Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Fitness Goal

Well, Monday marks the eighth week of my exercise regimen. I started this a few weeks before we went off to Indianapolis for the MotoGP. Which reminds me, I still need to post some of the motorcycle pics.

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with the results I've been seeing. In the past four years, I've put on fifteen pounds. I've always been into exercise, but sometimes you just fall of the wagon, you know? My body was the way I wanted it, nice and firm until I started going to school. Back then I was working the 9-5 office gig and going to school four nights a week. At first I was doing well, but then three months into the program I started eating out of vending machines and nibbling at home when I stayed up late to study or write. Needless to say I stopped exercising. But hey, I was able to get away with this behavior for two years. I'd exercise on and off, but nothing like I was used to doing.

My metabolism has changed and I'm now 41. Hell, it started slowing up when I hit 30, but not quite as bad. I've realized I can't get away with murder like I used to. Oh and the recent knee surgery one of my family members went through made me wake up. You see, diabetes, high blood pressure and bad hips and knees run in our family. After seeing my auntie struggling through physical therapy, I decided it was high time for me to get off my ass and start moving again. I want to be fit throughout my mind, body and soul and I'm enjoying how exercise makes me feel.

I was posting when I exercised each day on my Facebook status, but then I figured no one wants to hear about this on a daily basis.  ; ) So, I've been posting once or twice a week along with my greeting. Today I had one of the readers say how much I've inspired her to get back into her exercise routine. So you know, that makes me feel good, that I could inspire someone to do that.

These past few days have been a little tough. The season has changed and I usually get lazy around this time of year. In  the morning, I like waking up at 4 a.m. to get in the exercise and do my daily prayer and meditation. Thursday and Friday I was lagging and did my exercises after my daughter was off to school. My circadian rhythm has been affected by the seasonal change, and I just want to hibernate. I find it's harder for me to just jump out of bed in the morning, so now it's going to be a bit of an uphill battle for me.

So, I've ordered the Insanity Workout a few weeks back and I think maybe a few weeks from now I'll start this. Currently I'm doing the Brazilian Buttlift, and before that I was doing TaeBo. It's always good to switch up your workout regimen to challenge your muscles. You never want your body to get used to your workouts, that defeats the purpose.

Anyway, I'm a little nervous about the Insanity program. TaeBo is intense, it challenges the body, especially when you do the 90 minute workout. Brazilian Buttlift is awesome too, and a lot of fun. It reshapes the muscles that aren't utilized on a daily basis, so that's a good thing. I just wonder if I'm up for the challenge of Insanity. I'll just take my time and start out slow if I have a little difficulty. I refuse to give up. I'm not one that gives up easily. For those of you whom I inspire to exercise! Awesome, because I'm going to post on those days when I'm totally not feeling like doing anything!

I'll keep you all posted, and I promise to blog on a regular basis now. I've had a few of you followers email and say, hey! What's up with you? Woman Blog! I'm not following you for nothing.

Okay, off to watch the Ravens.  Please God! Let them whip the Patriots!!!!   ; p

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