Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cyborg2150 Now Available

Good morning and Happy Saturday to you folks!! Today is release day for my first futuristic piece and I'm really excited. I love writing and enjoy the publishing aspect of the industry just as much. So, it was a rush for me. I've been awake all night and feel like I'm walking on air. LOL


Joe Willis sacrifices his life to help rescue trapped humans and teleporting them to Sirtus, a planet resembling Earth. The plan was to rescue as many as possible and return to Earth for his wife.

Dana Willis has a bad feeling about her husband’s mission as she reluctantly sees him off. The human population has been decimated thanks to the rebellion of fourth generation cybernetic organisms. Despite her doubts, she stays behind to aid in coding a program that will hopefully overthrow The Legion once and for all.

Before his demise, Dana and Joe agreed to the mind transference that will re-animate him, but how well will she adapt to her “cyborg” husband when they are reunited a month after his death? In their quest to teleport to Sirtus, she also discovers another shocking secret her husband harbored when he was a flesh and blood man.


Chapter One

Tears welled in her eyes before Dana Willis’ husband, Joe, headed for the hovercraft. They kissed for several moments. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see their close friends, Serena and Michael locked in a strong embrace.
Joe smiled at her as his fingers gently brushed away the tears she wept. “Don’t you cry for me,” he insisted as he flashed her a solemn grin. “I’ll be seeing you again soon.”
But, could he keep his promise? A flash of anger lit her insides at how brave of a man her husband was. She loathed the cybernetic government and despised the wars erupting in almost every corner of the world.
Cybernetic organisms had become a raging plague to some areas of Earth. The rebels were sent in to disassemble the cyborgs and rescue the small bands of starving humans trapped along the Northern walls.
“Remind me why you’re doing this again?” she asked. Yes, she knew why he was doing it, but she was trying to be strong. She knew in her heart, this was the right thing for him to do. She also knew deep down, this would probably be the last time she saw him…alive.
“We must wipe these inhuman bastards from the face of the Earth. I refuse to rest until I take a substantial amount down.”
“Even if it means your life?”
Joe nodded. “Whatever it takes.” His gaze was hard. “I love you, Dana. I will always love you. Please, know that.”
She needed to confess her feelings. “Why does this feel like goodbye?” Her gut twisted in sheer agony and she looked away. She needed to stay behind to aid in coding the programs needed to sustain the fifth generation cyborgs and help to develop the virus that would annihilate The Legion once and for all. 
He placed a finger beneath her chin, forcing her gaze to return to his. 


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