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Of Cheetah's Blood

TGIF!! Today I'm spotlighting Of Cheetah's Blood from my backlist. This book is part of the Vampire Domination Series from Amira Press and can be read as a stand alone. Of Wolf's Blood is the first book, so I'll highlight that next week. I had a reader contact me to say how much she enjoyed Of Cheetah's Blood, so I'm posting it. Check out the review here   Also, you should know, there is another book in the series that should be released by the end of the year or the beginning of 2014.  ; )

Chetiera hails from a powerful, ancient clan of cheetah shifters who were decimated by the Dhampirs and vampires. Now, she and her Elder are the last of their clan. At least, that was what she was told…

In her quest for revenge, Chetiera’s feelings surface for the Dhampir, Krulnar and his leader. Determined to remain in control, she stifles her feelings for both men and is determined to slay them for the extinction of her people.

Krulnar is filled with remorse whenever he battles the shifter. How can he share what he feels when she believes the Dhampirs are responsible for the extermination of Chetiera's clan? He's more than understanding about her dilemma, but his leader, Ulnik doesn't sympathize with her so easily.

Warning: This book contains two sexy Dhampirs who will make your panties melt, and a feisty cheetah shifter who can take them both on.

Smoking Hot Excerpt:

The Dhampir froze. “Ulnik summons me. He wants to join us.” He turned to face her. I know you desire us both.”

Chetiera turned her head from her lover in embarrassment.

Forcing her to look at him, he claimed her lips with erotic passion that sent her into a frenzy. “It’s okay to want us both. We want you. Ulnik and I have waited for this moment for such a long time.” He stroked her cheek with the pad of his thumb. “May I let him in? Little cheetah, do you think you can handle us both?”

Body on fire, Chetiera nodded. Suddenly, she felt another presence. Ulnik entered the bedchambers.

“Couldn’t wait for me?” Ulnik plowed toward them and sniffed the air before releasing a growl. He looked at Chetiera. “What will it take to make you mine? Must I invoke a fight with you? Or shall we remain civil and complete The Bonding?” He walked around to the side of the bed, and ran his fingers through the shifter’s hair. His hand rested against the back of her head. “Fighting arouses you, as it does me.”

Chetiera released the bedcovers, revealing her naked body. Her chest heaved uncontrollably as the leader began to undress, revealing an equally muscled physique. He growled as he slipped next to her, his hot body pressing against hers. She panted uncontrollably at the nearness of them both.

Soon, each man was by her side, their hands exploring her flesh while invoking a state of arousal she’d never known. Ulnik’s fangs descended as he inhaled the air, and the desire to offer her neck to him overwhelmed her.

“By the gods, she’s exquisite,” Ulnik purred before slipping his hand between her thighs. “Ah, and so ready to be taken.” He smiled when the shifter arched into his touch. “Yesss, that’s right, beautiful. Give yourself to us.” He tweaked her nipples as Krulnar delivered soft kisses along the crook of her neck.

Surrendering to them both, she lay back as they spread her thighs. Ulnik’s mouth claimed her in a rough kiss as both men gently pulled the soft folds of her cunt apart. Making her gasp, Ulnik’s fingers penetrated her pussy, and she called out before jerking her hips upward.

Her hands journeyed to both men’s cocks. Slowly, she jerked them both, her grip tightening around them. The thick shafts twitched beneath her touch, and she smiled inwardly at the control she had over them. Precome saturating her hands, she took the time to taste the essence of both men.

“Do not think you have so much control over us,” Krulnar murmured in her ear before nipping her neck. “Ulnik has yet to taste of your blood.”

Chetiera moaned as the leader forcefully revealed the large vein in her neck. His growls of hunger filled her ears as the men simultaneously worked her into a frenzied orgasm. Roughly, Ulnik eased two fingers deep inside her, making her growl.

She met every thrust of his fingers as the leader sank his fangs deep into her neck. Crying out in pained pleasure, Chetiera grasped their cocks harder, as their spiraling pleasures heightened. The strong flow of energy rushed through them with force as Krulnar bit the other side of her neck. The Dhampirs greedily drank of her blood before Ulnik unlatched his fangs.

With ease, he slipped between the young cheetah’s thighs and eased himself inside her slick channel. With a growl, he filled her balls-deep, thrusting his cock in and out of her. Chetiera growled while wrapping her long legs around the leader’s thick, muscular body. Krulnar’s hips jerked upward, into her touch, as her grip tightened around his thick cock. Out the corner of her eye, she could see the exquisite look of pleasure etched onto his hardened features.

“Come for me,” she whispered against Ulnik’s neck. Those words were meant for both Dhampirs, who were releasing short, choppy breaths at their exertions. It turned her on so much. She needed to feel Ulnik’s come shooting deep inside her cunt. On the other hand, seeing Krulnar’s dick pumping out thick streams of come into the air would intensify the pleasure of her orgasm.

“Such a nasty little shifter,” Ulnik grunted against her ear. “I’ll come for you, my sweet little warrior-cat. Once I’ve shot my pleasure deep inside you, I shall turn you over and take you from behind.”

Krulnar growled. “Not before I.”

“You’ve had your time with our woman,” Ulnik growled huskily.

Chetiera shivered in delight at the thought. Ulnik’s pace quickened, and his muscles flexed beneath her hands. Their sweat-laden bodies smacking together echoed within the bedchambers.

Krulnar’s climax struck him first. Chetiera saw bulging veins within his neck as he gnashed his teeth together at the intense orgasm. Her orgasm followed as his hand joined hers in pumping the come out of his thick cock. Long, thick streams of come spurted up in the air as the Dhampir howled his pleasure. Like a wave crashing against a sandy beach, Chetiera’s muscles tightened, milking Ulnik’s cock.

“Arrghh, you’ll be the death of me; I can see this,” Ulnik sputtered. Together they came, collapsing into a sweaty heap within one another’s arms.

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