Thursday, October 22, 2009

"New Book Cover and Title Change"

I'm proud to present my book cover from my contracted story, formally known as "My Heart Still Beats Your Name." The story is now called "Soul Seduction," from Eirelander Publishing. The original long winded title simply cluttered the book cover to no end. "Soul Seduction" is absolutely perfect, considering Veronique and Angelus are soul mates from Eighteenth Century New Orleans. Aren't they a beautiful couple?
I would like to give kudos to a wonderful graphic arts designer and fellow Eirelander author, Rae Lori. Rae, you've done an awesome job girl, I love this cover.

I'm still tackling edits, and it is totally different from writing. Lee, my editor is taking it easy on me. She promises once I learn the basics of editing, things will move smoothly going forward.

Excerpt of Soul Seduction:

Patience is a virtue—especially if you’re waiting for your soul mate’s rebirth.

Vampire Angelus Cronen loved, lusted for and inevitably lost his true soul mate over two centuries ago. She was the beautiful slave, Vivienne, who set his body on fire and branded her name on his soul. He was told to have patience during the long years that separated him from her resurrection. His lust only grew to have her in his arms again. His dark soul's deepest desire was to bring her spirit once more under his control.

First he has to conquer the dark side of his spirit, the beast within who can and will destroy his soul mate with the least provocation.

Seduction can lead him to a love meant to last an eternity or cause him to murder her.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Contract and other Tidbits

Last night, upon checking my email, I discovered Sugar and Spice Press offered me a contract for my story, "Her Dark Desires." It hasn't even been a full month since I completed and sent the manuscript to them. I'm happy they enjoyed my story and looking forward to becoming multi published.

The title to my story from Eirelander Publishing has been changed from "My Heart Still Beats Your Name" to "Soul Seduction." The title was too long, and quite a challenge to fit on the book cover! Soul Seduction is a good fit, since my hero is a vampire and the heroine is a reincarnation of his soul mate from 18th Century New Orleans.

We are in the process of editing this story, and I must say it is kicking me in the butt! I've stepped away from my computer so many times this morning; I'm discovering I'm on my fifth cup of coffee. Anyway, this will be quite a learning experience for me. I just need to take a deep breath, clear my mind, and continue pursuing my dream. ; )

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This Path of Life

Have you ever become so caught up in life, trying to achieve so much that you suddenly take for granted the things you already have? Walking down the path of life, do you ever stop and turn around, remembering where you were in life three or four years ago?

Do you complain because you feel as though things aren't happening fast enough for you, even though you are putting your heart and soul into whatever it is you seek to accomplish?

I'm the first to admit, I sometimes take for granted accomplishments I've made so far in this life while striving to achieve more. I need to remember to stop and be thankful for what I already have such as my health, my job, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food upon my table.

My children, I never take them for granted. I thank God for them every moment I'm with them and the fact that they are healthy. Honestly, I don't know what I would be doing if I had no children. I probably would be running around somewhere getting into so much trouble. ; )

Anyway, I just needed to post this. I'm blessed and thankful for all that I have in life.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Excerpt of Wolf's Obsession

The man with the dangerous eyes mesmerized her. Starr noticed him moments before stepping upon the stage, although she pretended not to. She loved dancing, but put on an especially seductive show for him, since he had paid her a visit the evening before. She tried her best to break free from her customers; the couple she entertained often. They continued buying drinks, eventually buying her out for the evening, unfortunately. She observed his tense facial features as the awesome stranger waited for her in vain until the bar closed. She could have sworn the handsome man was angry, however, something inside her knew he would return for her.

He spoke to her with his eyes, searching, controlling. From what she could see, he wore a black short-sleeved shirt, and possessed expensive tribal tattoos with a wolf’s head on a medicine shield around his bicep. His features were sharp, exquisite, as though chiseled from marble. His high cheekbones and hooked nose proudly announced his Native American heritage. He was completely bald and clean-shaven, with the exception of a small patch of hair along the cleft of his chin. His ears and nose were pierced with small golden hoops, and his large fingers sported gold bands, displaying exquisite tribal designs.

Wolf's Obsession will be available in Mid to Late October 2009 as a Free Read From Night Owl Romance.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Still of the Night

He takes my nipples between his fingers and thumbs, squeezing gently at first, then a bit harder. Pushing the silk material apart arranging it so it falls loosely over my breasts, he gently pulls my hair. My belly button, nipples, and neatly shaven cunt are exposed to his view, making him hard as steel, especially since it is his black shirt I'm wearing. This makes him feel as though I'm totally his.

"Will you allow me to blindfold you love?" His eyes are dark, questioning, then they harden as his hand glides over my neck, down to my breasts again, over my stomach, and down further....I ache with intense need, as moisture pools between my thighs. "Do you trust me?" he asks, backing me against the wall, pinning me there as he massages my clit, then he sticks a finger into my creamy pussy. Moonlight filters in through the Venetian blinds, allowing me to see his incisors elongate, and his eyes appear to glow...Fuck, he is hard, so hard for me......

My New Website

Hello Folks,

I have just completed a new website, feel free to stop by and sign my guestbook, read an excerpt of Wolf's Obsession or hang out with me at my forum. Yes, I'm like a little kid with a new toy now. ; )