Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ebook Piracy

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take some time out focus on ebook piracy. I know the music and movie industry go through the same problems as we do. They also fight it. I do understand that his may be a losing battle, but I truly believe that something good can possibly come from this. I'm not having these feelings just because I'm a writer. I'm a reader as well, and never have I tried to obtain a book without buying directly from the publisher or third party sites. It really ticks me off that folks must find a way to cheat instead of paying $1-$10 or however much the ebook may cost.It's downright sickening.

Below are a few sites and a Cease and Desist form Lucinda Dugger of Copyright Alliance sent to me. As a writer, I urge you to join these groups to see what accomplishments can be made while standing up for our rights.

AuthorsAgainstEbooktheftYahoogroup and AuthorsAgainstCopyrightTheftYahooGroup.

Many sites have users who are actively seeking books to download for free. Unfortunately, I've seen numerous titles by fellow authors on a certain site. They are currently hunting for my book, Her Dark Desires, and I'm sure they'll find it, and my work will be up there, right along with other hard working authors.

As an author, we all know how many hours, weeks, and months it takes to write and polish a manuscript before sending it to a publisher. After that, there are many more hours invested for editing. After we pour our blood, sweat, and tears into these books, freeloaders come along and steal our work. Unacceptable.

If anyone has anymore valuable information regarding ebook piracy, please share. 

Thank you. 


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