Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Author Spotlight on Annie Nicholas

Hello! Please welcome Annie Nicholas.
CK: When did you launch your writing career?

AN:  I started writing the summer of 2008. It started out as a hobby to occupy my mind when I was house bound for a few months due to illness. I found a great critique group online who encouraged me to submit my manuscripts. The rest is history.

CK: That sounds familiar. Writing definitely will keep your mind occupied. What prompted you to write about vampires?

AN: I’ve always loved vampires. Even as a little girl I was fascinated by them. The best kind of stories are ones you love to write so that’s what I did. It wasn’t difficult to world build because these vampires had lived in my head for years.
Nosferatu vampires have been an interest of mine and I developed a government with political intrigue around this race. Never a dull moment.

CK: Ditto on that. I'm a vampire lover myself. Where did you submit your first story?

AN: The Omegas was the first story I finished and it got accepted at Lyrical Press. I combined my own nerdy past with the paranormal in this story and found something spectacular. My very own geeky werewolf pack who hires, of course, a Nosferatu vampire to teach them how to fight.

CK: I love the awesome book covers. I have never read any of your books, but they are definitely on my list. How do you fit writing into your busy schedule?

AN: Every free moment I have. Breaks at work, between kids schedule, and after their bedtime. I gave up most of my TV time as well but love every moment of it. I carry a note pad in my purse and write my first draft long hand whenever a moment arises.

CK: What are the pros and cons of being a published author? 

AN: Pros: I’ve met people who are as passionate about story telling as I am, made some great friends, and have people who want to read my books.

Cons: I have to promote, which feels like I’m jumping up and down shouting, ‘Look at me, look at me.’ It doesn’t feel comfortable. I wish there was an easier way to let readers know about new books and authors.

CK: You know, I can relate about the promotion aspect of being an author. This is why I decided to invite authors to my blog Annie. Honestly, I'm not much of a blogger, and one day I looked a my blog and decided I needed to do something different. Also, please tell us about your most recent project.

AN: The Alpha will be released in June from Lyrical Press. It is the second book after The Omegas where Eric, the new Alpha of Chicago, is about to get a little Spice in his life.

I just completed the manuscript for the book after BAIT. Another vampire thriller with Connie Bence.
CK: Awesome, a vampire thriller. What method of research do you utilize?

AN: My writing doesn’t require much research. I usually read about the cities I’ll be writing about. Key areas and sites, street names, some restaurants or clubs to keep real.

CK: Where do you see yourself two years from now?

AN: That’s a hard question. I hope to have an agent by then. I’d be happy with just that.

CK:  What are your hobbies?

AN: I garden both flowers and vegetables. Otherwise, I don’t have time for much else.

CK: How do you unwind?

AN: A hot bath, a good book, and a big glass of wine. I try to do this at least once of week.

CK: Do you mold your characters strictly from imagination or from those you cross paths with in everyday life?

AN: Completely from my imagination. It takes time. They don’t always introduce themselves as whole at once. I’ve been trying to meet my hero of my next manuscript. I know his personality but can’t picture how he’ll look. I can’t start writing it until he reveals himself.

CK: What are your favorite paranormal creatures? Pick two please.

AN: Vampires. Bet that shocked you. LOL

Second one is hard, I have a thing for urban wizards.

CK: LOL, you must tell me more of these urban wizards. Where can you be found on the internet?

AN: You can find me on Twitter- @annienicholas Facebook (Mondays only)

CK: Annie Nicholas, thank you so much for sharing. It was awesome having you here today! Next time, we need to speak of those wizards. ; )


Sandy said...

Interesting blog, CK.

I would like to know what makes you interested in lizards, Annie? They surely can't be romantic. lol

Annie Nicholas said...

I heart you Sandy. :) Not lizards, WIZARDS. LOL You made my day.

Urban wizards, according to the Annie Nicholas dictionary, are modern magic users. For example Dresden from Jim Butcher.

J Hali said...

I'm catching up here. Hi Annie and Charisma-nice interview.

Congrats on all your success, Annie, keep it up!