Monday, December 1, 2014

Guest Blogger Kasey Moone Celebrates Her New Release!!

Hiya folks, please welcome guest blogger and fellow author, Kasey Moone. Kasey has a new release today (Congrats to girl!)  you really need to check out. If you haven't added her fantabulous books to your TBR list, what are you waiting for? You really should do so now. I've read all of Kasey's books and I'm definitely a fan. 

Henrietta “Rita” Evans has always been known as the quiet, black girl on campus, some folks even nicknaming her “Mute” in jest. And she doesn’t expect much out of her Winter Break at Edson College, but an equally quiet environment. Until a member of the white campus elite starts running behind her dormitory late at night. Starts warning her to stay away from him and the woods. Starts making her feel more alive than she’s felt in a very long time…

Something is happening to Sal. Something he can’t control. Something threatening his last year of college and family’s werewolf heritage. And what’s worse, a quiet, mocha beauty can’t seem to mind her own business, tempting him at every turn. Who cares if she has the sweetest lips he’s ever tasted? Who cares if her scent drives him mad? He has to keep her at a distance, for much more is at stake than the heat blazing between them. 

And if he doesn’t put it out, they’ll both burn… 
Campus Touch Excerpt

Flames engulfed Rita’s cheeks as she looked up and saw Sal Kellerton staring at her from across the lawn. Her heartbeat raced. Palms got sweaty. With firm determination, she ignored the heat rolling in her belly, and glanced away, feeling more exposed than she’d ever been in her life. A flush came over her, and she stumbled back a bit, suddenly confused. It was the same feeling she’d experienced a day ago during her conversation with Jane, except it was much stronger in his raw, masculine presence. She shook her head to dispel the feeling. Her glasses toppled to her nose, and she quickly fixed them. What was happening to her? Was sleep deprivation frying her brain cells?
Nervously, she swallowed and looked up to find him still staring at her. As if on their own accord, her gaze slid down his lean body, taking in his massive thighs, muscular arms, and tone middle. Weathered jeans clung to his sinewy frame, and his dark hair was pulled back from an angular face with a strong jawline. He was beyond attractive, and she wasn’t quite sure how to deal with that. Next to him, the surrounding men seemed puny and miniscule, like hobbits. Rita sighed heavily. Darn-it, she was no good around hot men!
Fortunately, Jane and her posse spotted him at the same time and saved her from thinking. The group fell into silence.
“Wow, look at him,” one said, awestruck. “Looking good.”
“Which one is that?”
“That’s Sal. The quiet one. He was in my Art Appreciation class last year.”
“And did ya’ll have some study sessions?”
“I wish!”
“I want that boy,” said another.
“Girl, you can have him after I’m done with him.”
“You slut.”
“You heard me. Slut!”
They giggled, and Rita fought the urge to smack the silly women. Anger lashed through her at the thought of one of them touching him. It didn’t make sense! Where had this possessive jealously come from? She’d always been a pretty easy going girl, but the thought of one of the gossipy heffas touching this particular Kellerton was making her see red. She’d beat the shit out of them. Didn’t make sense…going toe-to-toe with the silly women because of some harmless flirting.
Rita, get it together.

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