Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sequel to The Beast Within ~ Coming Soon

For those of you who enjoyed The Beast Within, I must tell you, the sequel has been submitted to Sugar and Spice Press this past weekend! It's titled Dark Hearts of Charm City. For those of you who don't know, Charm City is Baltimore. Home of The Ravens, and Edgar Allen Poe! 
The Beast Within

As you know, this is a three part series, and I think you will enjoy this. The first installment was a little light with lots of erotic details.   ; ) The second installment is somewhat dark, and laced with some humor. There's a new character in town, and his name is Michael Vitello! I would tell you a little more about this vampire elder, but I fear I'll give away the plot of the original story. 

This title will be released somewhere around mid January! I can't wait!! Gee, I wonder what the book cover will look like? Of course, the same faces you see above will grace the cover, and maybe the background setting in Fells Point or the Inner Harbor. What do you think?

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