Monday, July 15, 2013

My Fitness Journey Day 37 Max Interval Plyo

Hey everyone, just a quick update of my fitness routine. I don't blog everyday, as a matter of fact I'm really horrible with updating my blog. If you follow me here, feel free to follow me on Facebook. I'm most active there and always posting when I complete my workouts.

I started Insanity June 6th and what can I say. I love it! Overall my endurance has really improved and I'm looking forward to my workouts. I lost ten pounds during the first month, and that was totally unexpected. My clothes are fitting different too and I see physical changes in the mirror which motivates and inspire me to keep moving forward. I'm addicted. There were a few days when I procrastinated, but I pushed myself to move forward. Everyday is an achievement and I want this to be a permanent lifestyle change.

My back is sore and so are my obliques. The workouts are definitely longer and more challenging. For anyone looking to do this workout, remember to stick with the form and not worry about keeping up with the people on the dvd. Do what you can do and you'll gradually pick up speed.

On Day 36 I was dreading starting the second month of Max Interval training and wishing I could go back to month one. I made it through the workout without a problem, but seriously this tests your endurance. Damn! I thought month one was challenging. Hah!!!

In later posts I'll show my results for all three fitness tests. I'm even scouting for the next workout program once I've completed Insanity. I was thinking about doing a second round of the program or doing Chalean Extreme of even P90X. P90X looks like a great program too and I definitely need a routine to help me through the seasonal changes. Remember, for me that's usually when I become a slacker with exercising. So that's a goal within itself.

Have an awesome day!

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