Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nosferatu, Vampires, Vampyres, The Undead

I'm blogging about my favorite subject over at Midnight Moon Cafe. What is my favorite subject you say? Need you ask?  LOL 

Yes, I've had a hopeless love affair with these dark creatures of the night as long as I can remember. They intrigued me as a child, and they intrigue me even more now, since I can expand upon my most explicit thoughts.

What type of vampire titillates and sizzles your senses? Do you go batty over the classic vampire like Bela Lugosi and Barnabas Collins donning the long black capes? Or do you prefer the Goth vampire of modern times?

I have so many more ideas to cook up and serve in my writings dealing with vampires. I'm currently working on a vampire trilogy. Once I'm halfway through my third book, I promise to share all the details with you.

Shall we journey over to the Midnight Moon Cafe?

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