Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daywalker is Available

Daywalker has been released and is now available at Sugar and Spice Press. This is the first of a two part story that I hope you will enjoy.


Plagued by dreams of a bloodthirsty vampire, Egyptian daywalker Akaisha soon discovers the man to be as real as her father, the Pharaoh. Abducted from her home, Akaisha discovers she must quickly adapt to her new surroundings or suffer her demise.

Realizing the necessity of obtaining a special daywalker to protect his coven during daylight hours, Lord Daegan travels to ancient Egypt with the assistance of his magus, claiming Akaisha for his own.

When in proximity of Daegan, Akaisha causes him to develop emotions, eventually melting away years of darkness. With every meeting, Daegan senses a familiar presence the Egyptian daywalker exudes.

Forty years of deception lie within the walls of Castle Daegan. With Akaisha's help, Daegan discovers hidden truths, reopening unsavory wounds deep within.

* * *


Below Castle Daegan, within one of the deepest tunnels known only to male elders, Valaris, Daegan, and Komin held a meeting. Werewolves who were entrusted to guard vampires of other covens during the day mercilessly slayed them as they slept.

"It is an outrage!" Daegan stormed. "I want those beasts destroyed; even those that guard our castle. We do not need their protection any longer. I should have killed them long ago."

"You will not put the werewolves here at Castle Daegan to death!" Komin bellowed. "Have you not forgotten Michael and his family? They have never meant you harm, and have served us well for many centuries."

Hanging his head low, Daegan knew Komin spoke the truth. Michael and his family befriended Biele and Daegan long ago. The werewolf was loyal, and would fight by Daegan's side if necessary, even against fellow werewolves existing outside Castle Daegan.

"Daegan, listen to me," Valaris growled. "Have you not forgotten the very subject that fueled these revolts? Had you not taken a werewolf for a bride, we would not be in this position."

"To whom do you think you are speaking, Valaris?" Daegan stood, ready to do battle with his own brother. Komin intervened between the two larger vampires. "What the hell difference does that make? Against my better judgment, I tried sending her away, Valaris. Why the hell are we discussing something that happened forty years ago? I never avenged her death. The fiend who killed her, I cannot find!"

"Some people label you a fiend, Daegan," Komin uttered quietly.

"Do not vex me, Komin," Daegan snarled. "Or else…"

"Or else what Daegan? You think you are in control, but you aren't. Something far more powerful dwells within these walls. Have you been able to locate your magus, or has he suddenly turned against us as well?"

"Some say you killed Biele, Daegan," Valaris stated coolly, raising a brow to his brother. Daegan charged Valaris, knocking him against the wall of the tunnel, biting his brother's shoulder, allowing blood to spill everywhere.

"Never mention Biele's name again, Valaris, or I promise, the next time, my bite will rip your throat out!" Daegan hissed venomously.

"Gentlemen, I assure you, it will do no good to battle amongst ourselves. Daegan, this matter must be handled quickly. You know exactly what fueled the fire for the recent happenings."

Eyes glowing red, Daegan turned, punching the wall, shattering two large bricks. "Utter treachery lurks within these castle walls!" Daegan hissed. "I can feel it! Someone plots against me!"

Valaris sat up, eyes fixated on Daegan, spewing hatred for his brother.

"Perhaps I should have let you embrace the dawn, brother. You are leading this coven into damnation. You lacked leadership years ago, and even more so now."

"Cool your tongue, Valaris!" Komin demanded. "Leave us now."

Eyes glowing, Valaris turned on his heel, exiting the small room, returning to the entrance of the tunnel.

"There is no doubt there are traitors within these walls, Daegan," Komin said calmly. "The act that was committed forty years ago simply added more fuel to the fire."

"Daegan, you have the acquired the daywalker, Akaisha. I suggest you use her wisely. The wolves outside of Castle Daegan are not to be trusted, I can tell you this much." Komin insisted. "Where is your magus?"

"I don't know, Komin! It is like he disappeared into thin air, along with the black crystal we used to bring forth Akaisha to our time! Komin, I did not kill Biele. I loved her too much. She was my life!"

"I understand that, Daegan, but tongues have began to wag. Suspicion arose long ago, and even more so now, since werewolves have started to revolt," Komin calmly confessed. "Old ghosts have been invoked."

"Why now, after all these years?" Daegan asked.

"I've asked myself that for quite some time, Daegan," Komin murmured softly, crossing his arms. "You are feared, perhaps by the wrong side. I suggest you find your magus, or someone who possesses the gift of foresight."

Leaving the tunnel together, Komin and Daegan discussed other endless possibilities regarding the revolts. Business dealings could have fallen through; perhaps one of the female vampires had it in for Daegan, for not taking them as his bride. Try as he may, Daegan could not find a rational solution to this problem.

Once in the privacy of his bedchambers, he paced the floors. Since coming into contact with Akaisha, he experienced a familiar presence. He actually experienced happiness for the first time in years. Just thinking of the wench made his lips curl into a smile.

Cursing himself, he forced the similarities out of his mind. Akaisha was only there to aid his coven and sate his large sexual appetite, but damn her, she was placing other thoughts within his head. A part of him wanted to hold and protect her, for her to hold and protect him from the madness that surrounded him.

Sensing dawn approaching, Daegan locked his chamber doors, submitting to a deep vampiric sleep. Immediately, he began to dream.

* * * *

Available now at Sugar and Spice Press

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