Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~ Spotlight on Author R.G. Porter ~

CK: Hello folks. Please welcome another fellow Eirelander author, R.G. Porter! R.G., when did you launch your writing career?

RG: I have always loved to write but didn't really think to try and write a full fledged novel till 2005. That adventure resulted in my first book released Shadow of the Wolf.
CK: Where do you come up with some of those fantastic creatures you create?

RG: Anything and everything can help to create those. I love myths and lore from all over. Celtic is what I'm drawn to most but Norse and Egyptian are also large influences in my creative process.

CK: I love Norse and Egyptian too. Where did you submit your first story?

RG: Shadow of the Wolf (Darkness Unleashed Book 1) was first released through Wild Rose Press but has since been revamped and re-released through Tease Publishing.

CK: That sounds like an interesting read R.G. Please tell us how you fit writing into your busy schedule?

RG: That's extremely tricky. Working full-time and raising a family makes my schedule very hectic. Lately I've made sure to make time at least every other night to write. So long as I can plug my ears into my headphones I can concentrate.

CK: Many of us can relate with you on working full-time. What are the pros and cons of being a published author?

RG: Pro would be knowing that the adventures I write are being enjoyed by others. It's the best thing in the world when you know that for just a small bit of time someone else is enjoying the worlds I create. Its amazing. Con would be that I always want to get more done and make the next one better than the last. It's a desire to produce the highest quality work while maintaining ones unique view and voice. Not always easy.

CK: Please, tell us about your most recent project.

RG: Currently I've begun an entire new series that I am beyond excited about. The series is called Veil Rift and the first book is titled Desert Ice. It's unlike anything I've written in the past and has such possibilities. I'd come up with the idea mid last year and started to work out the specifics of it. What I can tell you is that it involves the human realm and one that resides just past a veil within our world. Those from beyond the Veil are upset with the humans because we are destroying our world which is bleeding over into theirs. A few cross over and have plans to make our kind extinct by unleashing catastrophic natural disasters.

First draft is nearly halfway done and I can say so far I adore this series so far. Unfortunately I think Mother Nature has been reading from my notes as of late.

CK: Wow, reading about those residing behind the Veil being upset with humans because we are destroying the world just sent chills over me. We have definitely destroyed this planet R.G. Sad to say, but Mother Earth will never be the same again. I’m eager for you to share one of your interesting stories with us.

RG: Shades of Night (Demon's Gate Book 1) is one of my most recent releases. It involves a conspiracy in the world of vampires who wish to plunge the world into eternal darkness and make humans no longer the dominant species. There are hunters, Fae, undead and many twists and turns in this series. Krystoff is the vampire hunter who finds he is the guardian of Alexandria who is half human and half fae. As they develop their bond the extent of the conspiracy unfolds.

CK: Whew, sounds like an exciting read that I MUST check out! Where do you see yourself two years from now?

RG: That I will have won the Lotto! Kidding kidding. I am hoping that I will have the fourth book ready in my Darkness Unleashed series written as well as the second book in my Dragon's Legacy trilogy. If I'm really lucky I will have also found a good home for Desert Ice and begun work on Night's Fire (the second book in the Demon's Gate series). Also keeping fingers crossed that an Agent will snatch me up. :)

CK: Ha ha, I have those Lotto fantasies too! I can picture you as New York best selling author. Continue with your writing, and it will happen. The Darkness Unleashed series and Dragon’s Legacy Trilogy are excellent platforms you have created. I’m sure an agent will pick you up in a heart beat. ; )

What are your hobbies R.G.?

RG: Reading, music and watching movies are on the top of my list. Past that watching thunderstorms when they roll in.

CK: How do you unwind?

RG: I daydream about what I'm writing. It helps me calm my mind unlike anything else. If I'm really lucky there will be a storm going on outside and I will be relaxed in no time.

CK: Do you mold your characters strictly from imagination or from those you cross paths with in everyday life?

RG: It depends on the character. Some of them come about entirely as the story progresses, others I may use things I see on a day to day basis. It's all dependant on the storyline and how its unfolding. I'm always watching everything around me, making mental notes of things that might be helpful down the line.

CK: What are your favorite paranormal creatures? I know this is a toughie, but please pick two.

RG: That's a tough question. I love the idea of the Fae in the sense of a species that although magical are attuned to nature. I also adore shape-shifters. Not in the sense of werewolves but those with the ability to shift into anything. It is what drew me to writing the Darkness Unleashed series. To attune to an animal and be part of that world is very appealing.

CK: Wow, I’m intrigued R.G. You are a very talented author. Please tell us where you be found on the internet?

RG: I can be found in a few places. Website:

Twitter: @AuthorRGPorter


Facebook: search for

CK: Wonderful! R.G., thank you so much for sharing your talents with us today. I’m glad we had this opportunity to share your stories with our readers.


Sandy said...

R.G. and C.K., what a great interview. Great questions, Charisma.

R.G., I like the concept of your story of humans being punished by the ones behind the veil for ruining our planet. We certainly deserve to be punished for what we're doing. All of your stories sound great.

Charisma Knight said...

Thanks Sandy.

Yes, I love that concept R.G. created. Seriously makes you think, doesn't it? Remember in The Day the Earth Stood Still , the remake with Keanu Reeves?? Yeah, truly awesome.