Wednesday, March 30, 2011

~ Vampyre Heart ~

Like Gothic Rock? Check out Vampyre Heart, a Bournemouth/UK based band. Summer friended me on MySpace quite some time ago and I've discovered she and her hubby are such down to earth folks. Totally loving the setting of this vid. Makes me want to hop on a plane to the UK straight away.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Guest Blogger Roslyn Holcomb

Roslyn Holcomb's new book, Gabriel's Redemption a sequel to Santa Baby will be released from Loose Id on April 5th.


Roslyn Hardy Holcomb was born in North Alabama and has had a disparate career and varied interests. Her lifelong devotion to needle arts led to a stint on the editorial staff of Oxmoor House, the publishing division of Southern Progress, Inc. Regular volunteer work and a passion for child welfare inspired her to leave that field to pursue an advanced 

Roslyn Hardy Holcomb


When Ryannon shows up on Gabriel’s doorstep claiming that he is an archangel with the power to trigger the Apocalypse and that he’s in danger from an End of Days cult he thinks she’s crazy — crazy hot — but still crazy. 

Despite being a trumpet player named Gabriel, the life he’s led has been anything but angelic, however he has no choice but to believe her especially since the cult is already in hot pursuit. He and Ryannon must go on the run to save themselves and dozens of others from the cult leader’s diabolical schemes. 

Even the desperate circumstances are not enough to dampen the fiery lust that pulls them together. Gabriel knows that Ryannon is the one for him, but he’s a player and always has been and Ryannon has no intention of being just another woman in his bed. 

Will they survive long enough to develop trust and find love, and somehow avoid inadvertently setting off the Apocalypse?


Friday, March 25, 2011

Her Dark Desires Receives 4 Blue Ribbons from Romance Junkies

Her Dark Desires was my first story published through Sugar and Spice Press. I really enjoyed writing this story, and I must admit, some folks will either hate it or love it. LOL Why would I say that? Well, this story and it's characters aren't exactly gentle in nature. Both succumb to their darkest, I mean, blackest desires two lovers can actually have.

While Dremon and Anais get down and dirty, there are moments of tenderness in this story. Language is vulgar(totally offensive to some, I've discovered), and their sexual appetites singe the pages, so be warned. Her Dark Desires is not for the fainthearted.

If your familiar with my work, then you know I write various types of stories ranging from sensually sweet to medium hardcore sex. I say medium because I'm not into pain and brutality and would never submit my characters to such activities. However, a good spanking on the hiney is awesome. Nipple clamps?? Ugh, hate em. I'll try anything once, and instead of ooohhing and ahhing, I was like, OUCH!!

My reviewer, Chrissy Dionne had some really wonderful things to say about my story! Hope you will enjoy!

Her Dark Desires Book Review

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Army Beasts by Dahlia Rose

Check it out folks, Dahlia Rose has given us a sneak peek, the first chapter of her awesome book, Army Beasts. OMG, Army Beasts II is coming out too, so I guess i better catch up on some reading!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blind Passion Part 4 Now Available

Finally I have been able to write the fourth and final installment of Blind Passion on Interracial Erotica. For those of you who have yet to read these stories, you should start off with part one of Ethan and Diane's chance encounter at a local coffee shop in the heart of Baltimore.

Blind Passion Pt 1


Ethan and Diane discover there is so much more than the physical attraction they share with one another. They realize the mental bond forming between them is something they'd been searching for half their lives. Two halves become one in this conclusion of Blind Passion.

Read the final installment now