Friday, January 18, 2013

Guest Blogger Cora Blue

Today, please welcome guest blogger Cora Blu.

Deep beneath the Atlantic lives a world unbeknownst to humans. A world where tiger shark shifters keep their ability to shift alive. A world where sharks, dolphins and whale shifters live harmonioulsy within the same clans. The oceans harmony is about to change. Clear Coral is dying and without a true mating she will lose the ability to absorb the excess heat coming through the ocean floor. The ocean will literally begin to boil its inhabitants. Neither shifters nor humans above will survive. 

King Dagger, tiger shark shifter has twelve days to convince a human to live beneath the currents and save not only his entire kingdom, but those on land by becoming his eternal life mate Clear Coral was formed from love an only love can sustain her. 

Drew Hamilton has craved the ocean since she were a little girl. But the ocean has taken every loved one away from her. When her dreams of a blue man walking out of the ocean becomes a reality she takes the challenge to help his people. Will her need for closure for her loved ones make her suspicious of the new family she's apart of now? Will they find eternal love in time to save Clear Coral or will those who do not want a human in their waters sabatoge their efforts. 
Dagger will not only have to convince his human to love him, but fight off the men that are challenging him for the right to have a human mate, afterall they will begin a new species. For five days he will be physically challeneged for her hand. 

As King he must still contend with poaching, stolen shipments, water pollution, finning, artificial reefs everything that goes on in the ocean. Humans may not know of the world but their actions have a great impact on the sea. 

Until the King finds and bonds to his lifemate, none of his other five brothers can find their mates supporting the other major oceans around the world. 
Step into a world you never knew existed. The ocean's talking, are you listening?

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