, officially two years ago. Like most writers, I've always been drawn to writing, but it wasn't until two summers ago that I actually decided to pursue becoming an author.

CK:  I hear you. Where do you come up with some of the awesome stories you create? 

NG:  I get ideas from so many different places. I'm a musician and a vocalist and I LOVE all kinds of music. Songs influence me all the time. Art, photography, dreams, and of course people really get my muse whispering ideas in my head too. Before I became serious about writing, I was a voracious reader. I love all kinds of books from horror, erotica, romance, and autobiographies and I've gotten ideas based off snippets of something I've read too, usually after I've asked the question: "Now, what would have happened if the heroine did this or that..." I still love reading, but my writing has taken every available moment I have, but I hardly go to bed without reading something!

CK:  Wow, I wish I could say I hardly go to bed without reading something. I’m seriously lacking time in that department. Now, where did you submit your first story?

NG:  I submitted my first short story, The Enchanted Flute to Noble Romance Publishing in September and was over the moon it published in November!
CK:  It’s an amazing high when you receive that first publishing contract! How do you fit writing into your busy schedule?

NG:  *sigh* I'm a busy mommy/wife and my days are busy. I look forward to bedtime and the freedom to write uninterrupted...usually until about 1 a.m.

CK:  What are the pros and cons of being a published author?

NG:  Well, the number one pro is being published and finally getting to share your stories with the world. Becoming a published author proved to me that writing is what I'm supposed to be doing and that I can do this.  The sky is the limit...that and finding the time to complete my WIP's.

One con would be that the publishing world is subjective like many things in life and what you think is a perfectly told tale may be poorly received by some. Also, becoming published is just the beginning of getting your work out to the masses and there is so much more you need to do besides just write to become a best-selling author. These are the things I didn't even know to think about as a newbie author. Luckily, I've found a wealth of resources and suggestions from many writer friends on social net-working sites and through the fabulous collection of writers at Noble Romance Publishing!

CK:  Please, tell us about your most recent project.

NG:  I'm so excited to share news about my new contemporary erotic romance, Lovin' Leela, recently picked up by Total E-Bound Publishing! Here's the blurb:
Leela Monroe has had just about enough of the loud music and desperate cries of passion keeping her up all night thanks to her new neighbor next door. Ready to give him a piece of her mind, she's distracted from her complaints when Sam answers the door, throwing her off guard with his sexy smile and into a state of unyielding longing. She gives into the hot chemistry between them, enjoying sex for the first time in her life, but can a relationship based on pleasure truly amount to anything more?

Coming Oct. 4th!

CK:  Congratulations on the new contract. I wish you many sales! Please share one of your stories with us. In particular, The Gingerbread Tryst! I read this story, and I must say I enjoyed it tremendously. What sparked your desire to create an amusing, sexy read?

NG: Thanks, Charisma, I'm thrilled you enjoyed it! I love fairy tales and I've always loved The Gingerbread Man story. I've got an over active imagination and when the idea of a delicious cookie turning into a sexy flesh and blood man popped into my mind, I knew it was too decadently naughty to pass up! Out of all of my erotic fairy tales this one was the most fun to write.

Rapunzel's Release was the most challenging and I think the most rewarding work for me as an author to date. This moving, sensual tale flowed from beginning to end and the characters practically begged me to write their story shortly after finishing The Gingerbread Tryst.

CK:  I can't wait to see the magic you spun on Rapunzel's Release. Where do you see yourself two years from now?

NG:  Good question. Writing, editing and hopefully branching out in the publishing world, I've got a lot of hot stories to tell!

CK:  Well, I can’t wait to read them, someday. LOL What are your hobbies?

NG:  Music, singing, art, photography, reading, and of course baking!

CK:  How do you unwind?

NG:  Depends on my day, but often laughing with my husband.

CK:  Do you mold your characters strictly from imagination or from those you cross paths with in everyday life?

NG: Strictly from imagination, seriously, I haven't met any gingerbread cookie hotties.  J

CK:  Ha Ha! What are your favorite paranormal creatures, if any? Pick two please.

NG: Mermaids and the Phoenix

CK:  Where can you be found on the internet?

Read Excerpts for all three of my erotic fairy tales here:

CK:  Nichelle Gregory, thank you so much for sharing. It was awesome having you here today!

NG:  Charisma, it was my pleasure! Thanks for having me!  


Nichelle Gregory said...
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Nichelle Gregory said...

Charisma, I'm so glad I 'met' you!! This was fun! ;0)

Margie Church said...

Nichelle, I enjoyed getting to know you. If I had to write til 1:00 a.m. I'd be dead meat! But we have to do what we have to do if we're going to write. Congratulations on so many contracts in such a short time and best wishes on great success in the market.

Charisma Knight said...

Hi Nichelle! The feeling is mutual. This was fun. I just enjoy surrounding myself with positive people, and you're one of them. Good luck sweetie, and may you have tons of sales. ; )

Nichelle Gregory said...

Thanks, Margie! Sometimes, I have to force myself to shut it down because I know I'm going to pay when my kids get up in the morning! :)

Charisma, you've got positivity coming off you in spades...and I love it!!

May we all have many new readers, new contracts, and plenty of uninterrupted writing time!!!

Brita Addams said...

Hi Nichelle,
Great interview. I always enjoy learning more about you. Best of luck with the new contract and with your published works.
Brita Addams