Friday, April 30, 2010

Win a free PDF copy of Just an Average Vampire!

Yeah! It's finally Friday folks and I'm in an awesome mood. Not that I'm never in a great mood, it's just that Fridays marks the end of the work week for me. I'm just so happy to be away from the crazy house!  I do a little happy dance when shutting down my computer. Oh, wait a minute. Damn, i do a happy dance every day at five o'clock when shutting my computer down. ha ha
Anyway, I'd like to invite you over to Fang-tastic Books where you can read blurbs of all my latest releases. Leave a comment on that post and you'll have an awesome chance of receiving Just an Average Vampire in PDF format for free! I enjoyed writing all my books, but this latest release I hold very close to my heart. Maybe it's because Cecil has nothing but unconditional love for Trina. *sigh* 
Looking forward to seeing you over there, don't be shy!

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