Monday, February 21, 2011

Cyber Launch Party for Dark Hearts of Charm City

Hello fellow authors and readers. Today, DeNita is throwing me a cyber Launch Party for the release of Dark Hearts of Charm City! Stop on by today, leave us a comment, and ask any questions you'd like pertaining to this book and the first, The Beast Within and I'll explain what I can about the third and final installment of these books. Oh, and also, the prize is an autographed tote with the Dark Hearts book cover which I will b e sending out around the beginning of March for the lucky winner.


After claiming Diana, Julian realizes the deadly mistake he's made. Once Diana rejects him, he's forced to work with her best friend, Charlene in order to save her life. But is it too late? Does he have a chance to redeem himself and save the love it took him centuries to acquire?

After experiencing betrayal at the hands of Julian, Diana succumbs to the one thing she finds most desirable. Unfortunately, her dark path leads her down a long and dangerous road when she meets up with the rogue elder, Michael Vitello.

Although she rejected Julian, she discovers her love for him grows stronger with each passing moment. She's still in denial when her hasty decisions thrust her in harm's way, and she discovers, albeit a little too late, how much she truly loves Julian.

Available at Sugar and Spice Press 

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