Friday, August 28, 2009

Prequel to "My Heart Still Beats Your Name"

Ahh, Friday! I’m currently kicking back and enjoying the end of the week. I plan to add a few more words to both manuscripts before the evening ends.

The prequel to “My Heart Still Beats Your Name” is now flowing smoothly. For some reason a few weeks ago, I could not find the words for this story. Ideas were clear in my mind; however, the words were not flowing at all. I know this one will take a few months or so to complete. I’m currently at 2,000 words, and believe I have mastered working with several different projects at once. As ideas present themselves, I title and save them to a folder on my computer. Research is also a requirement for this read since it is set in the 18th century.

I truly believe this will be an awesome read! The prequel and sequel (yes, I'm definitely creating a trilogy) will extend well past the 20,005 mark of the first Novella. Once all works in progress have been released, they will make for an explosive trilogy! I have included a few twisted plots that will not only intrigue readers with the history of this family; it will leave them wanting to learn more of each character whom I have placed on special pedestals. (They are very special to me) The sequel will be awesome; however, I’m planning to leave an opening for a fourth installment for future generations of the family. Yeaahhhh! That remains to be seen. ; )

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