Friday, October 31, 2014

New Release ~ Katrina

Warning f/f

Introducing Katrina. I write in various genres and there are so many more stories coming to you. For those of you who enjoy female erotica, I'm sure you'll enjoy this. My editor told me this was a very hot story. It's mixed with a little blood and suspense. Hope you'll enjoy, and have yourself a Happy Halloween.   ; )

Lucinda is unaware her sultry dreams are about to become a reality. Night after orgasmic night, she succumbs to the wildest dreams she's ever had at the hands of the mysterious yet familiar vampire, Katrina. Unfortunately, Marissa, Lucinda's girlfriend thinks she's cheating on her. 
Nothing could be further from the truth. When Marissa leaves for a business trip, Lucinda discovers a memory long forgotten in the sands of time. When her girlfriend returns, Lucinda also discovers there is more to Marissa than meets the eye.

Coming Soon to other publishing platforms 

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