Thursday, December 9, 2010

DO THE HOP ~ Author Blog Hop

Hey folks, I couldn't help but participate in Sassy Brit's second "Meet and Greet" Author Blog Hop! Readers, this is a fun way of discovering new authors. Fellow authors, what an awesome opportunity to learn more about one another, plus add a few more books to the old TBR pile from hell! Ha Ha!!

So--What are you waiting for? DO THE HOP! C'mon and join us!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Charisma!

I'm visiting from the blog hop over at !

It's early days, but the more authors who join in, the more word will spread. So thanks for joining in. :)

Your book Dark Hearts of Charm City sounds like a fun read. Good luck with it!

I'm a follower ;)

Please hop on over and say hi, on my blog, too.



Savannah Chase said...

I think the blog hop is a great idea...You get to find out about new places...

I'm here via the blog hop...

Serenity King said...

Hey, Lady!

Here via the blog hop. This is fun, Lol.

Charisma Knight said...

Hey ladies, glad you could stop by. This blog hop is fun! Nice to get to know new people and discover new books!