Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Romance Suspense Author Stephanie Freeman

Happy New Year everyone! Today I'd like you to meet Stephanie Freeman, an author of romantic suspense novels.

Baltimore, Maryland– Stephanie Freeman, a local educator and author recently published her first three novels: Necessary Evil on June 4, 2012, Nature of the Beast on October 8, 2012 and A Letter from Yesay coming in February 2013 with Crimson Romance Publishing.

Necessary Evil is a compelling tale of heartache and redemption. Detective Cassiel Garret suspects the pretty young temp worker knows more about a string of audacious bank robberies and jewel heists than she’s letting on. But there’s something about her, something that all of his training tells him is terribly wrong. An even deeper knowing makes him believe she’s more than a common thief or an accessory to the crimes that are plaguing his hometown. Does he forego all of his training to follow his heart—or will a call to duty win out?

Nature of the Beast is an equally compelling story of where the twists and turns lead to a dizzying conclusion. Someone wants to kill Willow Daniels. Can she trust an enigmatic nightclub owner or will the secrets that surround him destroy them both?

A Letter from Yesay starts off the new year with a book that revisits the shades and shards of memory that define us all. Mystery Writer Garin Carter fills her days and nights with solving mysteries. When her fiction leaves the page will the contents of a letter and the presence of a stranger bring closure to a tragedy or spawn a new one?

Freeman, a graduate of the University of Baltimore’s Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences grew up in a household that thrived on good books. Now, she taps that experience in the first of a planned series of books set in the fictitious town of Shadow, Bay, Maryland.

  Freeman draws from the world around her to come up with plot ideas. “Moral dilemmas are a favorite of mine because they are universal,” the author said. “You just put people together in any kind of semi-permanent way and all kinds of things happen. You discover that people aren’t fully good or bad. They are somewhere in between.”

Stephanie Freeman’s stories explore the darker side of human emotion.  Her stories focus on the heartbreaks and desires of a town steeped in tradition and history; a community that is anything but sleepy and quiet.
After only a few months in print, critics and reviewers are praising Freeman’s work as;
“Bold and unapologetic.”
“ Captivating and Heart Wrenching!”
“Gripping and Emotional!”
“Waiting for the sequel!”
“Another stellar performance from Stephanie Freeman!”

With five star reviews and an ever growing fan base behind her, and more books to follow including the highly anticipated sequel to Necessary Evil, Stephanie Freeman is fast becoming a new voice in American Romantic Suspense/ Thriller Fiction!

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