Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Now Available ~ Menage Unchained

Menage Unchained has been released today! Come on and get your freak on with Siobhan, Jerry, and Steve!!
Title  Ménage Unchained
Author  Charisma Knight
Description:   Interracial (BW/WM/WM), ménage, erotic, contemporary
ISBN  978-1-61788-008-7        
Cover Artist Les Byerley
Category: Get Your Freak on (ménage)

Ménage Unchained [EBOOK]

Friends Steve Guidotti and Jerry Frigaard know that anything worth having is worth fighting for. In an effort to win back their old flame Siobhan, they use the skills that made them the successful businessmen they are and concoct a plan.  While they both enjoy Siobhan’s spice, one man is madly in love with her.  Of course, he won’t admit it.

Siobhan Anderson knows what she wants in life, in business…and in bed.  In life, she wants happiness.  In business, she wants to be the boss.  In bed, she wants it all.  Having not one, but two alpha males sharing her bed, Siobhan has more than she needs, but she has fun…and the love marks to prove it. 

Or she had fun…until she kicked both men out of her bed.  Though she knows it was the right thing to do, she reluctantly admits (to herself) that she misses Jerry and Steve.  No one else ever rocked her body like those two.  Accepting their apologies and the two men back in her life, she soon discovers that not only are they rocking her world, but one of them has obtained a little piece of her heart as well.  

Can Siobhan continue to withhold her true feelings, or will she accept them, and choose the man who holds the key to her heart?

Siobhan Anderson damn near snapped her pen in half when she saw Steve and Jerry exiting the elevator…
Besides being successful businessmen, they were also her lovers—or had been until she’d ended things eight months ago. She wished a few more weeks had passed before they visited again, simply because of the searing sexual desires they invoked within her each time she laid eyes on them…
She couldn’t deny that she’d missed them or that she secretly wished things could stay the way they had been.  The absence of both men in her life had made her realize what her true desires were.  Still, in light of that, she wasn’t going to be anyone’s fool—especially since she didn’t know if Jerry shared her feelings.
            The last thing she wanted was to face them now. She felt her face flush, among other things. Surely they knew they’d captured her heart.  Despite their separation, she still carried their mark, physically and mentally, and it was damned annoying.
Folding her arms, she patiently waited for them to swipe their badges and smirked when Steve rang the doorbell while Jerry tapped his foot.  Flashing them a come-hither smile as she batted her thick eyelashes, Siobhan pointed to her own badge, knowing they’d get the message.  Laughter fell from her lips when Steve waved and rang the doorbell again. He was being an ass, as usual. Sort of like the last time they’d visited.
Siobhan ignored their antics and filed some papers, determined she was not going to simply buzz those fuckers in despite how fine they were.  Corporate rules meant wearing visible badges and letting yourself in. Despite being big dogs in the company, they were no exception.   Of course, they just couldn’t resist having some fun with her, just like she couldn’t resist showing them she wasn’t a pushover.
            Let the games begin, she thought, grinning to herself, determined to be the winner in this power struggle. Siobhan produced a challenging smile that seemed to frustrate Jerry. Ha-ha! Ruffling the Viking’s feathers was something she did often for pure fun out of bed and for pure pleasure in it, as it made for awesome down and dirty sex.
            Returning her smile, Steve rang the bell again, while Jerry reached into his inside jacket pocket and retrieved his badge before swiping it.
            Pretending to ignore them, Siobhan checked her voice messages, flaunting how unaffected she was. Lust brewed in both men’s eyes. Good.  She shouldn’t be the only one affected.  While arrogance was their middle name, she yearned to be tangled in a pile of steaming sex, just like old times.
 A few days ago, both men had sent chocolates. While she’d enjoyed the gifts, she was beside herself, thinking they were still competing for her affections. If this was the case, Siobhan knew things wouldn’t end well, especially as this was the very thing that had destroyed their relationship in the first place.
            “Good morning, Siobhan. Got a conference room for us today?” Steve asked as he leaned his elbows on the ledge while tapping the conference-room book with his fingers. “By the way, you look exceptionally beautiful today.”
            “Morning, Steve, and thank you,” she replied as she stared into the Italian’s baby blues. Yeah, he still had the same effect on her. She cleared her throat, ignoring the moisture that formed between her legs.  “Are you guys expecting visitors, or will it be just the two of you?”
             “No, just myself and Jerry,” Steve said.
“In that case you guys can take any of the guest offices.”
 “Thank you.  You’re definitely working that black,” he added with a smile. “But then, you already knew that or you wouldn’t be sporting it, eh, darling?” He stroked his goatee.
            Her nipples pressed against her bra, and she squirmed in her seat. “Thanks,” she said, clearing her throat. The ringing phone saved her from having to say more.   
As she hung up, Jerry ended his conversation and joined Steve.  His squared jaw was tight, and those icy cold blues peered right through her before softening.  
“I see I’m going to have to put you in your place while I’m here,” Jerry said with a half smile. 
She glanced up at Jerry, batted her eyelashes, and flashed her pearly whites.  It was amusing the way he always attempted to boss her around.  She knew he was simply teasing, so she’d play this game…for now.   “You know the corporate policy, Jerry.  According to security, all visitors are supposed to display their badges and let themselves in.”  Before he could respond, she pressed on.  Jerry might be a dom in bed, but they weren’t in bed right now.  “Besides, you couldn’t put me in my place if your life depended on it.”
Jerry smiled.  “Is that an invitation?” he asked in a soft voice.
Siobhan exhaled sharply. “An invitation for what?” She bit her bottom lip as the Viking’s jaw muscle twitched a few times. He always had to be in control. And she always had to test that control.  She loved plucking his nerves as much as the two men enjoyed vexing hers. 
Jerry leaned across the ledge. “An invitation for me to bend you over the desk and have my way with you.  You know from experience I can think of plenty of ways to put you in your place, and I know from experience you like it when I do,” he whispered without blinking.
Suddenly, Siobhan found it somewhat difficult to breathe. She clamped her thighs together as an intense vision of being sandwiched between both men flashed through her mind. Tiny currents of pleasure danced on her clit, almost bringing her to the edge of an explosive orgasm.  All she had to do was imagine Steve delivering a few swift licks of his tongue as Jerry tweaked her nipples. 
“You know what you need?”  Jerry paused, giving her a chance to answer. When she remained silent, he continued. “You need us.” 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dark Hearts of Charm City

After claiming Diana, Julian realizes the deadly mistake he’s made. Once Diana rejects him, he’s forced to work with her best friend, Charlene in order to save her life. But is it too late? Does he have a chance to redeem himself and save the love it took him centuries to acquire? 

After experiencing betrayal at the hands of Julian, Diana succumbs to the one thing she finds most desirable. Unfortunately, her dark path leads her down a long and dangerous road when she meets up with the rogue elder, Michael Vitello. 

Although she rejected Julian, she discovers her love for him grows stronger with each passing moment. She’s still in denial when her hasty decisions thrust her in harm's way, and she discovers, albeit a little too late, how much she truly loves Julian. 

Coming to Sugar and Spice Press February 19th