Sunday, June 10, 2012

Death Angel Series Available Now

Have you ever flirted with Death? My heroines have... Some mock Death, while others willingly succumb to their Death Angels.  I'm launching a series of short stories with several different heroes and heroines and they may be available on Kindle some time this week...


Bargaining with The Reaper is a short enticing story included with Reaper's Fragile Ego when you purchase from Amazon.

Below is a blurb from Reaper's Fragile Ego:


Death comes in various forms. Seductive and sometimes violent, the Reaper pervades into life like a thief in the night, and you’ll never know when he may strike. He holds a secret desire, one which has haunted him for a millennia, an obsession for an entity opposite of himself. If he could conquer her? Her powers of light and strength would complete his majesty of darkness.
            The Angel of Willpower, Willa Mae finds that her strength may be her downfall, as she fights hard to permeate mankind with the will to survive. In her quest to imbue hope and strength to those who despair, she steps on Death’s toes and he vows revenge on the dark beauty.
            After all, the Death Angel, Bane has a reputation to maintain, but how well will he deal with a blow to his fragile ego once he learns the truth about the object of his coveted obsession?  A revelation that shatters his ideal of the Angel of a seemingly innocent Will.

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