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~Soul Seduction to be Released March 19th~


Patience is a virtue—especially if you’re waiting for your soul mate’s rebirth.

Vampire Angelus Cronen loved, lusted for and inevitably lost his true soul mate over two centuries ago. She was the beautiful slave, Vivienne, who set his body on fire and branded her name on his soul. He was told to have patience during the long years that separated him from her resurrection. His lust only grew to have her in his arms again. His dark soul's deepest desire was to bring her spirit once more under his control.

First he has to conquer the dark side of his spirit, the beast within who can and will destroy his soul mate with the least provocation.

Seduction can lead him to a love meant to last an eternity or cause him to murder her.


Shifting uncomfortably in the lawn chair, his mind drifted to the time when he had taken over his parents’ antique business. Then his brother Aidan was to be his partner. However, it was Bartholomew, Vivienne’s uncle who had aided Angelus in maintaining the business. He entrusted Bartholomew with his life, including his dark transition. The old memories made him feel as though they took place only yesterday. Inhaling deeply, he sensed a domestic dispute between lovers flow to him on the crisp autumn wind. In the woods off the Severn River shores, he felt the agonizing pain of a stray cat, hit by a car just moments ago. Tuning everything out, Angelus sought to clear his mind until explicit images of Vivienne and her client invaded his thoughts again.

Growling, his eyes shone a deep red and his fist smashed onto the glass table, shattering it. God, how he wished he could end it all at this very moment. What the hell did she think she was doing? If he could travel back to the condominium, he would kill them both for sure. More memories of the past returned, flooding his tortured mind.

He recalled that fateful night, when he’d awakened from his shallow grave. The estate, left in total disarray, was abandoned, with the exception of bones sporadically littering Cronen Estate. A strong feeling of helplessness engulfed him as his mind fought hard to recall the fate laid on his shoulders. It had been years since he departed the estate for the hunting trip.

Damn near an eternity had passed before she’d been reborn. It wasn’t until her birth, thirty-eight years ago when he had discovered her intimately familiar soul. He silently watched her from the shadows on and off for years, desperately holding on to the belief their strong connection forged in Louisiana would be resurrected in the present. The wait was long and unbearable for Angelus, as it was forbidden for him to approach her, until now; a hefty price for him to pay for becoming weak and indulging in flesh and blood centuries ago, almost costing him his very soul. He was given another chance.

”I curse you fate. Vile trickster that you are,” he seethed softly. Nothing, not even the dark predator residing in his soul could stop the painful images of her clients having their way with her.


Images from his past replayed within the tortured walls of his mind.

* * * * *

“But I’m twenty years her senior Bartholomew, the same age as you.” Angelus stated, running his hand through his jet black hair.

“Do you know how many men I’ve had to chase away from that chit over the years?” Bartholomew returned with a laugh. “Those others were interested in her for one reason. It’s different for you and she, and I give you my blessings. I know she’s safe with you.” Bartholomew confessed. “You are meant to be together.”

“What do you mean Bartholomew?” Angelus asked.

“Vivienne is your soul mate, the one you are destined to be with for all eternity,” the man said as he gathered his belongings from under the willow tree. “It’s about time you approach her.”

“Bartholomew, have you been dabbling in witchcraft again?” Angelus raised a brow, knowing the man came from a strong line of witches.

“I know what I see in my visions Angelus, and I take them seriously,” Bartholomew told him, as the two walked into the house.

* * * * *

Feeling as though a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders, Angelus watched her for the remainder of the day. Once the moon rose, he broached the subject with Vivienne. She was cleaning his bedchamber when he quietly strolled in. His throat became dry, and he ran a hand nervously through his hair. Why had he waited so long to approach her? He wondered.

“Master,” she said in a low, seductive voice. Her gaze fell to the floor.

“Call me Angelus, Vivienne,” he said, slowly approaching the object of his desire. “How many times have I asked you not to call me master? You are on the same level as I. Other than our skin color, there is no difference. We both have needs, and desires.” Angelus’ voice turned husky.

“Maybe I like to call you master,” Vivienne said boldly, convincing Angelus she wasn’t as innocent as he’d suspected. He couldn’t help but notice her breathing became labored as his stare became trained on the rise and fall of her chest.

Gently, taking his index finger and tilting her head to look at him, a warm smile formed upon his lips. On this night, he would have her. How he craved her beautiful bronzed skin and tantalizing thighs wrapped around his waist. His sweet dark angel drove him crazy. Sitting in the chair, next to the bed, he pulled her onto his lap.

Her five-foot six-inch frame and voluptuous build rendered him breathless whenever he fantasized about her. Her tantalizing brown eyes set against the rich dark brown skin and her thick, curly black hair, seductively framing her bewitching features and falling well past her shoulders, was enough to make him hard as steel.

He wanted to slap himself silly for not approaching her sooner, for thinking Bartholomew would have a problem with the coupling. Suddenly he realized, she wanted this moment as much as he did. “Vivienne, I must have a word with you,” Angelus said, becoming lost within her eyes. He loved how she observed every inch of him, her appreciative gaze sparking a yearning deep within his soul.

“Talk to me Angelus, I’m listening,” Vivienne murmured, her gaze locking with his. She approached him, running her fingers through his hair.

“Why have you avoided me all these years?” Angelus asked.

“I might ask the same of you Angelus,” Vivienne challenged.

“Surely you knew I wanted to be with you,” he murmured, his heart skipping a beat. Her skin was smooth, like silk, he noticed as he gently grabbed her hand. Pulling her close to him, Angelus studied her face. There was more than lust shining in her dark features. It was her gaze that held him in rapt attention. The eyes were the windows to the soul, and her soul was telling him she loved him. Boldly, she sat on his lap, completely shedding that aura of shyness he so loved about her.


To be released March 19th through Eirelander Publishing

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