Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Endeavors

This year has been totally awesome. Busy, but awesome. I guess busy is good. I'm paving the way to new and exciting adventures in 2010. One of the changes I plan to make is running my own business. Although not hard, being a single mom is challenging, but not without rewards.

My daughters are on vacation and it really eats at me having to pull my daughters out of bed, in the cold. lol This time of year, I'm basically lazy and the hibernation mode kicks in. Seriously, grocery shopping has been a major production for me because I simply can't stand the cold. I would actually pay someone to do the grocery shopping. I was born and raised in Maryland, just can't stand the cold. I swear, I should have been born in California!

Anyway, I have been wanting to have and run my own business for the past six years. I have a small virtual assistant business, but nothing I can truly rely upon. I have thoroughly weighed the pros and cons of being a business owner. The sole proprietor and LLC I've thoroughly investigated years ago. I would always go towards LLC, and protecting my personal assets. The tax thingy and health insurance taken out of my bi-weekly corporate paycheck are luxuries I've come to know and love. Health insurance is bloody expensive, so this is another con I'm preparing for.

As a business owner, working during the holidays and weekends is necessary, but you know, I really have never had a problem with that. I'm noticing the older I become, the harder it is to roll myself out of bed in the morning to join the rat race, and making someone else rich. I remember when I supported myself solely on my virtual assistant and house cleaning business, I was up every morning at four o'clock sharp, didn't even need an alarm. I was happy, exhilirated, rarely paid a sitter, and dinner was always ready when I picked my babies up from school! Oh, and my house was immaculate!

Anyway, I'm still seeking those amazing feelings, and truly believe folks should strive to do what makes them happiest in life!


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