Sunday, May 22, 2011

Past the Novella Stage

I haven't really blogged about my writing in quite some time but feel compelled to share my thoughts with whoever has been checking my blog out. I've been writing for a little over two years now and had the pleasure of having my first book published a little over a year and a half ago.

Since then I've criticized myself for trying to put out several books per month. Back in 2009 my schedule didn't really permit this. Currently, I can't even crank out one book per month and have decided on writing lengthier books. I enjoy writing and want fans of my work to thoroughly enjoy what I'm submitting to my publishers so I've been taking my time.

 The thing is, I've had so many ideas come to mind that it was so overwhelming for me and I just needed to take a break. Actually I think i've overloaded myself. My muse took off for the longest time and I was unable to maintain that needed flow when writing.

Well, I've just started writing again and I now know what I must do. Grammy of The Paranormal Romance Guild suggested that I write longer stories. Now mind you, I've thought about this quite some time ago but was always very eager to have my shorter stories published first. Unfortunately the ideas have been so vast, and cramming these thoughts into a short novella has taken from my characters and sometimes even the plot, so has juggling three or more WIPs at the same time.

I'm very happy about this decision and eagerly awaiting the completion of The Beast Within trilogy.


Catrina M said...

I recently just finished your book "The Beast Within" and I found myself searching Amazon looking for the next book continuing the story of Diana and Julian. I really loved your book and was pleasantly surprise to see that you will be continuing their story.

Thank you for the late night reading!

Charisma Knight said...

Hi Catrina, thank you so much. I'm very glad you enjoyed. Yes, Dark Hearts is a continuation of Diana and Julian's story. You will find there is much more action and suspense in this one. I'm working on the third and final book that will shed some light on the Ancients and their true origins.