Friday, October 1, 2010

My Serbian Wolf Book Review + Cover Contest

Morning folks this is such awesome news to wake up to!  Deviant Divas gave me 4 1/2 Divas:

ReviewGive me some cocoa, a warm fire, a nice down blanket, and one of them there wolves Ms. Knight writes about and I'll be one sated sister! This book was so good. It encompassed magic, and shifting, but most of all, it encompassed love that surpassed centuries. Child that Nicholai/Niko had me wishing he was mine and crying when his world came crashing down. I won't write anymore for a fear I'll give away the plot and ending but guys and girls this is one author whose books will definitely be on my must read list and I encourage you to put her on yours as well. I give this book four and half divas because I wanted it to be longerÖit actually felt like a novel instead of a novella it was that freaking good. Reviewed by M.N. Mori

Also, if you would be so kind, please vote on my cover!!! LOL Thanks everyone!!!

My Serbian Wolf

Here is the link to the review. You just have to scroll down a few pages. LOL  

Also, the book cover Anastasia Rabiyah created is up for voting! If you don't mind, could you please mozey on over and vote when you find the spare time? Thank you, I would so appreciate this!

Have a blessed day everyone!!!

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Awesome review Charisma!!!

You gotta love when a reviewer's only bad thing to say is that she wished there was more to read!!!

Congrats - I'm happy dancing with you!