Friday, November 5, 2010

~Author Spotlight on Dahlia Rose~

CK:  Hello folks! Today, I welcome Dahlia Rose! I love doing author interviews because I’ve added so many new and exciting reads to my out of control TBR list. I’m also very eager to share that Dahlia influenced me into the industry. I would go to her blog and website once a week to check out her newest releases, and made the decision to start writing interracial erotic romances. One day, I had to contact her to let her know how much I truly loved her books, and she was just so pleasant and down to earth when she responded to my email!

Sugar and Spice Press was one of the second Epublishers I purchased books from. Velvet Leather, and Roses and Sensual Bites were two of Dahlia’s books I started out with. I must say I was heavily intrigued by both reads, and became hooked. You will too, I urge you to check them out, if you haven’t already!Velvet,Leather and Roses

Sensual Bites is an intriguing combination of short mini love stories that immediately draw the reader in from the very beginning. My favorite story is Of Gods & One Woman, an entertaining read centered around the infamous Ares, Greek God of War!

ThirstHer current releases are just as hot as her older ones. Thirst, a vampire story was something I anxiously awaited, and was finally released back in April! 

 Okay, let me hush and get on with this interview. LOL

CK:  Where did you submit your first story?

DR: I submitted to a now defunct Mardi Gras Publishing and while that should of soured my views on being an author from how we were treated. I kept plugging along because it is a career that I love.

 CK:  Thank goodness your views on being an author weren’t permanently jaded, or we wouldn’t be reading your wonderful books today. Please, tell us, what are the pros and cons of being a published author?

DR: (Laugh).The pros are I’m creating a story with my words. I can make my imagination soar within the pages of my books. From the time I was a child this has been my dream and I have been living it. The Cons … its work don’t let anyone fool you that being an author is not work..You know that Charisma. We have long hours, write until out hands ache. We edit and we fine tune. But all in all I would not have it any other way.

 CK:  Yes, I hear you. It is work, but so rewarding. Would you please do us the honor of providing a sneak peek of your most recent project, if possible?

Black Magic SeductionDR:  My most recent work is Black Magic Seduction coming soon with Sugar and Spice Press. My heroine and hero are both kind of naughty. I went into this book thinking even demons and witches need love too. They want to recruit my heroine Tricia to fill the council seat in hell. So they send my sexy demon hero Jaidon to sweet talk her into the fold. Tricia knows who he is from the time she sees him and does not deny her attraction for him. But what he doesn’t know is that she is going to convince him to stay with her topside. It’s going to be fun, devilish and sexy and also in print!

CK:  Black Magic Seduction, can’t wait to sink my teeth into that one. It sounds like an awesome read, Dahlia. Please share one of your earlier novels with us. 

Paradise FoundDR: My favorite will always be Paradise Found. It has a new cover and a new look but the book still is the same on the inside. This was my very first novel and its sequel feature the secondary characters Danny and Abigail will be out next year. In Paradise Found I blended my love of suspense and romance and also my Caribbean home of Barbados. I hold these characters close to my heart most of all and I hope if you ever read it you will see why.

CK:  I’m sorry to say, that is a book I don’t have, but will soon change that. I know I’ll enjoy it Dahlia. Now, what are your future goals?

DR: It’s been a busy 2010 and already my writing list for 2011 is already filled with books for my publishers and deadlines to be met. Along with conventions I’ll be attending I would say my future goals is to keep pushing forward until I hit that New York Times Best Seller list. All Authors aspire to it and my dreams are the same.

CK:  Sounds great, and I know you’ll hit that New York Times Best Seller list, and I’ll be rooting for you honey!! You’re a shining star, and I know you’ll always be that wonderful humble person who took the time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions. Now, I’m curious to know, what are your hobbies?

DR: First love is reading I have a stack of books waiting in my TBR pile for when I get a few weeks free. Dancing, I and my husband go dancing whenever we can. Dates nights are especially fun for us..LOL.. I haunt book stores and have a love of shoe shopping ... All in all I’m a girlie girl with a bunch of books and a peter pan complex of never growing up.

CK:  I hear you! I don’t wanna grow up, either. LOL One of these days I’m coming to North Carolina and hanging with you and Dorian! LOL How do you unwind?

DR: Honestly a glass of wine and my Ipad or Ipod in a hot tub of lavender bubbles. You want to see me distress that would be the way.

CK:  Do you mold your characters strictly from imagination or from those you cross paths with in everyday life?

DR: Everything is a learning experience for me and I am a people watcher. I can say that a lot of my characters can be from personal experiences and people I know but mostly it’s my imagination. The characters talk to me like they are real so I guess I should listen. (laugh)

CK:  Yes, it’s hard silencing the characters. They just talk louder if you don’t answer the first time. Do you allow your muse to take total control, or do you create an outline before writing? 

When Wolfe CallsDR: The muses have control. I might try to lead them down a path but they will get mad and pout so I give them free reign and they gave me amazing stories.

CK:  Ha Ha!! Pouty muses. I love it! What methods of research do you utilize? I know, I know! The internet is available, but do you scour the library as well? LOL

DR: Along with the internet I have a reference library including an encyclopedia of paranormal entities for my books. Vampires, witches and so much more I have a little piece of everything in my office so as usual books will save the day!

CK: Wow, that sounds interesting. No wonder you weave such awesome tales. Inquiring minds what to know, where can you be found on the internet?

DR: I can be found at but I am most vocal on facebook and

CK: *Giggles * I see ya on Facebook often! Hey folks, hit up Dahlia’s fan page when you get a free moment! Now lady, what advice would you like to pass on to aspiring authors?

DR: Never settle and never back down. If you love your books and make other people love them too, Publishers and readers alike. Don’t be too afraid to ask a question. If you know an author ask them for advice and they will usually be the ones who will lead you on a right path. When I was an aspiring author I met many authors who gave me helpful advice. I always said I would be pay it forward and I still do to this day 

CK: That’s really wonderful Dahlia. Authors helping authors, now, that’s where its at! This question is a little different, and I must wonder about this, as an author.  If your books were turned into a movie, but producers wanted the heroine to be white and the hero black, would you allow that? Do you think it’s selling out?

DR:  Honestly I would feel like its selling out. I live my work, My children are my work…To explain this is to say my husband is a Caucasian man and three of my kids are mixed race. If my book was made into a movie and I said yeah you can change the racial background of my characters. What does it say to my husband who looks at me and love me not the color of my skin or my children? It says be ashamed of what you are and how mommy lives and who she loves. No, I don’t see a color I see people falling in love regardless of what shade of skin they wear. So I would prefer my book not be made into a movie rather than take money for something that would eat at my soul for the rest of my life.

CK:  Here here! People are people, and I believe we were all put here as different races to create one large melting pot! Also, I was in Walmart the other day, and I saw all types of books, with the exception of Interracial. How does that make you feel? Do you foresee interracial romance books in Walmart in the near future? Any ideas on how we in this genre can make it happen?

DR: I do see it happening eventually because everyday more interracial couples and being formed and making families. I know myself that one of these day I’m going to march up to my local Walmart with one of my books and say why don’t I see couples like these on the shelves. Are you ashamed? I think we all need to band together and say it’s time. Why can’t you see our lives are not only black and white they are multi- colored and books are not on the shelves…ppfftt please.. We are bigger in number than anyone thought I say we lift our voices and be heard 

CK: And I say you’re absolutely right. I’m there, 100% and can’t wait for that day to come. Let’s make it happen. Do you see yourself writing in other genres in the future, and leaving erotica behind? If you were to spring into another genre, becoming even more successful than you are, would you deny you once wrote erotica?

DR: I like suspense and mystery and I can see myself doing that one day. But erotica is my first love and I will continue to write that for the rest of my career. Deny I write erotica? It would be like denying that I breathe. LOL there is no way that’s happening

CK:  I thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. You’ve been so very supportive to myself and other new authors, and I just want to say how much we look up to you. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Deat SantaDR:  Anytime and I need to plug my new books coming out for the holiday season. LOL…Black Magic Seduction, Dear Santa, Army Beasts, The Right Christmas and Toy Soldier. All very yummy reads. Thanks Charisma and I’ll see you around.

Army BeastsCK:  Woot!! Army Beasts sounds like a hit! Okay Dahlia babe, see you later! 


Eve Langlais said...

I follow Dahlia with awe. She bangs out more words and books than any other author I follow and I bow before her. LOL.
The interview was fun kind of like Dahlia herself. Even though we've never met in person, your FB comments are always entertaining.
Keep up the great work.
Eve :)

Anonymous said...

Great interview! I can see why she's earned your respect and admiration!

Tula Neal

cinquetta said...

It is always a joy to see her name out with a new book. My favorite book of hers would be Paradise Found. The bad guy can we say "Pycho!" Ready that dude was crazy. I love crazy bad guys or girls. They can make a book good. I love the interview, nicely done with good questions.