Thursday, September 27, 2012

Science Fiction

Happy Thursday afternoon peeps. I've decided to run a contest to celebrate my upcoming release, Cyborg2150. This is my first science fiction story, and I hope anyone who reads it will receive it well. These posts are for the contest to win a $25 Amazon gift card, so please leave me a comment. I wanna see what you guys think about what I have to say!
What made me decide to write a science fiction piece?? Well, when I was a child I had a fascination with space, and all the planets. My favorite planets were Saturn and Venus. There was just something about those beautiful rings around Saturn that intrigued me so much. Now mind you, I was a little disappointed that those planets could never support life. Some are too close to the sun while others, well they're just to damned far away.

Also, I often think about what lies beyond our galaxy. Surely we aren't the only ones existing. Somewhere out there, there's another solar system like ours teaming with life. I'm quite sure. We shouldn't be so naive and cocky to believe we're the only ones. And...planets. If there are beings existing on another planet, do they look like us? What type of animals exist on these planets? Is their sun yellow like ours, or red? Hmmm

Now this story of mine originally was about a woman living in the year 2150 when men are scarce. The hero was to be a sexy cyborg and the story was only supposed to be a 15K, but somehow it blossomed into a little over 25K. See, here's another little thought. Will sex toys cease to exist in that year and be replaced with cybernetic lovers? This story has been changed around so much, it's not even funny. Honestly, I could have gone in several different directions and can create another book or two from this.

Cyborg2150 is based lightly on how some people perceive our future. Right now we can only entertain some thoughts about our planet and life on it. Will we exist as human or part cyborg? Will we somehow allow technology and machines to take over? Yeah, I watch Discovery Channel from time to time and the stuff they have on their just captures my attention.

Imagine a world where we no longer have newspapers, plants, and the human population has drastically dwindled from what it is now due to disease, famine, or any other disaster you can think of. It's scary, isn't it?

What if we were to become mere cattle to cyborgs? Are cyborgs evil, or are they as evil as the one who created them? What do you think? Can cyborgs love? Would there be some shadow of the person that existed before they became a cyborg?

Do you think our so-called civilized world is supposed to be the way it is now? I mean, we've come so far in our technology, but unfortunately we have really screwed our planet up. When Earth is no longer inhabitable or we need to leave it for some reason like being overrun by aliens or cyborgs (LMAO) and there was a planet that could sustain life, would you go or submit to those who wish to enslave you? Think about this though. Starting all over from scratch, no technology, absolutely nothing! NO television, I'm talking right down to living off the land, and the planet is healthy.

Okay, that's all I'm posting about today. I'll post again tomorrow and talk a little more about Joe and Dana. Cyborg2150 is an erotic romance based purely on fantasy. Or is it? Seriously though, I just wanted to create a nice world for my characters to play in. The story really focuses on Joe and Dana's relationship.

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Stephanie said...

Hey chick just read your blog and I have to agree with everything u said I do believe there is other life and I would love to see it. As for Cyborg men my goodness I would love one. Why you may ask its because they are always gorgeous, loyal, ripped, protective and carrying packages that can make any warm blooded female melt. So ready to read this book and if I appear one here several times its because my link did not take or so I thought. Lol

Charisma Knight said...

Heck yeah they are. ; )

Thanks for responding Stephanie!

Jamara Parham said...

Hi Charisma, I think we're closer to cyborgs now than anyone wants to acknowledge. With the medical technology now some people are carrying around in there bodies. New hearts, joints of every kind, monitors to keep us alive. It's just a matter of time that it's used more in the sex market. Full body, walking,talking, sexiness. Who wouldn't want that? And if they come with everything Stephanie suggested, sign me up. Girl I can't wait to read the book. Sounds like fun.