Sunday, November 13, 2011

Now Available ~ The Darkness Within

Happy Sunday! I have another new release over at Sugar and Spice Press:


There is a fine line between love and hate… 

Althea May Johnson discovered this when she married a man she thought she'd loved…Until he abused her. Hell hath fury like a woman scorned. An act of betrayal can make a person do some crazy things… 

Quinton and Vukasin assisted Althea through her troublesome marriage and became her lovers once she was free from her abuser. Unfortunately, they see something in her they never saw before. 

Can the wolf and the vampire come to Althea's aid when the time comes to face her demons, or will she alienate them both?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Available Now ~ Of Cheetah's Blood

Of Cheetah's Blood is Book 2 of The Vampire Domination Series. Submerge yourself in a realm filled with otherworldly creatures and a sword-wielding shifter heroine....

Of Cheetah's Blood

Chetiera hails from a powerful, ancient clan of cheetah shifters who were decimated by the Dhampirs and vampires. Now, she and her Elder are the last of their clan. At least, that was what she was told… 

In her quest for revenge, Chetiera’s feelings surface for the Dhampir, Krulnar and his leader. Determined to remain in control, she stifles her feelings for both men and is determined to slay them for the extinction of her people. 

Krulnar is filled with remorse whenever he battles the shifter. How can he share what he feels when she believes the Dhampirs are responsible for the extermination of Chetiera's clan? He's more than understanding about her dilemma, but his leader, Ulnik doesn't sympathize with her so easily. 

Warning: This book contains two sexy Dhampirs who will make your panties melt, and a feisty cheetah shifter who can take them both on.

Available at Amira Press