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Release Day Contest~Spiritwalker~

Hello everyone, totally charged about this story because it evolved from 1,000 words to over 30,000 words. This was once a free read on the Long and Short Reviews/WC site. I wrote this story specifically for a free read, and something told me I should have chosen something else, but I didn't listen. 
You see, LASR/WC requires their free reads to be 1,000. My story was about 1,500 words. Also, I would have had to submit five more times to get the entire story in front of readers. So, Marianne, Judy, and myself decided that it would be best for them to return my rights to me so I could expand upon it. Don't get me wrong, the reader panel loved the short version of this story, but there was just simply too much to tell in 1,000 words. I'm also very happy that the ladies have asked me to keep them posted about this novella. 
Anyway, I'm holding a contest for this story too. The prizes will be a free copy of Spiritwalker, a trinket from Silpada, sterling silver jewelry, and a bath and body work product from Mary Kay. 
Simply respond to this post and your name will be entered in The Random Picker. I'm sure I'll offer a consultation prize as well because everyone has been fabulous and supportive. I appreciate the emails from readers, and authors alike. Thank you all! Don't worry, I do plan to hold more contests in the future, too!  ; )
Now, I hope you enjoy the blurb and excerpt:
* * *
Things can’t get much better for Vivian Patterson at the ripe old age of thirty-eight. She’s got an excellent job, looks that kill, and a smokin’ hot bod. Oh, she also has a loving, faithful boyfriend who sends her blood pressure skyrocketing through the roof. She couldn’t ask for anything more, right? 
Magnus Abernethy, Vivian’s boyfriend is all any woman could ever want in a man. He is handsome as hell, has an adorable personality, and willing to go that extra mile to please his woman. Magnus is the total package. There is just one problem with this relationship. Magnus is a spirit, trapped within another realm…. 

This situation was never a problem for Vivian, but she discovers as time moves on, she craves him to be flesh and blood, forever, not just for an entire evening. 

Can Vivian and Magnus overcome a witch’s cruel curse, and carry on through life, the way it was intended, or will the menacing dark force from their past threaten any happiness that may be in the stars for them?
Vivian Patterson slammed her hand down on the alarm clock as it rudely interrupted her sleep. Moaning, she clung to the goose down pillow and opened an eye. Six o'clock. How many times had she hit the snooze button?
“No friggin way!” Silent curses slipped from her lips as she rolled over onto her back and stared at the ceiling for a few moments. As soon as her head hit the pillow, it seemed like it was time to roll up out of bed the next morning. Of course, if she hadn't gotten lost within Magnus' emerald eyes, she would have gone to bed at a proper time. A smile formed on her lips as she recalled last night's tryst with her spirit walker, her soul mate.
Vivian clamped her thighs together, and her pussy tightened as she closed her eyes, imagining Magnus still lay beside her, exploring her voluptuous curves. The man was pure sex in a box. She just wished he could maintain his solid form for longer periods of time while within her realm. Quite often, his long stays would zap him of his energy, and he would need to stay within his own realm to replenish himself.
“Come on, Vivian—get your ass up, girl!” She rose and sat on the side of the bed, looking at her scarlet red toenail polish. She wiggled her toes, enjoying the feeling of the plush light brown carpeting. Vivian yawned and stretched. Her body ached, in a good way. She was still wet from her own arousal and Magnus' seed. “Damn, you still have the same effect on me, you hot-ass Scotsman!” Vivian shuddered as she remembered the large, callused hands of her lover roaming her body.
Sighing, she rose to her feet and hurried into the bathroom. She now had an hour and a half to arrive at the office. She needed to focus on the task at hand—working out of the home would enable her to have more “me” time and see more of Magnus. 
She laughed aloud at the memory of the day he appeared while she was in a training session. Her boss had asked why she had become so fidgety.
After adjusting the water to the right temperature, she stepped into the shower and adjusted the spout, allowing the water to massage away the kinks.
Today was the day she would interview for her new role at work. The change was such a welcome one, as she had spent too many years as a project manager. The new position guaranteed that she would work from home every day and would seldom have to journey into the office. On rare occasions, she'd have to attend meetings once every few months. 
A surge of energy coursed through her body as she turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.
With the towel draped around her body, she ran out to the kitchen to brew her favorite blend of caramel macchiato and hazelnut coffee, then ventured into her bedroom to pick out a few clothes while keeping her eye on the clock. Her choice of dress was a powder blue tank dress and a white bolero jacket. Her white wedge shoes would set the outfit off perfectly.
Before getting dressed, she remained in the towel and seated herself at the vanity. For thirty-eight years of age, she was damn pleased with her looks. A few platinum streaks adorned her hair. Her skin was firm and showed no signs of aging. The beauty mark next to her left eye made her feel unique, and Magnus loved it. There was nothing about her he didn't love. He'd spend hours exploring her curves and touching the small dimple in her chin.
Since she hadn't had a chance to roll her hair the evening before, she decided she'd pin it up in a bun, leaving a few loose hairs to fall on her shoulders. She swore she'd never utilize another curling iron again. The damn thing nearly ruined her hair.
She hummed a tune Magnus had sung to her one evening while they lay together, talking about the simple pleasures life had to offer. After applying mascara and eyeliner, she dressed.
“Damn, you look good, even if you do say so yourself!” Vivian giggled at herself. Although not conceited, she was quite happy with everything she possessed, including her looks. Grabbing her purse, she floated out into the kitchen, poured her morning concoction into a large silver coffee cup and popped two frozen chocolate chip pancakes into the toaster.
She opened the blinds of the kitchen, allowing the beautiful sunshine to seep in. Reveling in the warmth of it splashing across her face, she closed her eyes and sighed, until she felt a hand on her shoulder. Gasping, she spun around and was immediately drawn into two gorgeous emerald pools.
“Damn you, Magnus!” Vivian held her hand to her chest, then swatted Magnus on the arm. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?” Vivian placed a hand on her hip and batted her long eyelashes at the handsome Scotsman. 
Her breath deserted her as she observed him in all his glory. The man was at least six foot two. Possessing a large frame, his chiseled muscles made Vivian's blood pressure skyrocket. His long, thick strawberry-blond hair was parted down the middle and hung to his waist. She recalled how, the night before, she'd fisted her hands in the strawberry-blond mass while he lingered for what seemed like hours between her thighs.
Magnus' face appeared to be carved from stone. His hardened features rocked her world every time they met. His squared jaw sprouted bristles of hair, and she loved to finger the deep cleft within his chin. 
She observed how his jaw muscles twitched; he was just as aroused as she was. She could tell because the twitching increased. If it weren't for work, she'd bed him down in a heartbeat. She smiled as she observed how fine lines etched themselves across his handsome, manly features. In bed, she often found herself tracing those lines around his eyes.
“Nay, me love.” Magnus bent down and planted a kiss on her lips. When he straightened, Vivian released a high-pitched laugh. Magnus arched a brow and folded his arms. “What amuses ye now?”
“Honey, I'm sorry, but— Here, wipe your lips. You have my lipstick on them.” Vivian doubled over at the expression etched on her lover‚Äüs face. His forehead wrinkled, and the dazed and confused look he sported was priceless.
“Ah, wait till ye return from work. I shall make ye pay for this. Then again, I should be used to yer jests.” A smile formed on his lips and he pulled Vivian close to him, planting fiery kisses along the column of her neck. Vivian groaned as she leaned into Magnus' strong, muscular physique.
“Tell me what you plan to do to me.” Her lips parted, and she gently raked her nails across the flesh of his chiseled biceps. “Oh Magnus, please don't—stop.”
“I shall put ye across me knee and give ye a spanking ye—so deserve.” Vivian giggled. She had spent years working with Magnus on his speech, sometimes in vain, she thought. Entrapped within the thirteenth-century time frame, his realm held control even over his speech. Even so, he still possessed that thick, intriguing accent that sent her blood pressure skyrocketing.
“Promises, promises.” She wrapped her arms around his large frame and buried her face into his chest. “I love you so much. I have to go—off to the rat races now.
“Aye, ye best be goin' now. Off wit ye! I just wish ye luck once more.” Magnus bent down one last time, giving her a peck on the forehead. His scent mixed within her nostrils, and Vivian gritted her teeth as she glanced at the clock. Would there be time for a quickie? No, she couldn't risk it. There were never any quickies with her and Magnus. She would wind up missing the entire day of work. Quickly she dismissed the thought and focused on her job.
“Thank you. I can't believe today is only Wednesday. I wish it were Friday, but hopefully by Monday I'll be working from home. Okay, baby, I have to run. I wish we could hop in the bed, and didn't have a care in the world.”
Wishful thinking.” Vivian's heart melted when Magnus flashed her a warm, lusty smile. Moisture formed between her legs when he slipped an index finger beneath her chin and tilted her head up to look into his eyes. “Have a beautiful day. I be missin' ye already, love.” He leaned down and kissed her, his tongue parting her lips and dancing with hers. Her nipples tingled and she groaned as his hands traveled south, exploring her firm ass.
“You'd better stop, now!” Vivian broke the connection and grabbed her purse and coffee with Magnus at her heels. They journeyed from the kitchen and into the large living room.
“May I ride with ye?” Stopping at the front door, Vivian held up her hand in an effort to slow Magnus' roll.
“Whoa, big boy!” She chuckled as she recalled a not too distant memory. “I have a thirty-five minute commute that involves me sitting in traffic. Do you remember the reaction of the couple in the car next to us when you played with my pussy?”
A smile curved Magnus' lips, and he folded his arms. “An', ye point?” He grinned as he dodged a swat from Vivian.
“No, Magnus, you can't travel with me. People think I'm crazy whenever you're around me, seriously.”
“Well, just stick that little blue thing in yer ear, lass, act like yer talking on that berryblack thing.”
“That's BlackBerry, silly ass!” Vivian laughed as she swung the purse over her shoulder. “Baby, I love you, but I've got to go.” They kissed again, and Vivian bolted out the door, leaving Magnus alone in the cozy two-bedroom apartment.
Magnus sighed and sat on the cocoa-colored sofa. Already, he was missing his soul mate. His love for her was as strong as the day he'd first laid eyes on her. 
His heart still beat hard against his chest just from touching her. She was so perfect. Magnus' mouth watered as he imagined his pale hands exploring smooth cinnamon-colored skin, setting his heart on fire as well as his libido. Her smoky brown eyes held him in rapt attention whenever she was close. Vivian was bewitching, and when she wasn't around, it felt as though his heart were breaking into a million pieces.
Leaning back onto the sofa, Magnus closed his eyes, imagining Vivian naked. What he wanted now was to gently bite the chocolate-dipped peaks of her luscious full breasts. He loved it when they stood at attention, begging to be licked and sucked. Vivian's moans always started out low and soft, then increased as he slowly devoured the sensual Nubian goddess. Her body was firm and curvy, not hard, and her thighs... 
Unknowingly, a groan slipped past his lips as he imagined those voluptuous brown thighs wrapped around his waist. He had to dismiss the image in his mind, or he'd be spent, and would not have much energy when she returned.
Magnus' mind drifted to a dreaded thought. There was so much he had explained to her over the years about their past lives. However, there was just one minor detail he chose not to share with her. Fear struck him as a thought of what could happen flashed in his head. There was a chance she'd never forgive him for the act he'd committed against her centuries ago in Scotland.
* * *
Available now at Sugar and Spice Press 

Looking forward to chatting with you all!



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Oooo, sounds interesting! Can't believe I'm the first person to comment!

I would like to win the prize! :)

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this sounds really good....i'm glad you were able to expand on your story! congrats! :)

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Charisma Knight said...

Hey ladies. Thanks for responding. Here's the deal, you both are winners. Also, another lady, yadkny of hea reviews is a winner. All three participants will receive something from Mary Kay and silpada. Now, I can only give out one copy of each book, so I will decide on that myself without the use of random picker. I'm surprised a lot of folks did not respond. Oh well. Please email your home addresses. Now the silpada jewelry will take a few weeks. Ttyl ladies.