Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coming Soon~~Menage Unchained~~

I'm currently working on edits for this story that should be released some time this month from Beautiful Trouble Publishing.  I'm excited about this because it's my first menage.  ; ) My heroine, Siobhan is a spicy hot, independent woman who has paved a way for herself as a business owner.  Below is a short blurb.  Cover art was created by Les Byerly! As soon as I can I'll post an excerpt! Hope you'll enjoy!

* * *

Friends Steve Guidotti and Jerry Frigaard know that anything worth having is worth fighting for. In an effort to win back their old flame, Siobhan they use the skills that made them the successful businessmen they were and concocted a plan.  While they both enjoy Siobhan’s spice, one man is madly in love with her.   Of course, he won’t admit it.
Siobhan Anderson knows what she wants in life, in business…and in bed.  In life she wants happiness.  In business, she wants to be the boss.  In bed, she wants it all.  Having not one, but two alpha males sharing her bed, Siobhan had more than she needed but she had fun…and she had the love marks to prove it. 

Or she had…until she’d kicked both men out of her bed.  Though it’d been the right thing to do, she reluctantly admitted (to herself) that she missed Jerry and Steve.  No one had ever rocked her body like those two.  Accepting their apologies and them back in her life, she soon discovers that not only are they rocking her world,  one of them has obtained a little piece of her heart as well.   

Can Siobhan continue to withhold her true feelings or will she accept them, and choose the man who holds the key to her heart?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Release~Alone~

I'm so excited to announce that Alone is available from Silver Publishing's 25 Days of Christmas! Wahooo! It's also available on All Romance Ebooks. They don't play around, do they?? I hope you enjoy!
After experiencing a traumatic childhood, Darcelle Campbell carries scars that never healed into her adult life. Her guardian angel is placed on earth to prevent her from suffering a tragic event on Christmas Eve.

However, Jack can only do so much. It is Darcelle who must change for the better to ensure the dark event never occurs. In addition to this, she must open her heart to Harley, or lose everything.

Will she tear down the walls she's worked so hard to construct over the years, and allow herself to experience love from a man who strives to stay by her side no matter what, or will she forfeit it all, and succumb to the tragic event foretold by Jack?
* * *
Darcelle Campbell slipped out of Harley's grasp as she struggled to free herself from the impeding emotions bombarding her. Once again, he'd gotten too close for comfort. Their on again, off again relationship was based strictly upon her terms, ever since she was nineteen years old. Now, in their thirties, she knew he sought more from her, possibly even marriage.

Sighing, she sat up in bed, clutching the comforter close to her naked body. Darcelle observed the sleeping blond man. They'd known one another since she was fourteen. Back then, he'd just moved to Maryland from West Virginia, looking for construction work. Her stepfather, Jackson Wagner had taken the young man under his wing, teaching him all there was to know about the construction business.

Sunlight slipped through the Venetian blinds and kissed the curly golden mass framing his strong masculine features. He was so handsome. All a woman could ever want in a man. Other admirable qualities included; his kindness, generosity, thoughtfulness, and consideration. Why couldn't she be the same?

Darcelle tweaked her black razor cut shoulder length hair and turned to look in the mirror on the door of her closet, beside the bed. She frowned as she studied her reflection. To him, she was a goddess, but in her own eyes she was plain at best. She knew he adored her flawless mocha skin, chocolate brown eyes, and other exotic features. Her oval shaped face and high cheek bones were a gift from her great-grandmother, who was half Black Foot Indian and African American. She continued staring at her reflection while tracing the outline of her full pouty lips, as Harley usually did when he gazed lovingly into her eyes.

He stirred. His green eyes fluttered open, and a smile formed on his face.

"Good morning, beautiful," he said softly, reaching up to caress her chin with a strong hand. "What a beautiful sight to wake up to." He propped himself up with an elbow. "Wish this could happen every day."

"Good morning, Harley," she said with a smile. Already, she knew where this conversation was going. She bent down, allowing her lips to brush his, almost giving into the strong pull of love, and basking in the fluttering of her heart. Instantly, she pulled back. This was a mistake, and an emotion she couldn't allow. She tried to leave the bed, but he yanked her back quickly, forcing her to gaze into liquid green eyes.

"Don't do this to me again, woman." Harley breathed, as he cupped her face between work roughened hands. His eyes pleaded with her. "I don't want to be away from you, Darcelle." His thumb stroked her bottom lip, leaving her breathless. "Christmas will be here soon, let's go shopping, or something. I thought since we both have the day off, we couldó"

She interrupted. "Harley, it's time to get up, and there's so much I have to do."

He frowned, forcing the vein between his eyebrows to dance. "Umó I thought we would share this day, remember? Don't do this to meó to us." He released her from his grasp, exhaling as he ran a hand through his hair and looked at the clock on the nightstand. "You know, it's only eight o clock."

She bit her lip, trying to think of an excuse as he stroked her smooth mocha colored skin. "Well, I've got some paperwork I need to take care of andó"

He pulled her against his hard body and kissed her cheek. "Don't make me leave." His hand brushed against her nipple, forcing a whimper from her. "You know, it would be nice if you'd let me in here," he gently tapped on her forehead, "and let me know why you resist us so much. I'm tired of you shutting me out, Darcelle."

"You know how difficult it is for me to share my thoughts, and feelings," she murmured with regret. "Ió"

"My God, woman! We're both in our thirties, and have been dating on and off for years," he exclaimed, swiping his hair from his face. "I don't get you sometimes. Whenever we get close, something clicks in your head, and you back off." He shrugged his shoulders, and shook his head in frustration. "Do you even love me?" Jaw set tight, he searched her eyes for an answer.

"I care for you, you know that." That was the most she could give him. He'd have to take it or leave it. The hurt look on his face confirmed the fact that his patience was wearing thin. She couldn't blame him.

"You care for me? Sorry, I'm not buying it." He reached for her, but she pushed his hand away.

"Look, I think you should leave, okay?" she said as she left the bed and grabbed her robe from the floor. Quickly, she slipped it on.

"Please, just talk to me. Let me in. What goes on in that head of yours?" She looked away from his mesmerizing gaze.

"I'm just so busy with my business, and Ió"

In a fit of anger, Harley jumped out of bed and began dressing. "Fine, you can have your business, you can spend the dayóalone," he said, slipping his boxers on, and then his jeans. "I'm getting sick of this shit." He paused before slipping his black sweater over his head. "When you're ready for a relationship, you know where to find me!" There was silence as he sat on the edge of the bed to slip his socks and boots on. He stood and stared at her for a few moments, as though waiting for an answer that would never come. "I'll talk to you soon, I guess," he snapped before snatching his keys from the black lacquer nightstand.

"Go after him," a tiny voice in the back of her mind commanded. She continued staring at the spot where he stood, and listened as he stormed down the stairs, and out the door. She jumped when he slammed it, and she continued to stare off into space. Tears welled in her eyes when she heard the diesel engine of his truck start.

"You're going to lose him," the voice came again. This time, she looked around. Was she going crazy, or was it her imagination? Shrugging it off, she sighed and sat down on the bed. She'd lied. There was no paperwork. She'd concocted the lie to get him to leave her alone. Truth of the matter was, Christmas was coming, and this was the most painful time of the year for her.


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DO THE HOP ~ Author Blog Hop

Hey folks, I couldn't help but participate in Sassy Brit's second "Meet and Greet" Author Blog Hop! Readers, this is a fun way of discovering new authors. Fellow authors, what an awesome opportunity to learn more about one another, plus add a few more books to the old TBR pile from hell! Ha Ha!!

So--What are you waiting for? DO THE HOP! C'mon and join us!!

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Sequel to The Beast Within ~ Coming Soon

For those of you who enjoyed The Beast Within, I must tell you, the sequel has been submitted to Sugar and Spice Press this past weekend! It's titled Dark Hearts of Charm City. For those of you who don't know, Charm City is Baltimore. Home of The Ravens, and Edgar Allen Poe! 
The Beast Within

As you know, this is a three part series, and I think you will enjoy this. The first installment was a little light with lots of erotic details.   ; ) The second installment is somewhat dark, and laced with some humor. There's a new character in town, and his name is Michael Vitello! I would tell you a little more about this vampire elder, but I fear I'll give away the plot of the original story. 

This title will be released somewhere around mid January! I can't wait!! Gee, I wonder what the book cover will look like? Of course, the same faces you see above will grace the cover, and maybe the background setting in Fells Point or the Inner Harbor. What do you think?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Guest Blogger Christopher Craven

Hi Everyone! Please welcome my guest blogger, Christopher Craven. Christopher is a m/m romantic suspense writer I've just recently met. In another week or so, I plan to invite him back for an author interview. For now, please take this opportunity to get to know him. 

* * * *
Christopher Craven grew up the scrawny middle child in a semi-liberal family residing in Phoenix, Arizona. From the time he was able to write his own name, Chris knew that he was destined to write for the world. Thanking his mother, who handed him his first adult novel in junior high, Chris strives to become a prolific name in the literary world. Preferring to write erotic romance that explores the love between kindred spirits and Romantic Suspense, Chris also enjoys barefoot strolls along the beach but can most often be found roaming the Eastern Colorado plateaus when he isn't writing.   Chris can be reached on Facebook at and found online at or emailed at
As my bio says above, I’m Chris Craven. I got into romance writing with the encouragement from other writing friends. Then I read one for myself, a TA Chase as a matter of fact. Once I saw the growing audience, I figured I’d give it a shot. Well, here I am today with a hot m/m romantic suspense series releasing throughout 2011 and a fiery short story that has been a hit ARe entitled “The Bystander” that released in November. The first in my series, “October Sun,” releases on January 11th through Rebel Ink Press. Here’s a bit about OS:

Love is the strongest force in the universe…
Defense attorney Miles Turner seems to have it all.  At the height of his game professionally, he’s just been hired to defend a famous L.A. party boy’s less than stellar reputation, a case that stands to earn Miles a small fortune.  And to top it off, his love life isn’t bad either.  Even the headache he can’t seem to shake isn’t strong enough to overpower the tenderness he has for his partner.  Miles Turner is finally happy.
Landon Black is living a life beyond his dreams.  Finishing his degree towards a career he’s always wanted, Landon might spend his days studying, but his nights are filled with the one thing he can’t live without--love.  Even the thought of spending a weekend at the upcoming Black family reunion with his less than tolerant father isn't enough to extinguish the excitement Landon feels at the reality of a getaway trip with his lover.
But it can be taken away in an instant…
As members of the “Black Pack” come together in the snow capped mountains of Colorado at Lake Alexander, no-one can see what’s looming ahead-- an event with consequences so severe it stands to alter all of their lives forever.
Prepared with nothing but his integrity and a heart full of hope, Miles is praying for a miracle while Landon, forced to play a high stakes game of life-or-death, is asking himself if the love he has is enough to offer.

Here’s a tiny teaser from “October Sun”: 
Rush hour traffic in California left more to be desired though Miles Turner was used to an hour commute. The fact of the matter was it allowed him some solitude and he enjoyed tuning into his satellite radio while making the drive. 
And thank God Miles had air conditioning in his Mercedes. Although it was late September, the temperatures in L.A. still hadn't cooled that much and while he didn't want to be a mess when he got home, the image Miles' had of a glistening Landon Black waiting to get rowdy with him certainly worked.
Since Landon would be a couple hours later than usual, Miles felt that ordering take-out would be a nice change of pace given the choice of leftovers from three nights ago. 
Arriving home, Miles turned the key in the front door before almost tripping on the UPS package sitting smack dab in the middle of the porch. Miles gathered the box and reached for the regular mail. Shuffling envelopes, the package and grasping hold of his briefcase with one arm, he pushed open the front door while juggling the paper sack of Chinese food in the other.
As Miles reached the kitchen, he offloaded the items on the end of a counter before turning on the Bose sound system that hung beneath a cupboard. When he felt the vibration inside his sport coat, Miles' mind immediately jumped to filthy thoughts.
Just got out of class. On my way home now. I’m famished. What’s for dinner? Oh, umm… never mind.  Okay, leaving now! Well, unless you wanted to…   xoxo- Landon
Miles' husband, Landon, was always teasing. It was perhaps the most endearing quality that attracted Miles to the man in the first place. He remember seeing Landon that first time, watching as the young man with gorgeous eyes watched him, hiding behind stacks of poetry books in a bookstore on Wilshire Boulevard. To this day both men loved to read.
Feeling mildly romantic, Miles lit pillar candles and dimmed the lights in the dining room. Setting the table with their formal china, Miles put out a silver pail of fresh ice and nestled the bottle of Cristal into the glacial basin to chill.
Miles changed the music on the sound system to a station that played soft, classical standards, which were Landon's favorite.
While he was at it, Miles figured he’d please Landon further by changing out of his work attire, deciding on a pair of silk boxers instead. Miles generously wrapped a long silk tie around his slender neck.
The moment he realized Landon was home, Miles hurried down the stairs as quickly as he could and rested on the bottom step.
Posed with his right leg extended and his left leg bent beside, Miles faced Landon as the young man entered the entry way and motioned him closer.
Surges of intensity fragmented throughout Miles’s spine. Seeing Landon react to him spread between the metallic banisters, Miles thought about what he'd done to deserve such a fantastic partner. Miles watched as Landon smiled. It was the tie. That was what really did it for Landon and Miles knew it. Seeing that tie dangle freely from Miles bronzed chest always sent the Landon into overdrive.
“I’ve been expecting you,” Miles announced, running his right hand through his sable brown hair.
“I’ve missed you, too,” Landon bit back, shuffling a quick path to his lover.
Landon reached out, grabbing Miles’ tie, gently tugging his mate to his feet. Landon pulled Miles closer, groping at his lovers plump ass, retracted his head slightly and rested his forehead on Miles’ forehead.
“What’s for dinner, love?” Landon questioned.
“Take off your shirt and I’ll show you.”
Flinging off his shoes, Landon followed his eager partner into the dining room while sliding his t-shirt the length of his taut chest. Hearing the mellow tune of Moonlight Sonata put Landon at ease as he forgot about his day and focused on his lover.
* * * *
On January 11, 2011—you can read “October Sun” in its entirety from , your Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and more.  
Thank you, Charisma for having me. It’s been a pleasure being here today!
* * * *
You're welcome Christopher, it was nice getting to know you. I'll be speaking with you very soon!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Spotlight on Author Tracy Ames

CK:  Hello folks! Happy Friday to ya! Today, welcome erotic author Tracy Ames!

TA: Thanks for the invite, Charisma. It’s a pleasure. I’m a fan of your work.

CK:  Aww, that's sweet, thank you. I'm a huge fan of your work!  How many years have you been writing?

TA: I’ve been writing professionally, in one fashion or another, for nearly fifteen years, however, I’ve been fulltime for the last seven.

 CK:  I love your stories Tracy, and admire how you are such a “Master of Words.” I’ll admit, my imagination has allowed me to tell some good stories, but I am by far no master of words. My jaw drops when I read your work. How do you do it?

TA: Thank you so much. I’m often criticized for making readers break out their dictionaries or fire up Google. It’s not my fault, really. My vocabulary is a byproduct of transatlantic living and a mother who approached the use of proper English with Hitler-like efficiency. I use imagery to convey what words can’t easily translate. For example, the physical act of kissing, putting your tongue in someone’s mouth and wiggling it about isn’t even theoretically hot...ever. Even still, it’s difficult to describe however the emotion one feels when being kissed isn’t. It’s universal; everyone has experienced the warm gooiness of a kiss.

Stimulus: Reaction- Perception- Emotion- Response
Description: Sight- Sound- Scents- Taste- Texture
(There’s a cheat sheet on my site)

CK:  Wow, that's kick-ass. Well mamma didn't go wrong there, now did she? We all thank her because it is a fine attribute to your stories. Now, where did you submit your first story?

TA: I submitted my first story to a now defunct European newsletter. I wrote for them for five years which was my springboard to other ventures with Hustler and Scarlet Magazine. 

 CK:  Now see, I'm impressed! Hustler?? You go girl!! Please, tell us, what are the pros and cons of being a published author?

TA: The biggest pro is being able to do what you love. The biggest con is doing what you love and being judged accordingly. If you come into this industry with thin skin you’re going to bleed to death. Sadly, most artists are by nature thin skinned. Self-reflection and self-awareness is a must. The solidarity amongst artists is an enormous pro. I’ve met extraordinarily talented individuals from all genres and levels of profession, and it’s their camaraderie and willingness to share that I find most appealing.

 CK:  Would you do us the honor of providing a sneak peek of your most recent project, if possible?

TA: I’d love to give you a snippet of my upcoming release Beg Me but my copy editor would hang me. It’s still in brown paper status. My most recent novel Make Her Want It, the sequel of Seduce Me, went to Amazon’s bestseller list before its release thanks to presales. It has also been nominated for several awards—we’ll see how things pans out, lol. The first chapter as well as an additional excerpt can be found on my site.

The Kink and interracial elements of Make Her Want It turned it into a risky endeavor but it was well worth it. Edward and Sonya’s, my hero and heroine, characters were independently strong so bringing them into a non-vanilla tale didn’t subjugate either of them. Indeed, it gave the readers greater insight into their personalities. Edward is an unapologetic alpha male, and Sonya is his mirror image and submissive. When the sparks start flying, its best everyone run for cover, lol.

 CK:  Please share one of your earlier novels with us. 

TA: My first full length novel was Seduce Me which was the story of Nick and Ali, two characters from my early literary days. An excerpt can be found on my site. It’s rather long, I’m afraid.
Seduce Me

CK:  He He, no worries. I'm sure readers will venture over once the interview is complete. What are your future goals?

TA: My future goal is to expand my media company, Blue Art Media, to incorporate a resource and networking center where new and aspirating artists can connect with seasoned pros and benefit from their wisdom. People are always willing to reach back and offer assistance…the resource center will provide them a forum to do so.     

CK:  Awesome, I wish you luck Ms. Lady! Sounds nice! If your books were turned into a movie, but producers wanted the heroine to be white and the hero black, would you allow that?

TA: Ha! Good question and one I’ve struggled with recently. Someone described my characters as A-racial, meaning their race is forgotten after the initial intro and only referenced in fleeting context. Even still I wouldn’t care to have my characters changed. No, I don’t follow stereotypes and none of my characters fit comfortably in any mold. However, changing their race wouldn’t sit well with me.

CK:  Yes, I feel the same, thank you for that answer. Do you foresee interracial romance (not erotic because of children) books in stores such as Walmart, Target, and CVS in the near future? Any ideas on how we in this genre can make it happen?

TA: Actually Walmart and Target sale the Harlequin’s Blaze Series which has a few interracial offerings. Yes, they’re bloody rubbish but it’s the first step towards crossover acceptance. A few years ago Walmart was questioned about their willingness to stock the Blaze Series (which employs racy language) and their reason for opting out of carrying other publishers. As you can imagine the matter was swept under the rug.

Crossing over to the ‘supermarket’ aisle is a blessing and a curse and we, as artists, should weigh the pros and cons as carefully as our publishers. Pros: more exposure, potentially higher volume of sells, bragging rights aka “Hey, look mom! Here’s my book!”….Cons: demands for a cheaper product will send the artists profit per unit through the floors, loss of artistic control, censorship that’ll make Mao look like a bleeding heart liberal.

CK: Wow, now I never thought of that. Okay, hmmm, let's keep things the same then. LOL If you were to spring into another genre, becoming even more successful than you are, would you deny you once wrote erotica?

TA: Erotica, Refugio de Amor! To deny my erotic past equates to spitting in the faces of everyone who has aided me not to mention those of my loyal fans. If I ever become that arrogant, I give you permission to kick my teeth in.  

CK: Ha Ha! What other genres are you interested in writing in?  YA, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Scifi, or would you combine all these, with the exception of YA into your erotica/erotic romance stories?

TA: I’m in the process of moving into lit fiction and historical. I have two manuscripts in the works; one is based in 18th century France, the other is set on the border of England and Scotland. Both will be interracially based. I’m really excited about these projects. Being able to combine my two passions, history and erotica, is mint!

CK:  Okay, you got me! I'll be on the lookout for these. Can't wait!! What are your hobbies?

TA: I’ve been painting and studying photography since I was very young. And for the past six years, I’ve been involved in competitive ballroom and salsa dancing. I’ve studied American Smooth under Christian Lange and Latin/Rhythm under Paul Scicchitano; both of whom have current standings. Love them!

CK:  Sweet! How do you unwind?

TA: I lock myself in our bedroom and watch documentaries— I completely veg out on useless knowledge. And thanks to a soundproof bedroom, I go undisturbed.

 CK:  Do you mold your characters strictly from imagination or from those you cross paths with in everyday life?

TA: Most of my characters are composites of the people around me however I also draw from strangers. My favorite coffee guy, Lee, at Dean and Deluca was my muse for “Lee” in my short story “Beg Me”. My muses love seeing themselves in print. 

CK:  Do you allow your muse to take total control, or do you create an outline before writing?

TA: After one too many rewrites, I now create outlines before embarking on any project. Once I have the outline sorted out, then my muse is free to run wild…and run wild they do! 

 CK:  What methods of research do you utilize? I know, I know! The internet is available, but do you scour the library as well? LOL

TA: I’m a research hound! I’ll research the topic to the ends of the earth. The internet is extremely useful however there’s still much to be said for print literature especially when you’re researching unfamiliar countries, cities, and cultural.

Here’s a tip: Picking up guide books is head and shoulders above Googling. Why? Because they offer detailed descriptions about the locations (food, streets, lodging, local culture and so on) which the internet can’t provide or the information is sparse and scattered. Lonely Planet guides are the best on the market however they cost almost triple that of other guides. I make a habit of picking up travel books from second-hand shops, AAA, and library sales. Also, check local book swaps or simply ask a follow writer.

 CK:  Please tell us where can you be found on the internet?

My official site is:

 CK: Okay, cool. I'll have to friend you on Myspace. Also, please be advised, your pictures will take readers to your Facebook page! What advice would you like to pass on to aspiring authors? You’ve been wonderful in sharing what you’ve learned in the industry, and for that we all thank you. Folks, jot this down, because what she's about to say is excellent advice. 

TA: The best pieces of advice I can give are to keep on going and read your contracts very carefully. Publishers who push are slow to pay. If you don’t understand any element of your contract, don’t sign—if you question your art direction, put the breaks on. No matter what they say, they can’t go further without your consent. And please, for the love of peach cobbler, familiarize yourself with the new copyright laws—there is a link on my site. Remember, your name is going on the cover, not theirs. Most important, stay true to yourself and surround yourself with people who’ll sit you down and say, “Dearest, that last page was rubbish.”

CK:  Thanks once again for being so kind and easy to approach. The information you’ve shared is most valuable, and we appreciate it!   

TA: Thanks for having me. I look forward to reading more of your work. 

CK:  Aww, stop it! You're making me blush! But I thank you! * giggling * Coming from you that's quite a compliment! And I, look forward to reading more of yours too, lady!!