Saturday, January 2, 2010

~Daywalker~ Coming Soon

Plagued by dreams of a bloodthirsty vampire, Egyptian daywalker Akaisha soon discovers the man to be as real as her father, the Pharaoh. Abducted from her home in the dark of night; Akaisha discovers she must quickly adapt to her new surroundings or suffer her demise.

Realizing the necessity of obtaining a special daywalker to protect his coven, Lord Daegan travels to ancient Egypt with the assistance of his magus, claiming Akaisha for his own.

When in proximity of Daegan, Akaisha causes him to develop emotions, eventually melting away years of darkness. With every meeting, Daegan senses a familiar presence the Egyptian daywalker exudes.

Forty years of deception lie within the walls of Castle Daegan. With Akaisha’s help, Daegan discovers valuable information, reopening unsavory wounds deep within.

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Soni (VampirePhile) said...

Hi Charisma,

Happy New Year, 2010.

This is another cover I'm loving (re: as with Soul Seduction).

This will also be on my list for reading when released!

All the best to you!

~ Soni