Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Angel Mine by Kassanna

One of my favorite authors, Kassanna Dwight is working on a beautiful angel and demons series. Her first book Angel Mine will be out in a few weeks and I can't wait. I've been intrigued with this story since she hired me to design her cover. I'm even more intrigued after reading the excerpt. I want to learn more:


In an act of unselfishness, Julia suffered atrocities only man could inflict on their fellow man. Death was her punishment for a love freely given. Reborn as angel, she now collects the souls of the dying to escort them to heaven. But the pain of her untimely death lingers and on its anniversary she revisits her home, only to relive her shame. 

Uriel saw her over a century ago as she was escorted through the gates of heaven by his brethren Metatron himself. After a while the pull he felt toward her could no longer be denied but even angels have rules and he follows them. Watching, making sure she was safe until his request is approved.

On Christmas Eve he receives word. After a hundred years of silence he could follow through with his plans to make Julia “Angel Mine”
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