Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Denying Bjorn/Claiming Julia Available in Print

Claiming Julia Dragon shifter, Angus McNamara craves Julia with everything he has and seeks to consume the ebony beauty in more ways than one. His biggest challenge is bringing her to terms with what she is while claiming her as his Fire Mate, the way a true Connricualen Dragon should. However, Julia Jones has other plans. Or so she thinks… Denying Bjorn Bjorn has led a lonely existence as a Protector, but now he's forced to take a long hard look at his life. As their relationship develops, Lydia continues to deny Bjorn the truth. Between her meddlesome cousin and a threat from her past, she realizes the odds are against her and the skeletons in her closet could cost she and Bjorn the happiness they've been waiting all their lives for.


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