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Author Interview with Shyla Colt

CK: Please welcome author Shyla Colt. Shyla’s books are simply fantastic and I can’t wait to read more of her work.

SC: I just wanted to say thank you to Charisma for having me over.  :) 

CK:  You’re welcome sweetie, anytime! Where did you submit your first story? Let’s talk about it!

SC:  Luck was on my side when I submitted my very first piece. I did some research and decided Evernight Publishing was the best fit for my paranormal adventure featuring angels and demons. They’ve been a big bag of wonderful, and I am grateful to be with them.

CK: Ah, that would be Don't Fear the Reaper. Here's the book cover and purchase link.

CK:  Talk to me about What The Heart Knows. That is a favorite of mine. I've read it twice since I purchased it. How did this particular story come to you?

SC:  I could see the character in my head, clearly. Oliver was a lanky, white-blond haired widower still hurting from the loss of his high school sweetheart turned wife a few years prior. When he walks into a tiny café he comes face to face with a new chance at love. It sounds almost sweet, but then my mind, being the twisted place it is, had to put a paranormal spin on it, lol.

CK:  From one twisted mind to another, there’s nothing wrong with twisted. I love the paranormal!!   ; )  What The Heart Knows intrigues me. What characters did you identify with the most? I’m trying hard not to include any spoilers in this interview. I’m curious to know which character other readers identified with and why. It would be nice if you could do a chat for this story in one of the book club groups on Facebook.

SC:  Wow… Oliver. Maybe because I’ve known loss that cuts you soul deep, and that struggle to pick yourself up, and keep putting one foot in front of the other until you actually feel human again.

CK:  It is a great struggling dealing with the loss of a loved one and the healing process takes time. We all mourn in our own way. Poor Oliver mourned for two years until he was finally able to move on. I loved how you put this story together. What is your newest release?

SC:  The Unveiling is my latest. It’s a Sci-fi romance with adventure, star crossed lovers, and genetically altered humans. It explores the question, What would you do if the one who caused years of heart ache is the one person you’re meant to be with forever, and the savior of your people? Could you forgive or would the hurt sour you?  It’s the sequel to The Wanting, and I actually have a trailer…

CK:  Very nice trailer. I have both books, and I'll be reading them soon. Let’s talk about your upcoming release!

SC:  I have a book releasing March 15th called, Vixen Healed. It’s the second in my Vintage Vixen series, and I’m very excited, because it’s my first Romantic Suspense! This is actually the first time I’ve spoken about it, so here’s a sneak peak at my blurb.

CK:  Awesome, here is the cover for Vixen Claimed which is currently out on all publishing platforms. Now is the time to check this read out before Vixen Healed hits the presses folks. 

Blurb: Vixen Healed
Eight years ago Claire’s’ life was shattered when her fiancée lost his life in a robbery protecting her. She’s picked up all the pieces and moved forward when the past returns. One of the robbers has been caught and she’s needed to testify. The feisty roller derby girl agrees with no qualms, but the murders’ partner has plans to silence her for good. She turns to Detective Kelly Quinn to keep her out of harm’s way. The attraction between them gives protective custody a whole new meaning.
Kelly never forgot Claire. He promised her once he’d see the murderous savaged brought to justice and he’s a man of his word. Feelings of protectiveness become passion, and the possibility of the one thing he’s sworn off, love. Can they come together to heal the hurts of the past and carve out a future filled with happiness?

CK:  Okay, another book of yours to add to my TBR pile. That sounds very interesting, thank you for sharing. What are your future goals? 

SC:  I’d like to put out longer books, see some of my babies in a bookstore, and attend a convention to CK:  That would be great to see a fellow author’s books on the shelves at Target or Walmart. One day that will definitely happen Shyla. What are your hobbies?

SC:  It sounds cliché, but I honestly do love to read. I also like to travel and listen to music.

CK:  How do you unwind?

SC:  Watch movies/shows, listen to music, and hang out with my family.

CK:  Do you mold your characters strictly from imagination or from those you cross paths with in everyday life?

SC:  Hmm, I think a little bit of both. Sometimes a character comes to me as is, and other times real life sparks a concept.

CK:  Do you allow your muse to take total control, or do you create an outline before writing? 

SC:  Funny story… my bestie and I have coined a phrase for the phenomenon of my muse taking the reins, Characters gone Rogue.  I used to be a planner, but I’ve found the best way to go now is to go in with a loose outline, usually in my head, and let the characters show me what’s going to happen. When I write I think of the book as a movie. So I go scene by scene vs. chapter by chapter.

CK:  What methods of research do you utilize? I know, I know! The internet is available, but do you scour the library as well? LOL

SC:  I love research. Even before professional writing my friends called me the “Queen of Research” so I dig deep. Internet, sometimes the library, but more than not I purchase the book, being a stay at home Mom it’s easier for me to buy it and read it on my Nook on my own time usually.

CK:  Inquiring minds what to know, where can you be found on the internet?

SC:  Haha If I told you that, I’d have to kill you…  seriously though, I’m always popping into the Evernight Reader’s group, my blog, Facebook, and Pandora, along with a bunch of random other places.. Oh Cant’ forget pinterest, love that place.

CK:  Lmao! Oh yeah, Pinterest is great. What advice would you like to pass on to aspiring authors?

SC:  Never give up. Write, Write, write, share with someone you trust, improve, and submit.

CK: Shyla, I couldn’t agree with you more.

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