Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~*Ancient Alpha Wolf a Free Read*~

I just finished writing a free read about a powerful werewolf shifter and his long lost soul mate.


"Easy Zenavuk," a deep husky voice crooned. His voice, my blue wolf! Why I didn't recognize his presence, I do not know. Happiness engulfed me as I slipped from beneath the warmth of the furs, barely wincing as my feet hit the cold dirt floor. I ran to my wolf, flinging my arms around his massive waist, forcing a growl from his throat. The top of my head barely reached his chest, and I was forced to stand on my tip toes as I awaited his kiss; a kiss that ignited fire throughout my body, like hot, molton lava, providing me with warmth, finally!

"Why have you brought me here?" I asked him. "It's freezing, you know I do not like the cold."

"Didn't I just warm your bones?" My wolf asked in a deep, haunting voice, as he grasped my hand, leading me over to the large bed. "There is much you will get used to once you live here on a permanent basis," he said.

"Permanently?" I asked, raising a brow as another chill gripped my body, in spite of the warmth he just provided me with. "Do I not have a say in the matter?" I asked.

"We run out of time," my wolf said, folding his arms while taking on a strong stance, as though I would challenge him, and challenge him I would, I must, for he would take me into another realm, one in which I would not be equipped to handle just yet. "I yearn for you night and day Zenavuk. I've waited for you for centuries, now you are mine again. There will come a time when I can no longer access you through dreams, only your meditation, and tell me, where will that leave us?"

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