Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary To One!!

Charisma Knight, author of interracial paranormal erotic romance blog! Thanks for visiting my stop to help us honor One one year anniversary blog tour! I would like to say Happy Anniversary to the folks at One Romanceebooks.

This is stop #10, your last stop should have been #9

While I have you here, I would like to blog a bit about BDSM. I'm curious to know how many of you enjoy the theme? I'm asking because I just submitted a story, My Dark Lord and Master to a publisher last night with strong elements of BDSM. I write everything pertaining to erotica, erotic romance, and BDSM, and all my stories have a mix of the paranormal. I know everyone likes a little something different, and I enjoy providing. ; ) When reading a BDSM story, do you prefer submissive or dominant heroines, or both? I like writing about both, and my next couple of books after Spiritwalker is guaranteed to leave you breathless.

Now, let's get down to the nitty gritty! I’m giving away a free copy of my upcoming release, My Serbian Wolf. This story will warm your heart and soul, and leave you panting like a wolf. Please remember, the release date for this book is July 30th, so don't forget. Also, another prize is bath and body work products from Mary Kay. Don't forget to leave  a comment to enter the drawing to win! You have a chance at two spectacular prizes! Please know, there are no elements of BDSM in this story. My alpha, Niko is an ancient Serbian wolf shifter who is firm, gentle, loving, and kind to Rebecca.

Oh, and I may as well post an excerpt, sorry guys.


Niko sacrificed himself once for the sake of his pack, but will he discover another lesson of self sacrifice that may release him from his spiritual imprisonment? 

Centuries later, he discovers his life mate, Rebecca, the one who can make him whole once again. For Niko and Rebecca, a second chance at love is just a breath away. 

Unedited Excerpt:

Clutching the bed furs, Rebecca shivered as she returned to the warmth of the bed. The cold air hardened her chocolate nipples, causing the silk to feel harsh against them. Candles adorned the room, and a slight breeze caused the flames to sway in a smooth fluid motion, in such a strange hypnotizing way. It was no secret, once again she'd been thrust into an alternate reality. 

A growl made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. Chills skittered down her spine, causing goose bumps to erupt over her flesh. The bed sat adjacent to the entrance of the room, and within the door- frame she caught a glimpse of Niko's large silhouette. From what she could see, his eyes appeared to be silver, or perhaps the candlelight played tricks upon her eyes. 

Seeking more warmth, Rebecca tucked the furs closer to her body. Her breath escaped her as the wolf man moved closer into view, leaning against the stone wall. Silver eyes pierced her soul, and her pussy clenched in anticipation. Hot cream flooded her silk panties when Niko finally came into full view, snatching her breath away like a thief in the night. 

She smiled. "I've missed you. Her pulsed quickened, and her clit throbbed. She ached with want at the thought of his hardened body slipping and sliding against hers. 

"And I've missed you, Ljubavnica (lee oo bav neet sa)."

Rebecca swallowed hard as the large, muscular man, who stood at six-foot-three appeared to float into the room. Every time Rebecca saw him, many memories invade her psyche, causing her to remember their past lives together. Tonight, he wore a blood red wool shirt, and black cotton knickers, that were pretty damned form-fitting against his chiseled body. 

His features appear to be carved from stone and adorned with tell-tale signs of his age, sending her blood pressure through the roof. To Rebecca, he looked to be in his early to mid forties, but she knew Niko was centuries old. Gray streaks were prominent throughout his black, shoulder length hair. Rebecca shuddered, not from the cold, but from eyes that were now black as obsidian. She released a breath and shuddered in anticipation of what was to come. Those eyes possessed ancient unspoken secrets, and promised hours of forbidden carnal pleasures. 

* * *

You must know, in order to be eligible, you will need to go to One Romance to register. This is a very important step, so please do not forget. ; 0

Oh, and while you're there, be sure to read an enticing excerpt from my March release, Soul Seduction.  

Now, the next stop on the anniversary tour is #11 Margie Church. Her blog is Take it away Margie!! I had the awesome opportunity to exchange emails with her last night. Pretty cool person she is!  Have fun, and good luck to you all!



Donna said...

I very much enjoy reading BDSM; it has become a favorite genre that I seek out thanks to a terrific introduction by authors Claire Thompson and Cherise Sinclair. I usually enjoy the heroine to be submissive, but the story line is what's more important to me than who plays which position.

Thank you,
Donna #5555

Maria said...

I like to read what I call Light BDSM- I don't like when blood gets involved but I do like the domination elements quite a bit. I prefer submissive heroines in BDSM stories.

My participant #4394

Charisma Knight said...

Donna ~ I have the tendency to read or write heroines who are submissive, but then I try to change things up a bit. Thank you for commenting.

Maria ~ I enjoy light BDSM too. Stuff like blood, and anything nasty is out of the question for me. Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Light for me too! Serbian Wolf sounds wonderful!

Blog participent #7975

Anonymous said...

Light, and dominant. Pam, 7906

hotcha12 said...




Kate said...

Hi, that's a good questions about the heroines. I must admit I like to read about both. Dominant and submissive heroines in the BDSM genre both have appeal if they're well done.


Amy S. said...

I do enjoy reading BDSM books. I usually like for my heroines to be submissive. I love reading paranormals especially shifters. Blog participation # is 8038. amysmith98 @

dee said...
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Anonymous said...

Tourista #2564

BDSM is a pretty neutral topic for me. I like it if it's part of the characters' emotional relationship, but not the entirety of their relationship to one another. But it's not something I seek out just for itself.

I like dominant woman in F/F, but dominant women in M/F are usually a dominatrix-y cliche, and I don't really like that.

Charisma Knight said...

AngelwolfStorm ~ I enjoy the light aspects of BDSM too. Good luck, and I hope you will enjoy MSW if you're the lucky winner.

Pam ~ Thank you for commenting, good luck. ; )

Hotcha12 ~ Thank you, I enjoy writing, and if you win, I hope you enjoy MSW.

Kate ~ Thanks for commenting. Variety is the spice of life, and I do bounce back & forth from time when writing BDSM.

Amy S ~ thanks for stopping by. The story I just sent off last night involves a submissive heroine, and an ancient Serbian wolf shifter. This is a short story called My Dark Lord and Master.

Adrienne - y ~ Thanks so much for commenting. I'm loving the range of answers I'm receiving for BDSM, and having fun with the anniversary blog tour. I love chatting with folks. You take care and have a beautiful day.

Sara said...

I haven't read much BDSM (yet!) but I think my preference would be for the woman to start out submissive, but in the course of the story, find her power--perhaps in AND out of the bedroom. The character development and storyline hold more sway for me than the sexual particulars--I like sex as frosting on a well told story about people that I care about.


vslavetopassionv said...

I love BDSM both in my life and in my reading! And a story with a sexy wolf sounds great too. :) Of course, being gay, I prefer gay BDSM but read hetero also. As long as the characters are sexy and believable, I can get into most any match up.

tourist 2267

Donna said...


I don't get into really heavy BDSM, but I do enjoy reading a good D/s story. I prefer my hero to be the dominant, however when I see a hero who carries the world on his shoulders every day, it's nice to see him as the submissive at home where he can let someone else take control. I've read a few of the these stories where it is done really well.


Charisma Knight said...

Sara ~ I like for my heroines to challenge their alphas,even though they are submissive. You know, giving the guys a run for their money. The heroine is stubborn, and playful, and unafraid, but enjoys being submissive sometimes. Now, outside the bedroom, she is different, and not so willing to be a sub, but be more in charge of her life, having the kind of mindset of how she wants (prefers) things in every aspect. My heroines are usually single or married women, or single moms. I try writing from different viewpoints to appease everyone.

vslavetopassionv ~ Thanks for your comment. Okay, I must admit, I do love BDSM in my life, the same for erotica. If I didn't enjoy them so much, I wouldn't have so much fun writing my stories.

I haven't written any gay stories, but have read thought about writing them since I have enjoyed reading them. I have a very open mind, and enjoy exploring. I have contemplated writing gay erotica since I've read stories. I must confess that I do read more hetero.

Thanks a lot, I'm really enjoying chatting with everyone here. Everyone has been so cool.


Cathy M said...

I do enjoy elements of bdsm in my romance stories, especially when they are balanced between command and cherish, with the male as the dominant.

blog participant #7923

Anonymous said...

I enjoy BDSM stories when there is a relationship or the start of one with the characters. I don't have a preference when it comes to Sub or Dom as long as the subject matter is dealt with care and not shock value.
The first BDSM stories that I read depicted the characters in such awful ways that I stopped reading the genre. I'm glad that I gave the genre another try because there are a bunch of great authors out there that are doing a good job writing in this genre.
I'm looking forward to reading My Serbian Wolf.

Blog Tour #2291

cthenwood1 said...


I have read a number of BDSM Novels and like storys depicted from both/either the Dom and/or Sub poin of view as long as the story line is clear and is relatively believable.

TH #4335

Victoria said...

I read my first BDSM this past weekend and have to admit I don't think it's for me. The submissive thing got me the most of all. I just can't relate to that. I'm #8060

marcieo said...

Wow! You are combining so many of my favorite genres! I LOVE both paranormal and BDSM. Now if you could just add some M/M in there occasionally. :D I have always liked the submissive heroines (but ones that can still stand up for themselves), so that you have the lovely alpha males. I have read a little bit of everything, and yours sound yummy!

Nicole Zoltack said...

I haven't read much BDSM but I'm not opposed to it.

Nicole.Zoltack AT


Christine London said...

Hi Charisma,
The only BDSM I have read is by one of my colleagues at Los Angelel Romance Authors RWA Chapter #25, Eden Bradley. The Secret Garden introduced me to the search for healing many (not all) are searchig for in this lifestyle and the amazingly loving, nurturing intent behind it. I do not have personal experience with it and don't feel drawn to writing it, but the audience is most definitely there.

Best of luck with your upcoming release.

Christine London
Participant #7683

joder said...

I do enjoy reading BDSM, but not have it be too over-the-top. I don't like it to be too aggressive. And I prefer my heroes be mostly dominant, but every now and again let their guard down.

Tour participant #228

Charisma Knight said...

Cathy M ~ I love that balance of command/cherish/trust. Thank you so much for commenting.

Leni ~ You must remember, there are a wide range of BDSM books on the market, and not all will appeal to everyone. My first release, Her Dark Desires was a very carnal, very explicit, and over the edge read. Don't get me wrong, there was nothing dealing with blood, etc. Now that type of BDSM is pushing the envelope for me. I don't like writing about things that is going to hurt/damage someone physically or mentally.

Anyway, that release was a little abrasive in regards to language, but a lot of readers loved it. LOL. There was a lot of role-playing/name calling on both the heroine and hero's part. I wrote the book because there are some folks who do enjoy such things. When BDSM is mentioned, it can be listed with a wide range of activities, from light to heavy, and I try to deliver a little something to everyone who may have those tastes. So, when on the prowl for these books, you must do you homework so you aren't shocked or caught off guard. When I promote this book on many Yahoo Groups, I give fair warning that it is not for the faint-hearted. I just had a co-worker joke around with me and say "damn shame, your books have to come with warning labels." LOL

I think it is a beautiful thing to show a couple who love one another, or are in the process of falling in love to show those strong carnal desires, then to show the very gentle, sensual side of their relationship. I just love mixing the bitter with the sweet. ; ) Thank you for stopping by.

Now, my Serbian Wolf does not have any BDSM in it. Niko is a strong alpha male, but Rebecca(Zena Vuk) does challenge him, both in their past lives, and her present one. The love scenes between these two are very strong, sensual, and passionate. I was so happy to give them their happy ending because, their love was strained centuries before by evil....Even so, their love transcended time because their bond is strong.

Cthenwood1 ~ My stories are written with a splash of paranormal, and they are as believable as a paranormal story can be. LOL I'm loving both POVs. I hope if you ever read one of my books, you will enjoy them. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Hi Victoria ~ Yes, BDSM is not for everyone. Thank you for stopping by. If you happen to be the winner of My Serbian Wolf, you must know there are is no BDSM involved. BDSM is in the story I just submitted last night.

Marcieo ~ Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I enjoy writing about everything. My heroines are submissive, and do stand up for themselves. I enjoy writing them as submissive playfuls. They may role their eyes while their mate is talking to them in that deep, demanding voice. LOL I love my strong alpha males, and they are kind, loving, and caring, and will do anything to appease their women. I hope you will enjoy if you ever read my books.

Nicole ~ Hi lady! Thank you for stopping by, and good luck to you.

Christine ~ Hi, and thanks for stopping by. You have my curiosity piqued with The Secret Garden. That is one of the things I've read regarding BDSM, that there is a healing aspect to it. I will need to study this more and weave it into my writing, because to me that is fascinating.

Thanks for your best wishes. Take care.


Charisma Knight said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charisma Knight said...

Hi Joder ~ Yes, I must admit that certain over the top BDSM is not for some folks. Somewhere in between is just right for everyone, and I enjoy writing a wide range for all to enjoy. Thank you for stopping by, and good luck.

Yes, sometimes I like for the hero to be caught off guard! LOL


Blanche said...

Honestly I've not read a lot of BDSM type of books but the few I have I was ok with because they were "light"....not sure I could handle the strong stuff! :)

Blog Participant #2919

Deb830 said...

Hi Charisma and Happy Anniversary to I like stories where the heroine is both submissive and/or dominant. I guess it really depends on the content/story line too. Congrats on your upcoming release of "My Serbian Wolf".

deb ;0)


Cynde L. Hammond said...

Hi, Charisma!

First of all, my "Blog Tour Participant" number is: 8032.

Secondly, I have never read a book with BDSM. I'm not sure that it's quite my style.

Who knows? Maybe if I read an excerpt? Or...if I won the free copy of "MY SERBIAN WOLF".

It was nice to "meet" you.


Cynde's Got The Write Stuff

loves2read said...

BDSM is just another genre in the piles of books that I would like to read. As long as the story is captivating and engaging, I'll read it. My Serbian Wolf sounds like an interesting read.

Ashley #695

Margie Church said...

Thanks for the shout out, Charisma! I love your topic. I'm taking a class on BDSM. I don't know a lot about it and my next book...well, it'll mix things up a bit. I'll be checking your work. Never hurts to learn from an expert! Enjoy the blog tour everyone.

Charisma Knight said...

Hi Blanche~ That is why I write various forms of BDSM. My Serbian Wolf is laced with strong passion and tenderness. Thank you for stopping by.

Deb830 ~ How are you? Thanks for stopping by. It really does depend on the plot, storyline, etc. Thank you for stopping by, I hope you will enjoy, and good luck on the tour.

Cynde ~ My Serbian Wolf does not have any BDSM elements. Niko is an alpha Serbian shifter who tries to coerce Rebecca into staying in his realm. It is a story of love and self-sacrifice, and the realization Niko comes to after a few chapters in the story. It is a heart warmer and the happy ending is a slight, let's say twist of fate. I really can't say much without giving the story away. LOL I did post an excerpt and a blurb. Sorry I did not do it sooner because of my post below. LOL Thanks for stopping by. I think you will enjoy the story when you have a chance to read it. It was very nice meeting you too.

Loves2Read ~ Thanks for stopping by. My serbian wolf is enchanting and captivating, and shows how true love can conquer all. I wrote this story because of I so love the past life scenario, and yes, I do believe in past lives and soul mates. It is an intriguing and enchanting subject to me.

Margie ~ How are you? Thanks for stopping by. Could you send me a link to those classes? I believe the more knowledge one possesses, the better. Ive picked up knowledge , he he, well from my personal life, and reading various books, and watching movies. A class would definitely be awesome to take, and I must inform you that I am no expert. There is much more knowledge for me to gain, and I'm still learning. I figure, the more I learn, the better my stories are.

You take care, and I'll be stopping past your blog tomorrow too. It was really nice meeting and talking with you last night.


Brandlwyne said...

Hi. I am not really for or against BDSM, if it has it fine if not then thats fine. I don't know if I've ever read one that was centered around it. Your new book sounds right up my alley though and is going on my book list. My # is 6997...

booklover0226 said...

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy BDSM but finally gave it a try a couple of years ago...and I'm glad I did!

Tracey D
Number 240

fanfictionfanatic said...

I must admit that BDSM is not one of my kinks; however if it is included in a well written story that I am otherwise enjoying it won't turn me off the story.

Tour Member (Participant Number) #5002

Dominique Eastwick said...

Great blog and your books look awesome I cant wait to check them out.

Kim S. said...

What a great excerpt!! And I must say, I like to read both types of heroines!! Always makes the stories interesting! I do look forward to reading your books!

Have a sunny summer everyone!!

My number is 7936.

Babyblue22 said...

Hey Charisma,
Great Excerpt! I like BDSM, and I like my heroines to play the submissive role in books.

Participant # 311

Laura said...

I enjoy reading books with BDSM. I've never read one where the woman was dominant - Only the ones where the man was.


Participant #268

stacey said...

I like it some not to hard core. but I like both the submissive and the Dominant depending on my mood.
Stacey 8156

*yadkny* said...

Hi Charisma,
I actually do enjoy the BDSM theme, but with some limitations. I don't like the humiliation aspect that I have read in some books. That's definitely not a big draw for me. The character might be ok with it, but reading it isn't enjoyable. Adding the mix of paranormal to the BDSM theme is a big draw for me because I absolutely love that genre. As for submissive or dominant heroines, I like them a little of both (maybe once a sub and then the next a dom), but if I had to choose one then it would be dom. I be looking forward to your book Spiritwalker.
Blog Tour Participant #: 8153

Charisma Knight said...

Brandlwyne ~ Thanks for dropping by. I have a feeling you'll like My Serbian Wolf. I can't wait for it to be released! TAke care.

Booklover0226 ~ Good to see you. I think BDSM contains a little something for everyone, whether you're in to the light or moderate stuff.

Fanfictionfanatic ~ I think that BDSM has to be introduced gently in the story. Also, I think it would be helpful for folks if certain books came with a warning and a heat rating so no one would be shocked. LOL Thanks for stopping by.

Dominique Eastwick ~ Aww, I'm glad you like my blog, and I certainly hope you'll enjoy my books. Thanks for stopping by.

Kim S ~ Glad you enjoyed the excerpt! I'm anxiously awaiting the release date! LOL Good luck on the tour!

Babyblue22 ~ If you enjoyed the excerpt, I know you'll enjoy the entire story. Take care, and thanks for dropping by.

Hi Laura ~ I think it is interesting to see the man being dominated a little. Good luck.

Stacey ~ I'm the same, it truly depends on what mood I'm in. I do like both, but the majority of the time I'm loving the submissive. I don't like hardcore stuff either. Light spankings and gentle nurturing of the "sore" spot by the hero for me please. LOL Thanks for stopping by.

Yadkny ~ I'm not keen on humiliation, either. I guess I truly don't understand that.

So glad you are looking forward to the release of Spiritwalker. It seems like such a long time before the release, and I can't wait. I don't want to rush the summer away though. LOL

Take care, and thank you for dropping by.

It was great chatting about this topic. I'm so glad I posted it, now I really know what folks prefer and the limitations.

Thanks all .


Kathrin said...

Hallöchen Charisma,

nice to meet you here on the 1RE Anniversary Blog Tour. I haven’t yet read any of your work but I’ll be sure to check it out :-)

As to your question – I love a good BDSM story (with all it's possible variations), Claire Thompson naturally being my favorite as she’s the queen of this genre. I also like (erotic) romances that only involve small parts of it, such as some bondage, spanking or toys. What I personally don’t like are stories about female Dom’s. The heroines may be strong women in everyday life, but in the bedroom I want them submissive to the alpha male hero. That has nothing to do with being backwards or chauvinistic (esp. since I’m female myself, last I checked), it’s just the way I get my jollies.

A good story doesn’t have to involve BDSM, but it’s a nice bonus – if it makes sense for the characters. BDSM scenes for their sake alone (to sell more books or whatever) are often badly written and disrupt the story. So if a hero is not really the powerful and dominant alpha male, don’t suddenly try to turn him into one by starting to bind and spank the heroine out of the blue. There are lots of wonderful and spicy romances out that don’t involve any BDSM – and these are not lacking anything.

Keep having fun writing – with or without BDSM elements!
All the best,

PS: Why do I have to have a google account or some such to leave a comment on your site, I've always avoided it because I don't really trust their security and motives. And I haven't needed it on any other websites on this blog tour :-(


I don't mind a woman who is a litle submissive but anything other than that is a nono.


Anonymous said...

Hi Charisma,

I enjoy going to BDSM festivals and watching live shows. Reading wise, I enjoy M/M - and when in the mood, read BDSM stories where the smaller man dominates the bigger man.

In my life, I don't participate, as I took BDSM 101 classes - and with a personality test, found out I would be a hard match. I am a Dom in the 'activity' and a "Sub" in living a lifestyle. It would be hard to find someone who can switch with my opposites.

Much success with your new novel - Uncle Moose 7991

Charisma Knight said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charisma Knight said...

Hallochen Kathrin ~ It is very nice to meet you too, and thanks for stopping by. Thank you for your valuable input. You are correct, the story doesn't have to have BDSM for it to be an awesome read. I do like to switch things up a bit, and play the "what if" game.

I've noticed we all tend to gravitate towards the female submissive, and it is cool. True, I do like for the female to be dominate once in a blue moon because I think it adds a little flair to the story, and it is different, but I do gravitate towards the submissive side of things. Variety is the spice of life!

Sorry for the settings on my blog. I do wish you had contacted me, and I would have changed it to save you the trouble of setting up a blogger account. My apologies for the hardship. My email addy is off to the right hand side of the blog.

Thank you, and feel free to contact me anytime.

Hi Loretta ~ Thanks so much for stopping by.

ByGeorge~~I have never been to a BDSM festival, I would probably enjoy/scratch that, I would enjoy it. LOL

I have read some M/M stories. Author Leiland Dale from Silver Publishing is a wonderful, and down to earth author. His stories are very good.

Thanks for stopping by and wishing me well with the upcoming books, it is greatly appreciated. One day I do plan to write a M/M story. First, I would like to read more M/M books so that I may do justice to the story.

Take care.


Gabrielle Lee said...

I love reading BDSM books. They make for a great read especially when an author gets it right. Glad I checked out this tour and got to find more authors such as yourself.

Gabrielle #8226

lrwirum said...

sounds like a good book. I read some books with BDSM but for me it has more to do with the story line and that just adds to the story more than for the BDSM itself.

Larena #294

Kathrin said...

Hallöchen back Charisma,

thank you for the feedback. Didn't really see your email-addi, it was already midnight here when I posted the comment so I just wanted to get it out. But no prob, can always unsubscribe ;-)

Take care

Beth said...

I like reading BDSM. Not exclusively, of course, but they can be great stories if written right. My favorite ones are the Nature of Desire series by Joey W. Hill.
And I love the sound of My Serbian Wolf. Love shifters. Thanks for the chance to have yours.

Participant #8001

Charisma Knight said...

Hi Kathrin ~ My email addy is I take it for granted that others can find their way around my humble abode. LOL Please feel free to contact me anytime, that goes for anyone else. Just put HEY YOU in the subject line! LOL I'm on a ton of Yahoo Groups, and sometimes things may go to spam.

This is what Im loving most about this tour, I've had the opportunity to meet you guys, and I'm a chatter. I always want to know what people want to read.

You take care too Kathrin!!

To all other recent posters, will respond once I get to work. : ) Now, off to the rat races. LOL


CrystalGB said...

I like to read light BSDM. My Serbian Wolf sounds great. Love wolf shifters.

Participant #8250

Charisma Knight said...

Gabrielle Lee ~ Thanks for stopping by. Not every book of mine contains BDSM. However, I do love to add it for a bit of variety and all. You know, the whole hot/cold thing is awesome. ; ) There is such a wide variety of things when it comes to BDSM. I'm talking, touch, smell, taste, etc. It does heightens your senses too, in a way. I hope you enjoy my books.

Irwirum ~ Thank you for stopping by. BDSM can be an awesome story enhancer.

Beth ~ Thanks for the tips on the books. I do hope you will enjoy MSW.

CrystalGB~ Thanks for stopping by. I'm eager for this book to come out. I wanted to write something a little different than vampires, so wolves are the next best thing. ; )



Carol L. said...

I haven't read many BDSM stories but if they aren't too over the top and there's no blood involved that's fine. I guess a sub would be my choice.But the story line itself is important as long as the male is trustworthy,loyal and good at it, would make all the difference. :)And I love the Alpha wolf stories. So I have a new book for my TRL.
Carol L.

participant # 6916

Amber Scott said...

Great title, too!

Vicki said...

*blink, blink* is it sad that that was the most graphic sex I've ever read in your excerpt? Anyway, I like BDSM, but I like lighter hints of it rather than full blow description and detial. I don't really have a prefence for the women as long it's portrayed well.


Charisma Knight said...

Carol L ~ Well, my first release, Her Dark Desires is over the top, so if you decide to check out my books, please avoid, because of the role-playing aspect, and abrasive language.

You will never find blood, or anything of that nature in any of my books. I'm not trying to give readers the creeps.

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck!

Amber Scott ~ LOL, thank you. Good Luck!

Vicki ~ Hi Vicki, so you aren't a regular reader of erotic/romance & erotica? It isn't sad, it's just your preference, that's all.
No worries, there is no BDSM in this book, only erotic romance & erotica.
Thanks for dropping by.

Vicki said...

lol. nope. not a big reader of romance with that being the main thing. I do like your summary though. I want to read, but I feel like I'd be blushing through the whole thing. maybe I'll read it just to see.

Charisma Knight said...

Hi Vicki ~ I can relate when you say you'd be blushing through the whole thing. I started reading romance novels at 13 but they were the closed door kind I got from my auntie. LOL My naughty little mind had to put some details into EXACTLY what these characters were doing behind closed doors.

Anyway, I felt like you when I got my hands on my first Penthouse forums. I was blushing and gulping the whole way through, and I LOVED it!! LOL

Remember, its okay to blush. Either you'll say, ENOUGH of this stuff, and delete it or you'll be like, WOWZAA!! I'm lovin this!! LOL

You take care, and good luck on the tour! Drop me a line anytime.


RED said...

I love reading BDSM as long as it is done well. Preferably by those who are or have been active in the scene.
I'm #8331

kaisquared said...

Well, I see that RED already wrote exactly what I was going to say.... great minds, eh? Niko looks like someone I want to read more of, BTW.

Mary M.


Alma said...

I love reading BDSM books, be it lite BDSM or somewhat hard(LOL). Just like RED said if done well. I prefer the Alpha males in the bedroom. I can't wait to read your book, sounds great.

Blog participant #8019

Vonnie Alto said...

Another interesting take on the werewolf theme. Good luck with your release!

Tanya said...

BDSM is good as long as it is written well and not forced as some have written that i have read. I like the dom role pref with a male sub were the roles are totally different/reversed in the rest of the story.
My Serbian Wolf sound interesting.
Have already enjoyed reading and loved a Wolfs Obsession.
Tanya #4335

Charisma Knight said...

RED ~ I agree, a person has to have some kind of experience with BDSM.

Kaisquared ~Great Minds indeed! LOL Thank you for stopping by. ; )

Alma~ Hi Alma, thanks for your comment. I hope you enjoy My Serbian Wolf!

Vonnie ~ Hi Vonnie, thank you!

Tanya ~ Thanks for your comment Tanya, and I'm so glad you enjoyed Wolf's Obsession!