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Author Spotlight Timothy Broyles

         BLADES & BULLETS             

     In the year 5052 A.D. the city of Kingfisher was named for the river that ran beside it. In turn the river was named for the amount of Kingfisher birds that hunted on it. The city its self was basically low tech. Filled with thieves and bandits. Reku Gen was a fair man and used his police wisely to control the vermin in order to protect the innocent. Many merchants came to trade and sell merchandise. But many more travelers came to study the magic at the mystic temples. In this age and time only the strong survive……
     Ruki Ito’s fat butt smacked the ground hard but he wasn’t really hurt. Just his pride, and the fact that he wasn’t man enough to do a damn thing about it. Being a rich merchant had its perks but bravery wasn’t one of them. His extra dessert, one more piece of chicken, and let me have just one more glass of apple cider, gulping gut was to out of shape to fight his own battles. Gold coins spilled out of his coin purse with a clang.
     Ten armed bandits surrounded him and his bodyguard. A loud yell from one large particularly muscular bandit had frightened him into stepping backward and slipping on a loose stone. With a crocked smile the lead bandit stepped forward with his katana out stretched in Ito and his bodyguard direction.
     ‘Give up the Dragon’s Kiss fatso.”The bearded man said harshly.”
“You gave up your chance to live when you attacked us.” The body guard said directly.
     Shina Nightblade took a defensive stance and readied her weapon for action. She lightly gripped the black handle of her katana and slowly moved it to a better position. The samurai solder’s jet black shoulder length hair was in a ponytail. Armor less wearing only traditional garments, sandals and a white head band on her forehead. She appeared very defensively skilled to the ten well armed men surrounding her and her employer.
     Suddenly, Shina charged forward at the first bandit in front of her. The man was armed with a two handed axe, a large double bladed weapon which was  heavy and slow in combat compared to the choices of light one hand weapons available in the area. But with his large size and muscular build he had split many heads open with devastating power. It has not failed him yet in combat, and he wasn’t about to let it now against a woman whom thought she was a samurai warrior. With a loud battle cry and a heavy step forward the powerful man raised his heavy weapon and came downward at the
charging samurai soldier with crushing force. Shina  adjusted her weapon twisting the blade to the rear and gritted her teeth. The huge battle axe crushed down and struck nothing but the dusty earth in front of it. The huge man shifted his eyes to the right as his target easily darted out of the danger zone and shifted her weight to one side. The katana’s blade was swung at an angle severing the bandit’s head, sending it crashing to the ground with a thud. Blood spread upward like a fountain in the air.
     “What the hell!” One masked bandit blurted in confusion and disbelief. His Conrad’s body collapsed limply. Even as the man and his partners in crime shook off the trauma of what just had happened, the female warrior was headed toward her next target. An average sized man armed with a rifle that was unable to fire before due to a lack of a clear target. The rifle man also had been stunned by Nightblades awesome display of combat skills, which allowed his opponent a few steps closer than before. Adjusting back on his right leg, He threw his automatic rifle up to his shoulder, aimed and fired! Rat-a-tat-tat tat! The gun kicked the 22 calibur bullets split the air but struck only Shina’s sword blade which had been strategically placed to catch the speeding bullets deflecting them from their primary course. Her face, right between the eyes. Glancing off with a loud clang, the out of control bullets hit another bandit in the chest instantly dropping him on his back to the ground dead. His double edged spear bounced harmlessly to the side. With a ruthless cross cut to the rifleman’s shoulder and neck; they were completely sliced through as well as his fire arm. The bandit leader ordered the other six of his men to attack.
     “Nobody can do that!” He yelled trying to cover what just happened with  none credibility. But three of his men were dead and nothing could change that fact. Three bandits armed with a spear, a broad sword ,and a katana rushed with a loud battle cry into the mist of the raging battle. Blocking the katana with an upward strike, Nightblade cut downward  to check her stance on both targets. Spinning and almost stabbing the ground Shina skillfully blocked the broad sword, forcing it downward with her sword hilt and executing a slicing blow to the swordsman’s upper knee. Forcing him to drop to the ground which gave her enough time to meet the swordsman, (whom clearly was not a samurai sense he was not holding his weapon correctly for the proper usage) with a straight jab to his abdomen that pierced his back and extended at least a foot. Ripping it blade back through his stomach with a foot firmly pushed into his chest for leverage she then spun and stabbed the struggling man, who was originally
armed with the broad sword in the neck at an angle. Blood splashed on her face but the master swordsman didn’t notice she simply continued her work.
     “Die you samurai bitch!” The bandit leader yelled as he swung his heavy two handed- sword in Shina’s direction. Only to be block and countered with a powerful cross cut to his shoulders and she spun three hounded and sixty degrees to perform another diagonal cut to his neck chest ,and abdomen in one whirling motion. The other three bandits saw their leader crash to the ground in three pieces. The quickly decided they better quickly change their profession in a hurry. Turing a way and running, they made for the woods and brush they had leaped out of on the Kingfisher trail.  Shina Nightblade stood frozen in a back stance for a few seconds before grabbing her sword scabbard and standing up straight. Whipping her sword blade up high she slowly put it back into its scabbard without taking her eyes off the wilderness.
     “Wow! You’re really something else!” Ruki Ito congratulated his bodyguard.
     “I had no idea you were that bad ass.” He continued as he began to gather his gold coins and money purse.
     “You’re worth every cent I’m paying you.” The fat merchant said sitting on his butt smiling while counting his gold.
     “We should have taken a ship. This entire cross country trip has been a disaster. These men were a test. The magic syndicates have found out that you posses the Dragon’s Kiss. You heard what the bandit said. Real assassins will be coming soon. We better get to the city before night fall or we may encounter more trouble.” The cautious soldier stated to her greedy out of shape employer.




     The roof top was littered with dead Spider Clan assassins. The thick rain drops washed the blood from the razor sharp blade of the katana that killed them. Lighting flashed from the over head thunder clouds. The rain beat down on the roof top like a drum. Shina Nightblade stood on the roof top of the Thypon Corporation building frozen like a statue. Her tight black leather outfit reflected the flashing lighting and out lined her sexy female shape. Her white head band held her thick black hair that hung down to her shoulders out of her eyes. The rain made it stick to her face and neck which her employer Ruki Ito thought was just too hot. He watched his shapely bodyguard as she faced down the latest assassin bounty hunter from behind the large garbage can next to the door to the roof. The skillful Nightblade stood with slightly bent knees and her hands gripping her katana over her head with the blade pointing downward at an angle. The windy rain did nothing to break her concentration. Her deep blue eyes focused on one thing. The deadly opponent across from her. Adjusting her left foot for a better stance vibrated the blaster on her side and the dagger strapped to the small of her back. Straight in front of her stood her toughest opponent yet; Myst. A lone wolf ninja assassin whom had built quit a reputation for getting the job done and escaping completely clean. He had killed half of the Spider clan member himself trying to get to Ruki Ito himself. Armed with A six foot staff with twin crescent moon shaped blades on either end of the weapon. The ninja was focused beyond the rain’s distraction. Behind his disguise and blue and black camouflage he narrowed his eyes. Letting out a loud battle cry he charged in Shina’s direction. In turn the skilled student of the legendary Katana King gave her own cry of war and charged. Leaping into the air the two combatants met weapon to weapon with a loud clang. As he landed Myst whirled his weapon low and attacked the samurai soldier’s feet. Shina stepped back twice to avoid the ends of razor sharp weapon’s blades. She countered with a powerful downward cut but the ninja easily blocked her attack. Rotating his staff weapon the assassin countered Nightblade yet again. Turning to the side and shifting her katana diagonally the skilled   swordsman blocked the ninja’s deceptive assault. Whiling her body the opposite direction and dragging her right foot low to the ground; Shina hooked the bounty hunters feet sweeping him to his back. Instantly she turned and bolted in her employer’s direction. Taking a quick glance behind her, she saw Myst was already to his feet and in pursuit. The assassin abruptly stopped and ripped his blaster from his hip. Leaping to the top of garbage container the bodyguard avoided several plasma blasts that streaked in to the wall of the building and side of the trash container.
     “What the!!??” Ruki Ito freaked as Shina crouched beside him.
“You’re supposed ttt… to be out there!” The fat merchant complained. The samurai soldier rose up straight and peered in bounty hunters direction  Myst was charging at full speed.   
     Nightblade quickly unsnapped a pouch on her utility belt and drew out a small white golf ball shaped object. Raising it up high she slammed it to the wet ground between her and Ruki Ito. As it detonated an enormous cloud of white smoke engulfed her and her employer. Myst slid to a halt and fired his blaster horizontally in a sweep into smoke cloud. As the white screen cleared the bounty hunter leaped to the top of the large trash container. Shina Nightblade was gone and so was her employer. Spinning his blaster like an old west gunslinger Myst replaced it in its holster. He scanned the roof top once more from atop the container but only the dead Spider Clan assassins bodies remained. Ruki Ito and the Dragon’s Kiss hand slipped between his fingers for now. He whirled his bladed staff and exited the building roof top.

  Blades of Shadow


              Busy traffic zipped through the Techron City streets while above the air was filled with fling cars traveling to and fro. The bright rays reflected off their shiny paint jobs. Fast paced patrons quickly stepped their way to their destinations. Gigantic video screened billboards covered the building walls with tones of advertisements and sales pitches. A gray and blue police car slowly floated to the street and switched to driving mode. A slime muscular sky boarder zipped through the bustling air traffic and road his board smoothly to a halt onto a nearby sidewalk. His black leather flight jacket with pants and boots to match brought out his light blue T-shirt. He deactivated his magna-lock boots and his magna-lock strip on his board allowing him to step down to the ground. His anti-gravity generator levitated it about a foot above the concrete below. As the board’s engines shut down with a high pitched hum. The twenty five year old African American male grabbed it with one hand and it responding to his touch shut off its anti-grav unit. Jackson Salter with board under arm walked to the Techron City museum and magna-locked it to the bike chain bar outside of the building’s sliding door before entering. The former sky boarding champion checked his cell phone for missed calls but he had none. He had put his phone on silent while he was riding the air waves to help him stay focused.  As he entered the crowded hall way a familiar voice caught his attention.
     “Jackson!” A vibrant male voice called out to him from behind.
     “Man what up!” A slim Chinese man about twenty years of age rushed toward him through the museum doors. Mark Chang’s friendly greeted him with a day brightening spirit. Jackson swung his right hand to slap him five.
     “Man I thought you weren’t gonna show up.” Jackson said smiling.
     “Come on dog, you know I wouldn’t miss this exhibit’s opening for the world.” Mark expressed laughing. The dueo turned and headed back toward the center of the building.
     “So do you think anyone will try for the vase?” Mark asked his friend casually.
     “I wouldn’t doubt it.” Jackson said with a sigh.
     “If any magic users are familiar with the keys they’ll be able to see through its mask.” He added. They threaded their way through the schools of people until they reached the museum elevators.
     “I hope we can get away from this day from being a magic show down fight scene.” Mark joked.
     “I would really would like to see the honeys that are here to check out the vase.” He continued.
      Being mage warriors was getting in the way of marks love life a little. He would be in the middle of a date some night and some creature or monster would show up in his area with sights on him. Trying to get him out of the way. He had lost some pretty hot chicks because something scary attacked him and his date in some restaurant while they were eating. Most girls he knew didn’t like scary hell spawn with three or four eyes and long and sharp teeth. Jackson was feeling it too. The mage warrior thing was a little tough with dealing with women considering how many magical creature they had faced in the last month. They hadn’t had a lot of good nights rest lately. A lot of creepy crawlie’s had showed up in the same place. Four or five trolls or two or three hell hounds. They hardly ever encountered more than one of the tougher creatures at once, but lately they had been showing up in small groups. But this job was different. They were watching out for a magic thief. The vase on the display was an artifact of great power. To the every -day public the vase was a priceless relic dug up in the African dessert. But Jackson and Mark both knew the truth. If a rogue magic user that knew how to use the vase got their hands on it, they would have a problem that wouldn’t go away on its own any time soon. As the elevator stopped the doors slide open and the two young men exited it into the hallway. As they made their way to the exhibit they noticed the large crowd of people swarming around the vase’s window. Photographers snapped photos and reporters wrote columns on their touch screen computers. As they made it to the window a wave of invisible water crashed into them and stopped them dead in their tracks. Other people showed no response as if nothing had happened to them. One older man stepped from behind them and glanced at them for their rudeness of stopping so abruptly in the isle way. As the man made his way on down the isle mark cut his eyes at his partner.
     “Did you feel that?” The warrior mage asked with a serious look.
     “Yeah, somebody just shrouded themselves.” Cutting his eyes to meet Jackson’s gaze. They both scanned the area around them. Checking out the crowd and the exhibit window but everyone was acting normal as if nothing strange had happened. Jackson took a deep breath and looked around the room once more. Mark looked at him with a little disappointment in his eyes. They both new what a shroud spell mint, they were dealing with a strong magic user. A experienced magic user that had detected them first. And there was no doubt that he or she knew what the vase in the exhibit was. Jackson had the ability to detect the mage but he would have to summon his source weapon Emerald Shadow. Its power could see through shroud cloaking cloudy magic but summoning it would cause a little too much of a scene in the general public. Mark looked at the crowd once more then back at Jackson.
     “Do you think they will try for it now.” He asked his partner.
     “I don’t know but they made us that’s for sure. Let’s just see what happens.” Jackson said scanning the crowd once more but still detecting nothing unusual.
     From the center of the crowd a sexy female shape softly freed its self from the droves of people. Her blonde and black streaked hair was whipped with big curls that brought out her Chinese shaped eyes. Her thick curvy shape was fitted to her black jeans and black denim jacket. The woman’s white silk shirt bulged from her healthy breast. Her black high heeled shoes clicked as she made a path to get breathing room. The young woman’s right hand held a digital camera shoulder height to protect it from damage. A small leather camera case was slung over the African American ladies shoulder. Jackson refocused his eyes and made sure he wasn’t dreaming.
     Damn! He thought. The sexy female made her way toward him and stopped a few steps short as her light brown eyes met his.
     “Jackson?” She explained.
Mark turned his eyes to his friend’s direction but Jackson remained focused on the vision of beauty in front of him.
     “I can’t believe it! It’s really you!” The young woman continued.
     “Tameka?” The young mage said with a frown.
     “Tameka Henry? I don’t believe it.”  He continued with a deep breath. Tameka stepped forward a few steps and looked down to gather words.
     “Well it’s been a long time hasn’t it?”  Tameka said with a smile.
     “Yeah it has.” Jackson replied slowly rolling his eyes.
     “So what are you doing in Techron?” She asked.
     “I’m working with my homeboy at the sky boarder convention.” Jackson quickly lied and turned his eyes to Mark who met his gaze with an innocent expression.
     “Yeah auh…Hi I’m Mark Chang assistant director of the Silver Eagle sky boarding competition.”  Mark quickly stated holding out his right hand for a friendly greeting.  Tameka held out her hand and shook marks with a soft manicured grip.
     “It’s nice to meet you.” She said. Jackson lit up a fake smile.
      “What are you doing here?” He asked.
     “Oh, I’m working for the Solar Flare a web based news paper here in the city. I’ve lived here about three years with my Grandmother. She needed a little help around the house so I moved from Boston to help her out.”
     “That was nice of you.” Jackson said with another fake smile.  Tameka reached into her jacket pocket raveled her cell phone. It buzzed and vibrated.
     “Oh, it’s my Grandmother; I’ll be working here all week.” She committed.
     “It would be alright with me if you stopped by.” The sexy reporter said with a smile.
     “Hey hold on, let me give you my card.” She reached into her bag and pulled out her business card and gave it to Jackson.
     “I’ve gotta take this, see you later.” She said dipping through the crowd to the elevator.
     “Wow! Who’s Tameka? She’s really hot.” Mark said looking at Jackson with wide eyes and a friendly smile.
     “Just a memory from along time ago.” Jackson committed still staring in the young reporters direction as she vanished into the museum elevator.
     “Any way that magic user must have defiantly made us.” The blade caster said attempting to change the subject.
     “You really don’t want to talk about her huh?”  Mark countered.
     “I’m calling Doctor Hunter.”Jackson stated.


Shadow War
     The Techron City Park shook from the explosion. The alley cats and stray dogs scrambled for safety. The battle between the Blade Caster, the Ninja Master and Dark Samurai had climaxed. The awesome power of Honiko Umari’s soul cutter katana had paused and apparently had won the battle. Oak trees and park benches vibrated as Umari stood motionless watching the smoke clear inside his magical dome of destruction.

     Now that they are dead I can get on with my mission to retrieve the Titan Key. The dark samurai thought.  His energy dome deactivated and the smoke and dust floated freely through the air of the twenty foot radius of the park it covered. Suddenly a flurry of machine gun bullets zinged through the air from the dust in his direction! Instantly he magically spun his spirit powered katana on his finger tips and easily deflected the attack. As the smoke cleared Nighthunter faded into view blasting at will! Jackson Salter’s appeared into existence behind the master ninja charging a magical arrow.
     “If you ever shot true Emerald Dawn let it be now!” the Blade Caster softly stressed to his green glowing bow, arrow, and samurai armor combination. Like a detonating light bomb Jackson’s armor blazed into a brilliant energy pulse and fired his super charged missile. Nighthunter blasted heavy cover fire to keep their adversary defending. By the time Honiko Umari realized what was happening and how powerful his opponent’s attack was Jackson’s light arrow slammed against his spinning soul cutter shield and detonated like a cruse missile! The massive explosion was so powerful that it shredded three trees and destroyed a park bench not to mention blew a ten foot creator where Umari was originally standing. In the mist of the smoke, dust, and fiery coals the Dark Samurai crawled toward his magical weapon which was laying a few feet just out of his reach. Smoke streamed from Jackson’s arrow that was lodged fast in his left shoulder.  Nighthunter readied his machines gun by quickly changing his weapon’s clips.
     “Nighthunter!” Jackson Salter’s called from behind him. The Master Ninja turned to see his mage warrior comrade transform from a magic powered emerald samurai warrior back into a highly skilled sky bordering champion dressed in a black leather flight jacket, gens, and boots to match. His long bow too faded and vanished from his hand.
     “I hit him with everything I had.” Jackson said falling to one knee. It was obvious to Nighthunter that his ally had used up his magic for now. He switched his visor to x ray mode. There he was! The dark warrior lying on the ground with Jackson’s arrow lodged in his shoulder! The samurai then grabbed his katana and vanished in a flash of light.
     “He teleported!” Nighthunter yelled to his comrade.
     “Good thing because my battery’s dead.” Jackson expressed.
     “Let’s get out of here before someone else shows up.”  Nighthunter urged to the Blade Caster as he rushed to his side to help him up.

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