Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I'm Still Writing!

Hey there. I know it's been a while since I've been posting on social media, etc. I've had several authors and  some readers write and ask if I'm still around. Um yessss. LOL I've been releasing books, although they are re-releases.

Which leads me to another question I've been asked. Why am I releasing previously published books? Well, I saw the potential to expand on a few of my previously published writings from various publishers. There are books I've re-read and taken reader reviews into consideration about fleshing out my characters, and expanding plots.

Most, if not all of my books are paranormal with some contemporary and futuristic pieces tossed in. I started off writing paranormal, with vampires being my main theme, but that market is saturated. I still enjoy writing some vampire books, but as you know, I enjoy writing in different genres.

So, I'm giving you an update. Currently I'm writing Michael Blue Eyes, Book 2 Demetri's Woman and my Vaakulsian Dragon Shifters, and working on a military book for Sugar and Spice Press. I've already submitted The Last Tour to Kelly Ann, and I'll be receiving a contract for that piece any day now.

So, there you have it folks. I've been writing since 2009 and I don't plan on giving it up anytime soon!



K.T. Bishop said...

Good year! I've got two future releases coming out this year and another 3 submitted to Splice....

Unknown said...

Hey dude, good to see you and congrats on your endeavors. I love your new book covers!