Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wolf's Obsession Now Available at All Romance Ebooks

My three part story, Wolf's Obsession is now available at All Romance Ebooks. These books are free reads and were written last year for Night Owl Romance. 

My hero, Thorne Cloudfeather is the leader of The Black Claws who senses his mate from his home in New Orleans. Starr is thousands of miles away in Charm City, so once he senses her, there is no stopping him. Unfortunately, my alpha leader does neglect his duties to his clan in Part 2. In Part 3, Thorne learns a valuable lesson regarding self-sacrifice and forgiveness. 

Sometimes life throws us in a position where we feel helpless, rendering us into a state in which we succumb to strong emotions such as anger. Have you ever been so mad, to the point where you literally see red? If so, did you let that emotion lead you to damnation, or did you calm yourself and regain a hold on those emotions? 

 With every action, there is a reaction that may affect others in a negative way. Sometimes, that reaction can cause you to lose those closest to you, forever. This is a lesson Thorne learns in part 3. My hero is strong, but he does lose his way in Part 2. No one is perfect. 

I hope you enjoy this free read. 

Wolf's Obsession

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